Matt Damon: Sarah Palin is like ‘a really bad Disney movie’

September 10th, 2008 // 740 Comments

Matt Damon basically Jason Bourne’d Governor Sarah Palin in the face today while in Toronto promoting ONEXONE a Canadian children’s charity. His major concern seems to be what happens when John McCain kicks the bucket in office if the Republicans win?:

“You do the actuary tables, there’s a one out of three chance, if not more, that McCain doesn’t survive his first term, and it’ll be President Palin. It’s like a really bad Disney movie, “The Hockey Mom.’ Oh, I’m just a hockey mom from Alaska, and she’s president. “She’s facing down Vladimir Putin and using the folksy stuff she learned at the hockey rink. It’s absurd.”

I… uh… wow. Okay, guys, try not to completely light the comment board on fire then piss on it. Otherwise, how else will I know how you truly feel about Kim Kardashian’s ass? See? I care about the issues.

Video: CBS

  1. stuperstar

    Palin is a moron

    • SGT Howard

      lol, Palin is the idiot whereas this guy is referencing Dinosaurs and “Nuclear Codes” oh man. . . our future is doomed.

  2. me


    Score one for Hockey Moms!!

  3. brice

    i agree 100%. he did jason bourne her.

  4. teedo!

    I fucking love Matt Damon.

  5. teedo!

    I fucking love Matt Damon.

  6. Kristie

    <3 Matt Damon.

  7. my comment

    Matt Damon. Political flea.

  8. Fuck Matt Damon

    Matt Damon sucks. He was in the brother’s grimm, that movie was horrible.

  9. nagada

    Matt Damon is just another fucking hollywood idiot

  10. ali


  11. Jim

    I fucking hate Matt Damon

  12. laurasmom

    i feel ambivalent about matt damon. he’s pretty low on my celebrity to-do list, but i absolutely agree with everything he’s said. sarah palin scares me. sarah palin as president makes me fear for the world.

  13. Anexio

    How many times did Matt Damon say, “I don’t understand.” No shit Matt, did you forget? You’re a fucking retard. HELLLLOOOOOO?????

  14. ditthi

    I couldn’t agree more

  15. mike

    matt damon is my hero.

  16. chris

    Please tell me that the majority of Americans agree with this. How can anyone seriously think the prospect of Sarah Palin as president of the most powerful country in the world is a good thing?

  17. Nukem

    Is Damon for Obama?

  18. Cris_Angel

    “Matt Damon sent Sarah Palin back to dinosaur times and she didn’t even get to ride one, you bitch!”

  19. Jayfournines

    Matt Damon for President…if the Terminator can be Governor then fuckin’ Jason Bourne can lead this country!

  20. Kelsi

    The president isn’t the most powerful person in the country……stupid ass

  21. The Last Word!

    I know one thing… Sarah Palin is NOT fucking Matt Damon

  22. Yank and Wank - they rhyme for a reason

    WELL I will exempt Matt Damon 100% from my title “Yank and Wank – they rhyme for a reason” so refreshing to see an American not mincing their words & sugaring everything up and cutting through the SHIT and spitting it like it is.
    It IS absurd and he used that word about 7 times so I suppose he REALLY does think its totally ABSURD too!
    In fact MATT DAMON for president.

  23. Phil

    Damon’s got a good point. Despite the fact that I cringe whenever I hear movie/music stars talk politics, it’s so blatantly, obviously scary how unqualified she is and how much personal drama she brings to the table.

  24. Paul

    Anyone who thinks Damon is a retard or a fucking moron needs to get his or her shit checked. If you think Palin has enough experience to be Commander in Chief, you’re a retard. The reason Damon doesn’t understand the choice is because IT’S FUCKING MIND-BOGGLING!

  25. Charlie

    No one has to die for Obama to be president and he doesnt have as much experience as Palin. That’s that bad thing in all of this.

  26. James Suther

    This guy is right. I hadn’t really thought about it, kind of liked her and still want to hear her in a debate. But it apprears that picking her is a reckless mistake typical of the 21st century Republican party. Luckily that from the Congress on down, these people are going to lose a lot of position.

  27. Frank Rizzo


  28. obannion

    i can’t let a community organizer have the nuclear codes

  29. Sinclaire

    Who gives a flying fuck what Matt thinks. rofl

  30. Melissa

    Sick of celebrities (although it really only seems like dems who do this) who use their popularity as a platform for politics, or anything else besides promoting movies, music, etc. Bunch of ass clowns with the competence of a can opener.

