Matt Damon: Sarah Palin is like ‘a really bad Disney movie’

September 10th, 2008 // 740 Comments

Matt Damon basically Jason Bourne’d Governor Sarah Palin in the face today while in Toronto promoting ONEXONE a Canadian children’s charity. His major concern seems to be what happens when John McCain kicks the bucket in office if the Republicans win?:

“You do the actuary tables, there’s a one out of three chance, if not more, that McCain doesn’t survive his first term, and it’ll be President Palin. It’s like a really bad Disney movie, “The Hockey Mom.’ Oh, I’m just a hockey mom from Alaska, and she’s president. “She’s facing down Vladimir Putin and using the folksy stuff she learned at the hockey rink. It’s absurd.”

I… uh… wow. Okay, guys, try not to completely light the comment board on fire then piss on it. Otherwise, how else will I know how you truly feel about Kim Kardashian’s ass? See? I care about the issues.

Video: CBS

  1. American

    A village in Juno, Alaska has lost it’s town idiot. Now that Palin has done the soccer mom, lipstick, hate Obama, …blah, blah… thing. Where’s the platform? Although Matt’s a C-lister, I definitely agree with him.

    O’bama’s experience is questionable, too. However, I would be more comfortable with someone who has spent an ample amount of time studying the issues and has already built a platform than someone who was chosen to appeal to middle-aged soccer moms from small towns (aka – Hillary Clinton supporters). The fact that McCain made a campaign decision to win (e.g., attempting to take Clinton supporters) versus getting someone qualified to be president in the event that his old diaper wearing, corpse-looking @ss kicks the bucket, makes me question his judgement (more than I question Obama’s). Sounds like that same selfish sh-t that Bush did when we invaded Iraq — going after after someone who threaten his father at the expense of the entire country.


    #67. Amen

  3. Yiky

    Voting for Yoda I am. ; )

  4. AMR

    @ #64

    Scare tactics???? HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!! Those who live in glass houses…

    Isn’t that why we invaded Iraq? Isn’t that what the Republicans use to scare us into voting to the right?

    Wake the f-ck up and form your own opinions and stop being the equivalent of a stepford wife (whatever the great Fox News say is the holy grail).

    BTW, I’ve voted to the right in the past. I just have my own d-mn mind and make my own decisions & do not hang on every spin and retoric that comes from any political party. It seems like you don’t do the same.

  5. Truth

    @104 – Damn dude, you’re pretty bright and intelligent trolling a site like The Superficial. FAIL.

  6. St Louis Cardinal

    What a stupid, douche nozzle. Hey Matt, check the actuary tables and tell me the percentage that Obama will become president if we vote democrat… yeah 100%, and he is LESS qualified than Palin. She only ran Alaska for two years? Im sorry, did Obama run anything.. ever? No he is a first term senator who has spent the last 19 months campaigning.

    Obama apparently doesn’t think that the president has the ‘pay grade’ to make tough decicisons, and you don’t have to worry about him staring down Putin. He will just give him a big man hug like he does Kwame Kilpatrick, then stop on the way home to have unconditional talks with Iran.

    And I think enough people have already posted the links that prove the statements he quoted were jokes.

    Matt Damon endorses Obama… all the reason in the world to vote Republican.

  7. d

    Ha Ha…he’s correct.

    Be afraid…very afraid.

  8. Jay

    I’m sure Palin cares what some hollywood dildo like Matt Damon ‘thinks’. Matt, go make a decent movie and learn how to become a real actor with depth rather than a Stallone wannabe.

  9. comeonpeople

    I can’t believe people are saying they would rather have Palin as VP then Obama as President. Are you fucking retarded? The whole lacks experience thing is an easy target for both of them. It’s been said before, look at Bush and Cheney’s experience and look where it got us. I will not support anyone who thinks creationism should be taught in schools. I will not support anyone who wants to outlaw abortion. I will not support anyone who wants to deny homosexuals benefits or the right to marry. These bible toting dipshits need to get over themselves and take a look at the real world. If McCain is elected, I’m moving out of the country.

  10. CJ

    For all you moron’s saying he’s a celeb so he should shutup about politics obviously think the same about Arnold, Reagan, and Fred Thompson. So who is the moron?

  11. ‘Frank’ – Ignorant Mericans and shills seem to be invading.
    ‘Frank’ from 16th Floor : Knee, if they were Mericans – they’d answer the question.

    These aren’t Americans Knee. I knew Americans.

