Matt Lauer Defends Kanye Interview

November 11th, 2010 // 125 Comments

The Today Show interview that sent Kanye West crying to Michael Jackson’s ghost on Twitter aired this morning, but with a message from Matt Lauer addressing the rapper’s outburst. Via Popeater:

“It’s something we do every day — when a guest is talking about an incident or a location, we run video of that,” Lauer says. “There was nothing improper about it, nothing unusual about it whatsoever.”

If you watch the clip (after the jump), you’ll see that nothing out of the ordinary happened, and Kanye basically acted like a jackass the entire time which is redundant considering I just said nothing out of the ordinary happened:

“Yo, how am I supposed to talk if you gonna run this thing in the middle, while I’m talking?” an affronted West asks. “Please don’t let that happen again, it’s like ridiculous.”
… Earlier in the interview, Lauer asks Kanye to look at George Bush’s face in a clip before responding. “I didn’t need you guys to show me the tape in order to like prompt my emotion to what I’m going to say,” a visibly flustered Kanye says. He also asks some people off camera to “be quiet for a second.”

“Yo, how dare you people run relevant video when I’m trying to elocute myself here? It’s like y’all trying to box me in as some sort of Muhammad Ali with a time machine when really I’m Martin Luther King’s brother Jesus with beats, son. It’s like ridiculous. If Marvin Gaye was on Facebook, none of y’all would be talking out your mouths. ‘Look at George Bush’s face.’ That’s some plantation-like shit right there. I forgive the man, but don’t be making me look at no faces. I HATE FACES.”

Whoops. Honest mistake.

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  1. aaron

    I bet Matt Lauer was thinking ‘I don’t even get paid enough for this crap’ while interviewing Kanye.

  2. dirtbag

    kanye is a pussy ass pansy bitch! He says that he has grown as a person but we can see here that he’s just the exact same asshole as he was years ago. Grown? mature? I dont think so. He’s still an asshole, he’s all about his own ego and the shit that comes out of his mouth is based on emotions at that split second. Don’t believe in any of his shit, he aint sorry, he didnt change, he’s still a fucking CUNT, and will continue to be a fucking CUNT and will continue to be absolutely irrelevant in the music industry becuz his music is not all that good and his last performance and the vma consisted of him pressing 3 buttons over and over again. u call that talent? My dick has more talent, it can press 5 buttons. Kanye is a fucking pussy ass shity cunt who complains too much and looks like hes about to cry when he complains. hes a whiny cry baby motherfucker who is talentless and must bitch about everything in order to be famous. fucking CUNT

  3. Joxer The Mighty


  4. Michelle

    Talk shows have to play the relevant clip of the subject being discussed so people who have no clue about the guest can get some sort of background. I don’t know if Kanye just thinks everyone should know what a jackass he has been in the past but not everyone who watches the TODAY show knows who he is so they play the clips. Kanye has done enough interviews that he should know this and knows how it works. I got to say that it must be shitty to see your most embarrassing moments played back over and over, so only one conclusion GO AWAY KANYE you 15 are up.

  5. bitingontinfoil

    It’s hard to take this guy seriously when he comes off looking like an angry chipmunk. Give him a *boop* on the nose, a slap on the ass, a handful of peanuts and send him on his way.

  6. Kanye West Matt Lauer Today
    Commented on this photo:

    pssssst: KANYE PAID HIM AFTER THE SHOW, folks!!

  7. wim


  8. wim

    he must be familiar with LOSERS now?

  9. HRH Adam

    What is this no-talent hack doing on the Today Show anyway? I think it makes their broadcast lose credibility. Kanye is a fucking baby that makes every other rapper look like a well-adjusted Rhodes scholar

  10. JackieG

    I think “empathize” was his word for the day on his pull-off calendar……

  11. mouth

    P*SS’D at ‘Ye right now… You don’t owe anyone a d*mn apology for speaking your opinion. What you may havee needed to apologize for was the wording. I know the feeling….

    BTW? I didn’t read the above comments and this is the first time i’ve seen the Matt Lauer (my pale NINJA!) interview.

    That being said, what the f*ck are you still apologizing to folk for?

    Sit down. And i say that w/love. F*ck them. You meant what you said AND did, maybe it just didn’t come out right but it came from the right place. Don’t let them have you questioning yourself.

    You see things different and you do things different because you ARE different. Applaud that ish. That’s why they can’t mess w/you. At ALL.

    What was it you said? The music speaks for itself? Do that. F*ck them.

    The Bush thing? The “don’t care about black people” thing feels like to me it came from a moment of frustration.

    1) he was slow like molasses in responding. Makes you think he didn’t care. And they were mostly black. Hence…
    2) his MAMA came out the side of her face with what sounded like a leftoveer from a private conversation she’d had with SOMEONE… Whom?

    You said what you felt. You just are who you are and they look for ways to make a story. You gave them one. Honestly? If Katrina had happened in the Hamptons how soon would Bush have gotten it popping for them? Be honest. It truly FELT like it was a racial thing. Now what it was we’ll never know. Maybe ignorance? Whatever, but we all know what it felt like. You were just too shiny to be saying so. It wasn’t what you said but how you said it. Honesty is ugly sometimes. But we all were feeling the same thing.

