Matt Dillon arrested for driving 106 mph

December 31st, 2008 // 36 Comments

Matt Dillon was busted last night for driving 106 mph in Vermont. The posted speed limit was 65, according to the AP.

When will the universe stop crapping on this guy? First, he loses Cameron Diaz. Then his brother Kevin becomes the big star of the family. And now he gets arrested in Vermont after slathering his naked body in maple syrup. What do you mean that wasn’t in the article? You gotta read between the lines. That’s why I’m the journalist, and you’re the voice in my head.

Photo: WENN

  1. Melvin Moody

    what kind of car was I driving?

  2. Pathetic Worm

    He was plainly desperate to get the fuck out of Vermont.

  3. Voice in your head

    Search web… cut, paste… think of whitty comment, oh yeah… hahaha… no, stupid…. search web… ok, better… type… I am the JOURNALIST.. Press button… wahooooo!! I knew I could do it!

  4. p0nk

    the last few days i’ve been getting a lot of virus/malware attempts, i think from this site. Anybody else having this problem?

  5. KimberWolf

    He’s my new hero

  6. Leslie

    He was drving an Impala. I own one but I’m not a movie star. I’m guessing his was a rental.

  7. AdamYYZ

    FAKE! The shadows are all wrong…

  8. Cuntfusion

    At least he can STILL get arrested.

  9. Rev. Al Sharpton

    I thought he was dead.

  10. Wow. Those cops must have been boooooooooored.

  11. Doesnt he have PBA card? its easy to do buck and change on 65! give the guy a break…

  12. woodhorse

    I’m suprised Vermont is big enough to go 106mph in it. He must have run the stoplight.

  13. Danklin24

    What the hell is with the gay comment about slathering his naked body in maple syrup? Very random and not needed. Bring back the heterosexual phish.

  14. Mike

    This isn’t news at all. THIS is news:

    Danica Patrick speeding? Who woulda thought?

  15. jesus

    haaaaaaaaaaa my boy kicks ass!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  16. blp

    I thought I read Matt Damon, and I was a sad panda because Jason Bourne FTW! Who the f is this guy?!

  17. blp

    So I looked him up on imdb. He played the asshole in Herbie Fully Loaded and was in Theres Something about Mary. Well done, you were in 2 famous things from the last 10 years!

    Damn fish boi stop posting about nobodies, like for example the page 3 skanks I know of in Britain, but nobody else in the worlds knows or cares about. If they’re not internationally well known in the present day we dont care!

    More Heidi and Spencer! No fuck off (please excuse me I have multiple personality disorder)

  18. Sheva

    Rock on Matt, rock on. I saw him in college when he lived right by my school in Manhattan and ironically just recently walking in Soho.

    He’s gotten a helleva long way with his talent. And I say that with a mixture of admiration and envy.

  19. friendlyfires

    Wait a minute, if you’re doing 106mph in Vermont, in ten minutes you’re already in the Atlantic Ocean via New Hampshire and Maine. Who’d they call, the Coast Guard?

  20. Ryan the Canadian

    Isn’t that just a simple speeding ticket? Why arrest the guy? What if you go 150MPH?? Death Penalty? Federal Judge? Pigs……..

  21. Maddy is a L7

    @ #17- he was awesome in Crash.

    on another note, what was matty patty doing in the 802?

    #20- at least it was just an arrest, sometimes they’ll pull you over and tell you to say the alphabet backwards while they slather maple syrup over your newly nude body.

    .true story .

    *shudder* i need to call my therapist again….

  22. AMERICANS are funny guy’s when they’re in a hurry, folks!!

  23. Kraut

    He should come to Germany, here you can drive up to 200 mph in some places :-)

  24. linda

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  25. hehehehehehe

    @ 4

    no. stop looking at so much porn.

  26. hehehehehehe

    @ 4

    no. stop looking at so much porn.

  27. Bree

    ahahah. I go to college in vermont.. and yeah, that’d probably be big news. And believe me- the cops ARE really bored. People often get ticketed for doing 10 over the speed limit. And considering the only highway in vermont is one lane, and mostly no-pass zone… He probably was causing quite the disturbance xD

  28. hahaha

    I love when people born in 1995, such as blp, talk about who should be considered news. blp is the type that would comment, “Wtf? who are these people and who cares?” on a story about Clark Gable getting a blow job from Eleanor Roosevelt. then, blp would totally ask for more stories about Zac Efron, cuz, like, OMG!–Zac Efron is a waaaay bigger and a more culturally important “star” than Clark Gable and some butterface old lady.

  29. Flash

    “For Johnny!!! We’re doin’ this one for Johnny man!!!”

    - You will forever rock my friend.

  30. Flash

    “For Johnny!!! We’re doin’ this one for Johnny man!!!”

    - You will forever rock my friend.

    Oh and #17 – you’re obviously very young and btw the world made movies previous to you arriving here.

    see: Drug Store Cowboy, Rumble Fish, The Outsiders…etc…

  31. He should come to Germany, here you can drive up to 200 mph in some places

  32. He should come to Germany, here you can drive up to 200 mph in some places

  33. Congratulations! Good they caught him before he killed somebody. I really don’t get it, how can people be so brainless?

  34. nat

    matt dillon would get it all day

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