Matt Leinart ashamed of Paris Hilton

May 17th, 2006 // 152 Comments

philton-no-matt.jpgFormer USC star Matt Leinart was told to stay out of trouble by his new team, the Arizona Cardinals, warning him that if he’s serious about football he shouldn’t be photographed out late dancing and drinking with Paris Hilton. A source tells Star:


  1. Vas Deferens

    When is this stupid cunt going to die?

  2. kandyk0119

    Too bad she can’t get that crazy eye fixed!

  3. k37744

    …and ladies, white fishnets don’t make you look sexy, they make you look like your leg skin has somehow morphed into fish scales.

  4. Fisher56

    she *is* fat

  5. Fisher56


  6. Fisher55


  7. therealcharles

    whatever gents…

    catchin her stuff is a right to passage…

    passage of nasty sharts in your immune system.

  8. hair on nipples

    Have you all seen that video of Brandon Davis – out with Paris and her entourage? Brandon Davis is letting off a stream of nastiness about Linds. Paris is telling him what to say and cracking up.

  9. she is a skank….but I love her handbag

  10. katie

    thats definitly NOT leinart. God I love football players. between him, tom brady and ben rothlisberger. all of them are hotter than most of these metro-sexual celebs on this site.

  11. spatz

    Paris Hilton has scurvvy.

  12. bigponie

    why is it each time i see a picture of paris i get this uncontrollable urge to grab a bobble head, throw it in the street and watch the cars run over it?

  13. CrazyBrunette

    Paris has grown boobs over night or she’s shoved her mosquito bites in a super mega wonderbra.Dirty slut!

  14. Bad_kitty_cat

    Man! Am I the only one that sees the rug-burns on her knees? Man… bj sure are a bitch…

    Oh and by the way… I am proud to be the first to say… TCLTC!!!

  15. BigJim

    One thing good I’ll say about Paris, her connection must get her some righteous ganga, because she looks baked out of her skull in these photos.

    Or it could just be her incredibly low IQ.

  16. pinky_nip

    All day and I can’t comment.

  17. dandeeman120

    help me….

  18. I think they both deserve one another.

  19. spatz

    the ‘fish is so sad and lonely today. either edna really DID report everyone, or we need a tom cruise story. now.

  20. Mojogirlie

    How can I attempt to be humorous when my posts don’t show up?

  21. Ari

    It takes a delicate balance of cocaine and pot to keep that stoned look AND the scrawny body. I applaud her personal ‘pharmacist’.

  22. Dr.Rokter

    Am I allowed to post now?

  23. Pagan Queen

    Who would want to pop that herpes infected cum bubble? (BigJim – you can use that phrase in one of your stories. It would be an honor.)

  24. sherry-co

    Oh MY Big Jim!! Even when Im no where to be found, you still can’t get me out of your mind…and I’m convinced that you not only LOVE ME…but that you also MISS ME!! Which is a wonderful gesture but I date anyone with a pot belly…sorry..just not attracted to such a feature in a man..but I’m sure there are plenty of fat-lovin-women out there for you…

  25. Sweetsens8tion

    doesn’t it look like she has fish net stockings on? or am I seeing that wrong..

  26. lucycharms

    How much do you wanna bet she goes after him more…. the heiress loves drama & to get what she isn’t allowed to have….

    I honestly don’t know why anyone in there right mind would want to date her… did anyone else unfortunately experience her porn tape??? “Ouch that still hurts” should never be said in a porn tape & I’m no expert but c’mon. That tape alone is her worst pr ever… she was a lifeless fish. Now she’s a lifeless fish with a STD (possibly). RUN MATT RUN!!!!

  27. Paris has inspired me to go Blonde. I think i’m going to do it this weekedn. I can’t beat her, so i’ll join her.

  28. BarbadoSlim


  29. BarbadoSlim


  30. Getitstraight


    She had a boob job, just a 34B, that is why:
    a) Photogrpahed last month coming out of the Plastic Surgeon’s office.
    b) Also last month, had a wardrobe malfunctiom and showed it off for all of us to see. Did you miss that?

  31. ScriptRadar

    Note the time. No Superficial post about the Brandon Davis “Firecrotch” incident. What gives?

  32. libtard

    Ugh! Can’t we force her to wear a pirate’s patch so we don’t have to look directly at that lazy eye? I can hear her now, “Aaargh! Look at me squished barwench titties or ye’ll be givin’ me 50 lashes in me Herpe-Hole. Aaargh!”

    Nice fish net stockings, by the way. Real classy.

  33. BarbadoSlim


  34. BarbadoSlim


  35. Skrpune

    @20, you’re probably right. For any other chicas out there who are the natural average (which pre-silicone & saline overpumping was about 32b-34b) or below, you KNOW that she was not a 34b prior to these recent shots, and was most likely an a-cup, and super-pushup bra or not, you cannot make cleavage like we’ve seen lately without some sort of enhancement.

  36. Ghost-of-Stallion

    Hello Everyone

  37. Skrpune

    aha, found a link, totally got a boob job:

  38. IFuckingHateYou

    Can I post YET?!?!?!?

  39. TOMCRUISEluvsthecock

    What’s with the posting problems? That freak Edna messing it up for a bunch of us?

  40. Doc

    The Arizona Cardinals just became my favorite NFL team… seriously…

  41. masterofpuppies

    Note the rugburn on her knee in the second-to-last pic. Proof that morons are still willing to risk getting the firecrotch by sleeping with this whore.

  42. Celetina

    I’m not that surprised. Matt Leinart is a total dick. He deserves everything he gets.

  43. Zed

    Thanks to Paris, it won’t be long now until every single man, woman, child, and animal in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia will have super herpes.

    She’s the Typhoid Mary of our day.

  44. saltpeanuts

    ‘Tis better for that Leinhart man
    to have been in Paris than in Lindsay Lohan
    But it is good to know that he was pounding that tush
    After all, he could be like Tom Cruise and be drilling Reggie Bush.

  45. BarbadoSlim

    test TCLTC

  46. BarbadoSlim


  47. Porcelina

    Oh my! I do believe that it IS rugburn on her knees!

  48. radio4play


  49. BarbadoSlim

    HOLY CRAP…..I don’t know what the fuck that was about, but I know this: anyone who stands within 500 yards from Paris Hilton should wear a full body condom.

  50. BarbadoSlim

    Sorry about the crazy posts, I think I was being investigated by “da man”… wants to put me down.

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