Matt Reeves Will Direct ‘The Batman’ And There’s A Nightwing Movie Now

“They found a directah? Fack…”

It’s been a big week for the DC Extended Universe. On Tuesday, we learned that the Wonder Woman test screening received tepid to “meh” reactions instead of people lighting themselves on fire outside of the theater, which is actually huge for Warner Bros. a studio who pinched off Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad into our laps back-to-back. And now Variety reports that Matt Reeves will direct The Batman after he bolted from talks last week presumably when someone said, “And Zack Snyder will be there the whole time.” Even more amazing, Ben Affleck tweeted Reeves a warm welcome, which should put to rest rumors that he’s going to quit being Batman any second now.

However, after The Batman, Affleck is contractually free to walk, which probably explains why Warner Bros. also announced a Nightwing movie within minutes of locking down Matt Reeves. (For those of you with active sexual and outdoor lives, Nightwing is the original Robin who grows up to become his own superhero and eventually takes over as Batman whenever Bruce Wayne dies for the 800th time and/or gets his back broken.)

More importantly, Ben Affleck tweeted a new photo of the Batcave, so enough jibber-jabber.

ben affleck batcave batman
“I’m listenin’ to fackin’ Creed and lookin’ awl fackin’ sad ’cause my mawm and dad gaht shaht in a fackin’ alley, Chahleen. What the fack does it look like I’m doin’?!”


“Gawddamn Rahbin gettin’ his own gawddamn movie – This is about my parents, Chahleen! My gawddamn dead parents. Wahk away! – Fackin’ Rahbin…”

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Photo: Getty