Matt Leinhart gropes girls, gets slapped

December 15th, 2005 // 22 Comments

  1. sylvia

    Fight on, Leinart!

  2. Moe

    Did anyone notice that the girl in question took both photos? Check her arm position in the bottom photo. Why would she slap him? She does look like she’s enjoying his attentions.

  3. ~S.Starr~

    This girl is taking photos of them dancing and him kissing up on her…she knew what was going on… get a life lady! With those huge horse teeth you should be glad ANY guy (not to mention a heisman trophy winner) is hitting on you.

  4. Will

    This girl is a dirty little whore. And that’s not even how you spell Leinart.

  5. ki

    Just because you’re a whore doesn’t mean you deserve to get groped, especially by some fucked-up unholy offspring of Ben Affleck and Paul Rudd.

  6. sexydarin

    i call it a big old fashioned setup by this bitch. She knew damn well men grop when blacked out drunk. She took the pictures because she wanted evidence to blackmail him with probably.

  7. sexydarin

    I call it a big old fashioned setup.

  8. sexydarin

    i call it big old fashioned setup.

  9. minx3030

    Are you people insane? Seriously. Haven’t you seen “The Accused” with Jodie Foster??? Just because a woman is dancing with a guy, even if she KISSES the guy, it doesn’t mean that she is inviting further attention or is DESERVING of physical and sexual aggression. You people really need to wake up. Honest to god, these comments scared the living sh*t out of me. Is this how most people think? “Oh, she was enjoying it. she wanted it” Well, obviously she didn’t want it, if she freaking slapped him. Every person has the right to decide what is appropriate for them and what is not. it’s not up to the MAN to decide that if a woman is dancing and flirting with him, he has a right to grab her ass and breasts. That’s like saying that if you give someone $5, they have a right to drain your bank account and say, “Hey, you knew this was going to happen!” Seems ridiculous, right? well, so should the idea that a woman who’s flirting and dancing with someone deserves to be groped. That’s sick.

  10. HollyJ

    I’m seriously concerned about “Monster” chick in the background of the top photo, gripping her pilsner as though her next move is to shove it up the ass of the person that just flashed that picture in her face. Her hand is as big as her face.

    PS The chick that got groped kinda looks like she could be his sister. (Here we go again with “they all look alike”)

  11. ~S.Starr~


    You must be from back east. The only reason I say this is because you seem to know how Hollywood works. See…I live in Hollywwod and I frequent these types of clubs…thats how it is down here.

    You said “That’s like saying that if you give someone $5, they have a right to drain your bank account…” That is a bad analogy…this one works better…”IF YOU GO TO HOLLYWOOD AND ARE DANCING AND FLIRTING WITH A CELEBRITY THEN THERE IS A HIGH CHANCE YOU WILL GET HIT ON, GROPED, FELT UP, OR ASKED TO GO UP TO HOTEL ROOM/TOUR BUS AND HAVE SEX” Thats how this city runs…if ya don’t like it don’t come here.

  12. sammygirl

    That’s how this city runs? That’s a load of crap! I’ve lived in L.A. my entire life and this city certainly does NOT run that way. Maybe a select group of entertainment industry people like to behave like fucking drunken idiots, but even most celebrities I see at clubs stay at their tables with their entourage and don’t necessarily go around groping women. And if they do, they deserve to get slapped. It’s never acceptable, even in this city.

  13. ~S.Starr~

    Followed me to this one too huh…hahahaha.

  14. Mary45

    Reggie Bush (definetly no relation to George W) won the Heisman. These pics look like a bad frat party. And nice call about the freak holding her beer…she looks rather bitter about the whole thing. And Matt looks REALLY WASTED…doesn’t he have a big game coming up soon???

  15. sky

    yes, reggie bush won the heisman THIS year, but since matt won it LAST year, the statement that he was a heisman winner is still correct. since we are in correcting mode and all.

  16. cNicky

    since we are on the topic of “correcting mode and all” his name is leinart not leinhart.

  17. CaptainMorgan

    I dunno…yeah, I can see the rape/sexual harassment bleeding hearts getting in a tizzy over this. but if the girl was really that uncomfortable, why was she taking photos of the situation.
    he deserved to get slapped but I really don’t feel sorry for the girl. Nor am I going to put her on this pedestal for “women’s rights”

    seems like a dumb party girl who got in over her head.

  18. Sorry, but I’ve got to pee in your Cheerios:
    Throughout the night, Leinart and Bush were hounded by club goers who wanted to dance with them and take a picture with the Heisman Trophy winners. One such picture made the rounds on the web this week after some guy sent out an email to nearly every address in the universe with a story about Leinart allegedly getting slapped by a girl after groping her, attached with two pictures of said girl grinning from ear to ear as she takes a picture of herself and Leinart.

    While Leinart wasn’t exactly drinking orange juice and twiddling his thumbs the whole night, he certainly wasn’t getting sloppy and groping women either. If anything, he was the one who was getting groped. A couple of girls who were standing near the infamous girl in the picture, grabbed Leinart’s butt and giggled when he turned around. “We just wanted to say you’re hot,” one of them said. “Yeah,” the other one chimed in. “Super hot.” Leinart laughed and thanked them and went back to drinking with his brother. “I just laugh at this,” Leinart told of the controversy over the pictures. “If someone’s trying to get five minutes of attention, it’s just funny to me.”

  19. law

    I am a lawyer (and a big USC fan who happened to be on google this evening and found this….)and my advice is to take this off the web. He could sue you for slander or libel. It is not right to trash a young man’s reputation. If this is a UT person, you should be ashamed of yourself and remove this immediately.

  20. SonofKong.

    I know no one will see this comment but i have to put it anyway.

    hey ..hey law guy. WE DON’T LIKE YOUR KIND ROUND HERE.
    get out while you still can, before i send my bat-monkey’s after you to eat or eyes… or words, whatever.

  21. psychmajor22

    Because there’s an artical against a USC player it has to be a UT student? Grow up.

  22. FusionGT

    You have got to be kidding me. This is a waste of space. If she so called “slapped him” where’s the picture of that? She has two pictures, both of which she seems to be in a very good mood. Second of all, who’s taking the pictures? The second looks like it’s a possibility she took it, but look closely on the second one, odds are she didn’t take that one. This is stupid, worthless and retarded.

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