Matt LeBlanc is single again

March 31st, 2006 // 69 Comments

matt-divorce.jpgMatt LeBlanc and former model Melissa McKnight have filed for divorce after three years of marriage. According to The Sun, their marriage started falling apart after Matt was lured into a strip club and started groping strippers. Matt and Melissa have a two-year-old daughter who suffers from a neurological condition, as well as two children from Melissa’s earlier marriage.

If there’s a lesson to be learned here, it’s that all married people should go to strip clubs because strippers take their clothes off and that’s sexy.



  1. andrewthezeppo


    nobody cares about Matt LeBlanc

  2. cat

    i bet the child has a neurological condition because Melissa drank guiness while preggers.

  3. jeff

    3rd woot. for all to see.

  4. Elikapeka

    It’s actually sad that these two are breaking up. You’d think after dealing with their baby almost dying a year ago they would have had some bond for life. Oops, I forgot. They’re celebrities. Where’s all the junk on Homewrecker Jolie? Now THAT’S worth reading.

  5. texinthecity

    No one cares about Matt LeBlanc. His show was cancelled too. He looks more and more like the Stay Puffed Marshmellow Man everyday. I see a bad summer and a drug problem looming in his future.

  6. Tracie

    FINALLY! I was wondering how she could keep up her act as LeBlanc

  7. Hara

    Why are we counting? Ooooooooo! maybe he’s the one who screwed up the Friend’s reunion. This guy’s screwing up left and right people. Left and right.

  8. Italian Stallion


  9. krisdylee

    Now I know for a fact that male strippers do NOT like to be groped… unless you have titties and a couple of twenties.

  10. Tracie

    And it’s Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons, Kris and Anna Benson, and Matt and Melissa LeBlanc all splitting up. Are we taking bets on who’s going to announce it next?

  11. i dunno..i was guessing ‘ross’ screwed up the friends reunion cuz he was always the one whining about not doing more episodes every single year because he wanted more money…jackass..

  12. Now that “Joey” got cancelled he needs to be single so he can marry some rich older woman, Hey Matt, I hear Tom Cruise might be looking soon.

  13. tits_on_snack

    I didn’t even know this guy was married, OR had kids.

  14. Hara

    Wait. You mean… he’s Not Ross??

  15. PapaHotNuts

    He was great as Corky in that “Life Goes On” sitcom. The strides that kid has taken over the years is astonishing.

  16. Ms Crackalackin

    Strippers are always destroying marriages! They rob dumb, horny men blind and yet these men keep returning for more. It’s the same scene every night – the lights come on, they stumble out of the joint with blue balls and an empty wallet and the strippers are all getting busy counting their hordes of cash. Stupid, stupid men.

    And Matt Le Blanc always struck me as a stick in the mud. Don’t know why. Him and that other has-been Schwimmer.

  17. thanks again for the breaking news.

  18. Now that he’s free from those pesky shackles of marriage, he can grope whoever he wants! And now that he doesn’t have one of those time-consuming jobs, he can grope those women whenever he wants.

    Lucky, lucky man.

  19. imabeeatch


  20. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    I couldn’t care less about dummy-faced Matt. But I feel sorry for all the little kids involved. Melissa already put her two little ones through the pain of a divorce and the destruction of their family life, then she goes and gets married, replaces their daddy with some schmuck, has another baby, then oops, rips out their poor little hearts again. Self-centered idiots.

  21. MissAppropriated

    #15 Couldn’t agree more

    And let us not forget other celluloid classics such as “Lost in Space”, his memorable walk-on in “Charlie’s Angels” and that tear-jerking performance with a chimp in a movie whose name strangely eludes me. I think four people saw that one – box office gold.

    I think I’m bleeding from my eyes…..

  22. HughJorganthethird

    Anna Benson gets divorced and instead I get a pic of LeBlanc and his fugly wife? C’mon Superficial, work with me here.

  23. prideofchucky

    Yeah, I saw that chimp movie, I’m trying to think of the name but my mind’s drawing a LeBLANC.

    Heeheheheh-get it?heehhehehe-cuz that’s his name, see?-heheheheh-huh-huh hummmmmmmmmmm.

  24. HughJorganthethird

    And how the fuck was he lured into a strip club anyway?

    Candy? Shiny objects? Was he following a stray cat? Or was Schwimmer DJ’ing that night?

    So many questions left unanswered…

  25. BigJim

    Friends was perhaps the most annoying show on the planet. Every single person who ever starred in it should be killed. ‘Cept for Tom Selleck, cuz Magnum’s a total badass.

  26. DonLes91

    I COMPLETELY agree with #22. Bring on the boobs!

  27. mamacita

    Ed. That’s the movie with the chimp. Sad that I know that.

  28. In related news, Tom Cruise is splitting with Katie Holmes. Cruise’s next project will be a “buddy” flick with Matt LeBlanc tentatively titled “Top Gun of Brokeback Mountain”. The duo will star as mountain climbers who struggle against the odds to reach the summit. Reportedly Cruise stated that Matt could be his tailgunner anytime.

