Matt Damon marries Luciana Barroso

December 9th, 2005 // 22 Comments

damon_married.jpgMatt Damon and Luciana Barroso got married this morning; one day after Matt announced that he knocked her up.

Us Weekly has learned exclusively that actor Matt Damon, 35, and girlfriend of two years Luciana Bozan, 29, got married this morning in New York City in a brief ceremony officiated by a justice of the peace. Damon’s publicist Jennifer Allen confirmed the wedding to Us. Sources tell Us that Damon and Bozan, a former bartender who is about three months pregnant and has a 7-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, exchanged vows in front of Bozan’s daughter Alexa. A source at New York City Hall confirms to Us that the couple wed this morning inside city hall. ”They did it real quick and then started calling all their friends with the good news,” says a Damon pal. ”It’s not a secret. They’re telling everyone.”

It’s nice to see that Matt was able to use his millions of dollars to give his fiancee the wedding she always dreamed of: a quick little diddy inside city hall. But I guess when you’re desperately trying to cover up your little mistake, throwing a lavish wedding ceremony isn’t at the top of your ‘to do’ list.


  1. martini1275

    Like I said, he’s being a good catholic boy and marrying the ET look-a-like cuase he knocked her up. Too bad she didn’t get a nice, lavish wedding. Instead they did it ghetto style, in City Hall!

  2. Mary45

    Well at least we know she knows how to make a cocktail!

  3. The true reason that Matt got married is b/c during one drunken night of revelry, he accidentally signed a contract to be Drew Lachey’s dance partner on “ABC presents: D-List celebrities and washed up actors move to music.” After sobering up, Damon realized he was in a pickle, and the only way he could get out of it was to exercise the Knock-a-girl-up-then-marry-her clause in the contract.

  4. andreanicks

    I heard that Luciana carved out a wedding alter with her GIANT BUCK TEETH!

  5. jb

    What? Matt Damon’s straight?

  6. PKClover

    It’s not like he’s a looker, so it’s nice to see he’s married an average gal. I wish them many months of happiness together.

  7. boo

    it’s nice to see a happy hollywood couple who manage to keep themselves out of the media eye. i wish them the best of luck.

  8. Binky

    Best of luck Matt and Luciana – and congratulations !!
    ( I heard the last time he had wood was when he was cast in that ‘Team America’ movie – so she must be quite a gal)

  9. Donna A.

    I’m happy for them. Not matter how long it last. She’s in the money.
    Donna A.

  10. Missgreen16

    Is her last name Barroso or Bozan? I am confused.

  11. kileyray

    I believe Bozan is her maiden name and Barroso is her last name from her previous marriage.

    I wish them luck.

  12. Grope For Luna

    Reminds me of Nick Turturro, who got drunk on a plane, nailed a stewardess after the flight and then had to marry her.

  13. sadietolstoy

    How to hook up with a big movie star:1) Be a sushi waitress 2) Be a bartender. OK, I’m learning. I hate sushi, so that’s out of the question, but I like booze, so I guess I’ll go to bartending school.

  14. Sheva

    Sorry the guy is too likable not to just wish him and the wife well. But how does a woman her age just get pregnant suddenly? Oh yeah, it’s called a plan.

  15. HollyJ

    “As a wedding gift, Luciana will carve a new mahogany sleigh bed for Matt with her bare teeth”

  16. plumcrazy

    I cant believe he married that ugly girl, he could get so much better. I guess he was hard up….

  17. sammygirl

    I think Matt Damon is better off hooking up with this Luciana Barroso:

  18. snakehandlerpro

    I bet alot of women would disagree with the above comment that Matt’s “not a looker” btw. But yes, I believe the honeymoon will be in Alaska where they will visit with her extended beaver family and she will carve an entire log cabin with her teeth.

  19. aiolia

    I think all of you girls are so jealous because an average Latin girl got what you will always dream of

  20. marce

    People have so much envy. My Goodness!
    She is not ugly, the picture in this site is bad, I think someone post this ugly one with purpose. I saw other pictures and she looks very good.
    Anyway, have any of you always fall in love with a beautiful face? Come’n love is much more than that.
    They love each other and I happy for them. I wish them the best. A marriage forever.

  21. D-list celebrities and washed up players move to music. "After sobering up, Damon realized he was in a pickle, and the only way he could cope was to exercise Knock-girl – up-as-married his clause in the contract .

  22. Harley

    Poor Matt, he’ll be sad when he sees this page =/ As long as Matt is happy, his fans shuold be too.

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