  31. Melissa

    Sick of celebrities (although it really only seems like dems who do this) who use their popularity as a platform for politics, or anything else besides promoting movies, music, etc. Bunch of ass clowns with the competence of a can opener.

  32. Melissa

    Sick of celebrities (although it really only seems like dems who do this) who use their popularity as a platform for politics, or anything else besides promoting movies, music, etc. Bunch of ass clowns with the competence of a can opener.

  33. LenS

    Right. She’s scary. I mean what’s she ever done besides actually running a city and a state? And smack some oil companies and corrupt politicians in her own party? If she only hadn’t done that, and ran her mouth off for 35 years in D.C., she could be as qualified as Biden.

    But the guy who’s never done anything besides write two autobiographies, who starts running for a new job as soon as he gets elected to another one, who like Bin Laden has a close friend who bombed the Pentagon, who gives his wife’s company a million dollars in tax dollars right after they triple her salary to 300k, who can’t wait to meet with terrorists around the world but has to be dragged into meeting US commanders, who when faced with corrupt Chicago politicans said nothing but “Can you help me a buy a house?”, etc.. is qualified to run the country. Obama isn’t qualified to run the drive-thru at Wendy’s, let alone a nation.

  34. Not that I like Palin, but the “dinosaur” and “book burning” comments were fake quotes posted on some dude’s blog. Anderson Cooper interviewed the blogger last night and he confirmed the were joke quotes on a blog NOT intended to reach major sites as factual.

    A lot of people believe them though, it looks like Matt Damon fell for them too. I’m sure he’ll realize his error and feel sheepish in a day or so. I couldn’t find the vid on youtube, but here is the article that shows that those quotes are BS.

    Man, it’s hard to respect celebrities when they open their mouth and don’t say something that a person who actually went to college wrote.


  35. ME!

    I completely agree with him. Does anyone know if she has ever tried to ban books? What skeltons are in her closet from college. What do we know about her? I understand she is a member of a fanatical Christian Church that makes Scientology look normal….

  36. Dave C

    President Palin – has a great ring to it. Here’s how it will likely play out:

    1. McCain wins in November, and does survive his first term, which is defined by a reduction in wasteful spending by the Congress.

    2. Palin seeks and obtains the Republican nomination and serves two terms, taking the US to 2020 with a streamlined, much-reduced federal government, and a much-reduced tax burden on every American.

  37. CCB

    I fucking love Matt Damon. I didn’t before, never really thought about it at all, but that all changed after watching this. “I wanna know if she thinks dinosaurs were here 4,000 years ago. She’s going to have nuclear codes.”

    Brilliant. Matt Damon is my new hero.

  38. lipstickaroundhisdipstick

    I agree 100% with everything he has said. That b*tch is stark raving mad, bat shit crazy. Screw putting her anywhere near the Oval Office, she’ll turn that sh*t square.

  39. Joe Martin

    And I thought Matt Damon had a brain.

  40. titsonsnack

    I want obama to win just so I can see a black president. Because I think that no matter who wins, it’s all the same. The same puppet master. Black president plz. The End.

  41. G

    Hilarious. Melissa– Im sick of fat pigs like you who think they have something smart to say.

  42. Jason Bourne

    Stick to bikinis and get out of politics. This shit is stupid, as is that idiot Matt Damon.

  43. J

    @Melissa, If Damon has the competence of a can opener then how about you? I’m pretty positive Matt Damon could post a comment without submitting it three times.

  44. How do you like them apples, Sarah Palin?

  45. Kevin

    Another reason to vote for McCain/Palin….Matt Damon doesn’t like her. What a maroon.

  46. Michellie



  47. Damon should stick to acting

    Right on, Dave C. Probably a bit ambitious, but I love the spirit. Talking trash is not Jason Bourne’s style. Damon’s acting more like Barack Obama.

  48. M

    Matt Damon.. from Harvard University.. I think he know what he is talking about.

  49. neuro

    Matt Damon is fucking awesome, it’s official. All we need is Joan Allen helping him out and you’ll have a motherfucking blockbuster.

    Damon-Allen ’12, you know it makes sense.

  50. Amy

    A maroon what? His shirt has more of a puce hue to it.

    I don’t just fucking love Matt Damon, I’m FUCKING MATT DAMON!!!!

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