  12. Smart&Cute2Boot

    McCain with all his “experience” and “wisdom” ought to be ashamed of himself for voting with Bush, who let’s face it, has turned this country into the laughing stalk that it has become, 90% of the time. All of the experience in the world doesn’t make up for extreme stupidity. Barack Obama doesn’t have the “experience” that McCain has but he has a big ass brain and a big ass heart. He’s so freaking smart, that McCain had to steal his “change” slogan. Yeah, it’s working, I guess that is what people want, so he’s going to steal it.

  13. St Louis Cardinal

    @ 109

    I will buy three one-way tickets, one for you, one for Matt and one for that gelatinous land mass Michael Moore.

  14. race

    Okay all this other political bullshit aside, I am SO sick of hearing about John McCains age. He would be only two years older than Reagan was when he became president.

  15. Come-Honor-Face

    If Palin becomes Pres, she’s gonna make me Secretary of Muff-Diving…..she knows why ;)

  16. Smart&Cute2Boot

    “Running” Alaska is like running trees and snow. Actually, it’s not like that, it is that. What exactly did that woman do besides kill lots of animals and pay herself for staying home? Alaska has the population of what? 10?

  17. Joe

    Yes, because Obama’s 100 some odd days as a senator makes him soooo qualified. Obama is a joke when it comes to experience. Matt Damon is a celebrity moron and should take Obama’s dick out of his mouth like all the other band wagon liberal idiots.

  18. Smart&Cute2Boot

    That’s classy. Really classy.

  19. Joe

    #60…Palin is a religous extremist?

    Last I checked Obama was the Muslim douche that won’t even salute the flag and wants to change the National Anthem.

  20. St Louis Cardinal

    “For those of you who are geographically impaired” (to quote the great Jimmy Buffett) Alaska is as large as the second, third and fourth largest states combined (Texas, California and Montana) It population has grown about 20% every decade since the 50′s and its population is as large as Cleveland and Saint Louis combined. Still have anything to say? Nah, I didnt think so.

  21. Dorito Man

    Lessee: We have Damon, who makes his living pretending stuff, commenting on Palin, who is a state governor that actually (no pretending) cleaned up Alaskan corruption and sold the state jet to reign in spending.
    Sounds like a no-brainer decision: I’d say Damon would do better to stick with fantasising about Jude Law..

  22. Koobear

    Has anyone not noticed how the Republican Party Political Machine will not let Palin speak unless a speech has been made for her? Speak only when allowed to speak…is this what you guys want from a so called political leader? Does no one else find this sexist?

  23. Fever

    Wow, who gives a flying fuck what a Hollywood moron cares about an election either way. Does being able to sit still for make-up for 8 hours make you an Einstein? No, it barely raises you above boil on the ass of society.

  24. G

    just remember to vote Palin/McCain, so when i get to college, i can date rape your daughters and you’ll be a grandparent!

  25. Smart&Cute2Boot

    The problem with that statement, Joe, is that you DIDN’T check. At best, you “heard” it from some wack-job, ignorant, racist, lying hick, or a republican. Pick your poison.

  26. race

    Joe: there is no proof of anything you just said. That was right wing propoganda! People seriously need to get their head out of their ass and realize that just because you read it on the internet doesn’t make it true!! And that goes for both sides. I.E. the email that said Palin banned books…not true either!

  27. So. # 1- 119 (plus)
    Inside job ?
    I’ve noticed a lot of new-comers and bit of ‘question avoidance’ here as they say in the industry here.
    If you don’t understand the question – hit the link.
    Explain your theories to professionals there.
    Report back with your success and I’ll go away.

  28. Matt D. is the shiznit, but not for this reason. I loved him in the movie, “The Talented Mr. Ripley.” Oh, and he’s hot too.

  29. Ned

    Alaska ranks 47th in population, which is the primary factor in governance (governing a lot of snow and ice isn’t particularly impressive).

    And yeah, Palin “cleaned up corruption” – the single greatest pork-barrel senator has been Ted Stevens (R, Alaska), and Palin ran one of his 527 group (to support his reelection).

  30. Hot Chick

    I love fucking Matt Damon!

  31. Saint Louis Cardinal

    Actually the only religious whack jobs I have seen lately were all gathered in one place.. 80,000 or so of them worshipping at the altar of the false messiah, Barack Hussein Obama.

    “We hear and obey oh great Obama… tax us master! Take our money!”

