Matt Leinart ashamed of Paris Hilton

May 17th, 2006 // 152 Comments

philton-no-matt.jpgFormer USC star Matt Leinart was told to stay out of trouble by his new team, the Arizona Cardinals, warning him that if he’s serious about football he shouldn’t be photographed out late dancing and drinking with Paris Hilton. A source tells Star:


  1. ellaminnowpea

    …quite frankly after looking at Paris’ boney knee–I think Matt’s real tears were from taking a knee shot in the nuts!
    I vote we give the guy the benefit of the doubt…okay….I doubt it….

  2. radio4play


  3. not-one-of-you

    # 38 – agreed!
    it is a public service to expose every peen in parasite so the rest of us aren’t toxified……
    # 92 – you got any dirt to share with us?


  4. not-one-of-you

    replacing the emergency broadcasting service test message:

  5. PandoraKnight

    Paris Hilton makes me ashamed to be an American, a woman and a human. A total embarrassment to our species.

  6. St.Minutia

    Wow, I get back from an all expences paid trip on the Sluts-R-Us cruise line (flagship Pole Dancer) and what do I find? The Superfish has gone all Bush Administration on our asses.

    Oh, well. If it means no more eden, edna and iamabananaass. I guess its worth it.

  7. gammanormids

    If I knew her, I’d be ashamed too…
    (thank GOd I dont know her..)

  8. CruisingForCock

    Multiple posts are almost as good as multiple orgasms. Skeet Skeet.

  9. TOPAZ21

    hala hala hala hala

  10. radio4play

    CRUISINGFORCOCK…clearly you lead a sad life….eh I’m happy for you…tcltc…

  11. radio4play

    hala hala? wtf is ur prob..just kidding wink wink

  12. TOPAZ21

    my eyes my eyes my eyes

  13. radio4play

    my neck my back just like that

  14. BigJim


    You said: “I date anyone with a pot belly”

    You go girl. Last I heard, Ron Jeremy was available.


  15. TOPAZ21

    is it 5 yet?

  16. radio4play

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ron jeremy is soooo grossssssss

    i love you?


  17. sherry-co

    #76 are you kidding?? there can ONLY be one reason why men flock to her. It’s obvious. She’s an heiress and everything she does in life is over the top. With the amount of money she is worth (by way of inheritance to the Hilton Hotel fortune) many many men will over-look her sluty dieseased ridden body for a chance of getting there hands on even a bit of her inheritance.

  18. radio4play

    #112 so they’d get with her die a horrible herpes-infested death just so their graves can be covered in green?

    aye I think not

    TCLTC yes he does the little wanker.

  19. MeganHarris'_StinkBox

    Don’t forget to dye me too Megan! We woudn’t want the drapes to not match the carpet now would we?

  20. CruisingForCock

    109 Nice catch

  21. sherry-co

    #113 what other reason could it be? They have to be in denial, with hopes that all the rumors about her array of STD’s were not true…but alas, by the time they figure out that the rumors are true…they are already doomed…afterall, look at the list of men she has gone through in the past 2 years..

  22. radio4play

    #115 they don’t need her money, they are after her ass, one that’s the size of the Grand Canyon mind you but that’s besides the point.

    The men she’s dating are all equally rich or loaded more than her…they’re after the cunt, in more ways than one and the five seconds of fame her herpes-infested ass will give them


  23. Fa Cube Itches

    Gotta agree with radio4play – She tricks, er dates, for money, the bulk of her dudes don’t. Leinart’s signing bonus and salary will put him on equal financial footing with her, and his inevitable endorsement deals (Nike, Lamasil, and Valtrex) will put him above her.

  24. Fa Cube Itches

    Interesting footnote: I briefly dated Paris (3 hour relationship at The Standard in L.A. – don’t worry, I used Sears Weatherbeater latex paint – crap holds up for 5 years). Funny thing was, when I reached up her skirt, it felt just like a horse eating oats. A horse with a drool problem at that.

