Matt Damon is pregnant

March 10th, 2008 // 53 Comments

Matt Damon is pregnant again! Whether his wife Luciana Barroso or Sarah Silverman is the father is up for debate. People reports:

The current PEOPLE Sexiest Man Alive, 37, and his wife, 32, stepped out Sunday night at the Empire Film Awards in London – with Luciana glowing (and sporting a baby bump).

While some might worry that the pregnancy will impact Matt Damon’s announcement he’ll do a fourth Jason Bourne movie, I have some exclusive news*. It turns out our boy Matt is working a De Niro. The fourth film is entitled The Bourne Reproduction. Breast milk meets danger August 2009.

*Pulled directly from my ass.

Photo: Getty Images

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  2. mw

    Race aside, she is very odd looking. You can’t really tell in this pic – or pehaps she’s had it fixed – but she has a severe overbite with buck teeth that make her look mildly retarded. The fact that she was a bartender doesn’t really help her case either. Matt Damon is definitely NOT the sexiest man alive, but he certainly has low standards.

  3. hills

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