  32. No one’s responding Knee….these morons have no questions-let alone answers.
    Inside job…

  33. BigFootsDick

    Sarah Palin can suck it. I’d like to fist her with my Bigfoot arm.

  34. I am actually an actuary

    Matt Damon talks out of his ass. Typical Hollywood idiot.

    I bet Matt “I can see the fish swimming behind his eyes” Damon did not factor in the fact that the president is privy to the best medical care known. McCain is a survivor and a true American patriot. I think he will be around awhile. Too bad democrats….get used to it.

  35. Smart&Cute2Boot

    “But, please, save us McCain. Send all of our money to Iraq so they can get rich and we can become more indebted to China and be their bitch for another 4 years.”

  36. minerva

    I don’t know him in person so who knows, I’m leaning towards he might be…

    -”What’s scarier, Obama for president or Palin for VP.”
    Jesus Christ could be running for president and I would still be scared. I guess it’s safe to say though, they are both pretty inexperienced and well I just plain don’t like McCain… I’ll just go ahead and put my own name on that ballot…

    And let’s face it, she was picked to attract the female vote… It’s easy to tell it’s working when girls freak out when she’s criticized… “That’s sexist” give me a break, it’s Matt Damon’s opinion… who here really cares?

    -”The typical ignorant asshole who never picks up a paper to read the news” You’re talking on a celebrity scandal website which already makes me doubt that you even know what the news are…

    -”Democrats are obviously fucktarded if all they can muster is nobody from their crowd. Pretty damn pathetic.”
    HAHAHA that’s just one of the stupidest comments I’ve ever seen… I love how Rep and Dem always act like little kids… What are you calling them next? Big stupid doo doo heads?? Seriously man, just because they have different views doesn’t make them stupid but reacting like that kinda proves you are…

    -”The victims of 9-11 don’t want you using them and their honor as your excuse to encourage and support a fraudulent war or to support the extreme right-wing, anti-equality psycho-babble bullspit.”
    Very true. Whether Dem or Rep or any political party, using families pain and anguish is disgusting and the sad part is that assholes fall for it…

    Oh well, we’ll see how it all turns out Nov. 4… That is of course if the LHC doesn’t kill us all before OMG SAVE WOMEN AND CHILDREN!!!!! hahahaha :P

  37. Yank and Wank - they rhyme for a reason

    I hate Obama too the only candidate I had any respect for was Clinton and you bunch of mindless sexist Yank twats fucked that up. FUCK another reason to HATE Americans.
    Although gimme Obama or Palin and I will go with Obama.

  38. The Last Word!

    I’m sorry I missed the part where they show Palin’s boobs. One second while I re-watch the video.

    UPDATE: Yep just as I thought… no boobs. Why in the fuck are we discussing politics on this site.

  39. pete

    Gee, I’m gullible too! Sarah Palin is a hockey mom, fearless reformer…a BARRACUDA!

    Just one thing – why hasn’t she answered a SINGLE QUESTION in all the time since she was select as McCain’s VP? Since the convention, every single appearance has consisted of her repeating lines from her convention speech, in the same order every time, with no questions from the audience or the press.

    Fearless! Ready to lead!

    Whatever you say…

  40. Gr8 points all # 133-4
    Inside job ?

  41. Chom Chom Chom

    Hahahahah. Funniest shit ever. It totally is like a bad Disney movie. Only non-animated and scary. Scarier than Scarface from the Lion King.

  42. Koobear

    #139…I’ve noticed…Palin keeps her mouth shut and only speaks when the men in her party let her speak…just like a good little lady. Kinda makes me sick, actually.

  43. St Louis Cardinal

    Save the liberal vitriol for 4 years from now. The only stat that matters is this. No state has been as reliable a barometer for elections as Missouri has. Since 1904 the electorate of Missouri has accurrately predicted the winner of the presidential election – a streak no other state even comes close to. Who is polling ahead right now? McCain and Palin by 7 points. All over but the crying ladies and gents.

  44. dezi

    Matt damon should keep quiet so he doesn’t lose his credibility like all the other big mouthed self-indulgent hollywood hotshots. what’s with people like you shoving your opinions down our throats? thanks but no thanks.

  45. Allyson

    136. minerva….thank you. will you marry me?

  46. Allyson

    136. minerva….thank you. will you marry me?

  47. Allyson

    136. minerva….thank you. will you marry me?

  48. Allyson

    136. minerva….thank you. will you marry me?

  49. Allyson

    136. minerva….thank you. will you marry me?

  50. Allyson

    136. minerva….thank you. will you marry me?

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