  29. Jacq

    I’ve missed something – what neurological disease? I want to make fun of LeBlanc for it. It probably is his fault, after all.

    I thought it was between Matt and David as to who actually screwed up the reunion. Matt probably wants everyone to think that he’s rolling in the sweet stench of success. OR David on the phone with his agent, “No, I can’t make it that day. I’ve been SOOOOOO busy after Friends.”

    #25 – Good call on the Selleck props. He looks like my dad.

  30. MonkeyBoy

    Any woman who creates such a major stink that it leads to a divorce, simply because her husband went to a stripclub, clearly needs to have her Oprah privileges revoked for 6 months – minimum.

    Instead of getting pissy about him going to one, she should ask to join him the next time he goes. Women have this bizaare picture of what goes on in clubs, and when they finally get their heads out of their asses long enough to witness for themselves what really goes on they’re usually fine with it. The ones who can’t handle it are the psychotically possessive, but there’s no way to make them happy without being led around on a leash your entire life. Kick them to the curb as quickly as possible.

  31. Jacq

    #28 – When they get to the top, will Tom FINALLY give him the reach-around?

  32. ob1

    I hear the kid got the neurological disease from LeBlanc’s wife beer bonging Guiness and doing wasabi snooters with Gwenyth Patrow during her pregnancy.

  33. Cisi

    #29 Jacq, hook me up with that daddy of yours!

  34. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Monkeyboy, on the other end are the women who used to be strippers and know that most of those girls would suck you off in the parking lot for a bump or $10, and therefore demand to go with their men so they can get some parking lot action, too. Not that I would know.

  35. Legal Diva

    PapaHotNuts…I hope you don’t get tired of this, but I’m glad your back-you consistently make my day :)

  36. Star Maker Machinery

    Now he’s free to ram all the male escorts he wants without the spousal guilt trips (Matt, why won’t you make love to me??”). It’s Matt Leblanc’s world; we just live in it.

  37. Fun little tidbit, a link to a bit about him appearing on the cover of a 1990 International Gay travel guide.

  38. krisdylee

    Could he be any more of a loser??
    *in chandler’s voice*

  39. bloodyvictim

    #2… milk out the nose funny!!

  40. Ms Crackalackin

    oshkosh, sorry, but most strippers would not suck someone off in the parking lot for $10. They are dancers, not prostitutes, and they make plenty of their own money from stupid men filling the empty voids in their lives, therefore, they are able to buy their own bumps if they so choose. You WISH they would, but I have known plenty of strippers in my life and they spit on men like you who think they would also be open to turning tricks. Sure there are the really sad women who are so pathetic they also hook, but they are the rare exception, and usually not even the attractive ones. Strippers make great $$$, but people who patronize them are contributing to the destruction of the rest of these stripper’s lives. Once they hang up the g-string for good, they usually become quite emotional unstable and unable to hold jobs. Think about that the next time y’all think it’s such innocent fun.

  41. kalla

    who the hell is anna benson?

  42. Star Maker Machinery

    Maybe it’s an anagram for Matt’s favorite position? This way he can order an “Anna Benson” from his local escort agency without alerting the press. No wait, those letters don’t spell “fingerbang”.

  43. Seamus Begonia Smell

    good for her for having enough self-respect to dump a loser who does something like that. so many women (with fewer financial resources, probably) will try and make the marriage work after outright infidelity, not even red flags like that. maybe this isnt about the stripper, though. maybe she finally watched an episode of Joey.

  44. M@ce

    Ms Crackalackin seems to know an awful lot about strippers and their lifestyles…Hmmmm emotionally unstable after their done stripping you say. Would posting strident,depressing comments on light-hearted websites qualify? Sounds like someone might know from experience just how much it costs to get a stripper to blow you in the parking lot.

  45. M@ce

    Isn’t “crackalackin” a sexual euphemism for “tounge washing a hobos beanbags in a public restroom”?

  46. CheekyChops

    I found a non-anagram of Matt LeBlanc’s name. It’s “SHITTY ACTOR”. Do I win a prize?

  47. BrendaPayne

    M@ce – tongue washing a hobo’s beanbags. PRICELESS. I accidentally spit out my Tootsie Roll.

    Be nice to Matt – he’s a struggling actor now. Or is that Joey? Or is it Matt…wait, who’s the one who loves strippers and sex with anonymous women?

  48. BrendaPayne

    M@ce – tongue washing a hobo’s beanbags. PRICELESS. I accidentally spit out my Tootsie Roll.

    Be nice to Matt – he’s a struggling actor now. Or is that Joey? Or is it Matt…wait, who’s the one who loves strippers and sex with anonymous women?

  49. lill

    That’s not a good enough reason to break up a family.

  50. CheekyChops

    49, whaaa?

    He was touching/shagging/imaginingsexwith strippers/prostitutes! He’s lucky to get out with his testicles still attached to his body IMO. I’d have cut the fukkas off.

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