  25. Fa Cube Itches

    So, does anyone think the rest of the team is going to make sure that Matt has to use his own whirlpool after practices and games?

  26. libertarienne

    80–I missed it :(

    But now I can have a hearty retroactive laugh at the “I’ll never get a boob job” bullshit she used to spout. Ha ha ha. Lying cunt.

  27. krisdylee

    Does anyone else call Ron Jeremy “The Hedgehog”????

  28. HughJorganthethird

    I’m pretty sure the equipment manager of the Cards freaked when he saw that Hilton shit. Like buddy wants to be washing Lienhart’s herpe infested uniform every fucking week…

  29. Ari

    Ron Jeremy is gross, but he makes me laugh…

  30. Novrcher

    What the heck is up with Paris’s left -KNEE- dawm thats som sick lookin s—. Please buy another or stick to pants Woooo thats sick rich girl.

  31. libtard


    I’m pretty sure his own mother calls him “The Hedgehog.”

  32. dandeeman120

    :0 <=====3

    sherry cunt loves the cock

  33. Nikki

    She’s got scabs on her knees.

    Because she’s always on them.

    Get it?!?

  34. junebug

    These Hilton sisters will never live up to the Hilton name.

  35. 1stpost

    The Chicago Bears issued a similar warning to their star linebacker Brian Urlacher after he had been briefly dating her a year or two ago. She showed up in a skybox on Monday Night Football, and not long afterward they ceased to become an item. This appears to be standard operating procedure re Ms. Hilton for all NFL teams.

  36. Renegade Priest

    Ok, serious question here…
    Why does her eye always look fucked up like that???

  37. _meh_

    Paris has gotten so good lately at spreading the love, that you only need to look at that cock-eye and you get herpes

  38. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Ron Jeremy makes my clit wiggles. To the left.

  39. BigJim

    Tom Cruise Loves Ron Jeremy’s Cock.

    And so does sherry-co.

  40. Jacq

    Everyone on the Arizona team will know when Matt is having an outbreak when he showers in his boxers/swim trunks for a week.
    I love me a big man though, and damn if Matt ain’t tall, dark and handsome. But now he has herpes.

    I saw Ron Jeremy in the airport last Christmas. I was flying to my grandparents in BF-ing Arkansas and he was at our ticket cuonter. The rest of my family was already there, so it was just me and dad. Oddly enough, my father pointed him out to me. I felt really freaky asking my dad to take a picture with him – he was really nice and friendly to everyone there – so I just banged him in the women’s restroom while my dad watched our bags. I took all of him too, because I am an illustrious whore.

  41. BarbadoSlim

    YOU GO!!GIRL *snaps fingers from side to side*

  42. shankyouverymuch

    In my opinion… The Superficial “WAS???” by far the best funniest site of it





  44. bigtuna299

    He needs the publicity cause he’s playing in the Siberia of football…Arizona….By the way Matt the cleaners called and said come pick up your man suit.

  45. bigtuna299

    He needs the publicity cause he’s playing in the Siberia of football…Arizona….By the way Matt the cleaners called and said come pick up your man suit.

  46. Libraesque

    jesus, “shank” don’t get your boxers in a wad. Maybe you’re not annoyed as hell at all the ridiculous religious shit by sherry-co, edna, and lambananas and pro-tom cruise posts that get everyone riled up, which cause 176 posts not about celebrity bashing but personal bashing between all the people here….NOT what makes this site funny, or readable AT ALL. Beleive me, this is a step to ensure that these few offenders mentioned above don’t ruin this site anymore, so Libraesque says relax

  47. INeedAMemberName

    You would think Leinart’s team wouldn’t have to tell him to stay away from Paris, his momma should have told him so. No mom wants to see her son’s face covered in herpes at the dinner table.

  48. Paris Hilton has passed her saturation point – now she is over-saturated…with herpes.

  49. tess

    Honestly, I felt bad 4 him when I saw that he was dating this HIV posterchild.

  50. kharan

    #38 I totally agree with you. ;)

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