    The Taylor Swift thing? Why were you racist for that? Felt like to me had it been anyone else the same would have happened. Did this dude look up and see Taylor and say “i’mma go ish on this poor lil white girl”? C’mon. It just HAPPENED to be her. The emotion was high. Beyonce poppin’ and lockin’ arse should’ve won everything she was up for that night. Why? is she special. No, she a d*mn BEAST with it and she’d worked for it. The rules were the BEST in the category, right? She just happened to be the best in her categories that night. Taylor Swift just happened to be in the wrong spot that night and the “lil white girl ” thing? Just happened to be on her Mama and Daddy. What’d did that happen to do with Kanye’ West and his big arse mouth? Nothing. She just happened to be the one up there when the powers that be decided to give Beyonces’ ish to someone else because they thought she’d already won too many.

    Ish happens and sometimes we speak a nit too loud. i just wish this brother would stop apologizing for what he did and let them know it wasn’t what he did it was the execution that may have been wrong. Both times.

    Let them know why you were thinking the way you were THEN let them know that maybe you spoke or moved to fast behind honest emotions. They can’t do anything with that.

    I hate that this feels to me like you’re bowing down to the public. F*ck them. Why have you been depressed? Because you know you were right and that your execution was just a little off.

    The next time you explain ANY of that ish tell them that first.

    “i stand m=by my feelings at the time, i just wish i’d have done things a little different. I didn’t mean to disrespect anyone”.

    Funny thing is that they know this. But since you won’t say it out loud they get at you like the entire thought process was so VERY WRONG.

    No it wasn’t sweetie. You were right. Both times.

    You’re emotions were just high and you moved before you really thought, but you were right.

    Katrina? 3 days? D*mn. Bush? Did you care about the people down there? Oh yeah, dude. They black. Did that make a difference in your movements?

    We ALL thought the same thing. Proud of you. Don’t let them stunt your growth. Do you.

    And i say this and could give a d*mn if you know… or LIKE me. I speak my peace regardless.

    So do you, don’t you? Okay.

    Just watch your back while you’re doing it. They see you shining and want a reason to get at you.

    Hugs sweetie. F*ck them. Hugs…

  12. mouth

    One mo’ gin’ because i’m known fo talking too much too.

    For the record, i don’t switch my convo up depending on who’s in the room. I don’t make affiliations depending on who’s in the partnership.

    I’m not with all that bandwagon bull…. That “click” ish? Keep it. They NEVER wanted me to join anyway. I talk too much.

    Point. Mr d*mn West: my mouth? Is the ISH. They can’t take it away from me.

    You? Do NOT let these folk make you doubt yourself because you talk too d*mn much. Acknowledge and adjust… F*ck them.


  13. Anonymous George

    So can someone tell me what Kanye did for the Katrina Victims?
    Actually can someone tell me any instance of Kanye’s philanthropic efforts?

    I’ve got 6 words for you Kanye….. GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELF DUDE!

  14. maria

    does he realise that he just spent about five minutes saying that he regretted what he said? I think someone needs to give him a dictionary.

  15. Karma

    You know what pisses me off more than stupid Kanye West, is George Bush and his retarded ass comments. The fact that he said that Kanye calling him a racist was the darkest time in his presidency is absolutely distrubing..really? That was your darkest time and not when the twin towers went down?

  16. jk

    He’s Kanye man, he’s mad self conscious. We all know that about him at this point, that he gets paranoid about whitey and whatnot. shit I might get a little weirded out if i came on an interview to show some penitence for previous mistakes that i found embarrassing only to see those mistakes played in front of me while i was talking. I think the fault is on the today show: their style is a little too confrontational for a sensitive black man to be able to comfortably express himself. I think we have to remember that kanye west is an artist and much like other great artists of the past, sometimes the results can be disastrous if he’s confined by procedures he doesn’t agree with.

  17. aimoo

    dude i HATE kanye west but that interviewer was being a straight up dick..


    I think its amazing how he can speak PLAN English when he wants to… any other time he sounds like an idiot!!

  19. Monica

    He’s a Gemini, they’re all crazy. Let him be and stop putting so much political importance on a musician.

  20. Jon


    So pathetic to see a wanabe gansta trying to be intellectual and careful with his words. He’s trying to please his brothers in the hood (and his manhood) while at the same time trying to please the people who were offended by him… AIN’T GONNA WORK!

    He’s had so many months to collect his thoughts and still doesn’t know what he’s trying to say.

    I’m sorry but I’m not sorry but I’m sorry but I’m.. wait I need to word this carefully.. *awkward silence*

    He’s very conflicted because he’s only apologising at all because of the outrageous reactions to some of his comments/behaiviors. He’s sorry that he’s not selling records like he used, not for what he actually said. Similar to Chris Brown. Interviews like that make a man impotent!

  21. Jon

    Be the bad boy or be the good boy but don’t try to be both, it’s pathetic. The problem with the pop industry is that who is making it and who they are dating (for example) is more important then the music itself. And the teeny bopper crowds and their soccer moms are a fickle bunch.

  22. chupacabra

    He’s about as dumb as a professional athlete. Just ignorant.

  23. Ronni

    Now, just so we’re clear: Kanye west is a cocky douchebag. But You have to look at him as a multifaceted person. He’s flawed, he’s human, despite how cocky he comes off. I think he realizes it and his humility comes off as fake because he’s already so disappointed in himself that the only way to make himself feel like he’s worth anything is to talk himself up. So, I dunno, looking at this from both sides, KNOWING that Kanye is the type to ‘open mouth, insert foot’ or ‘fly by the seat of his pants’ The today show didn’t have to roll the 2 clips that were obviously the 2 most turbulent patches in his whole career thus far. He’s a dick, yeah, but it’s like rubbing his face in his failure , when he obviously has regrets about both incidences. I think Kanye could’ve been more professional about it, but I understand his frustration. It woulda been like asking Michael Jackson in an interview about that Pepsi commercial he was doing when his hair caught on fire, then rolling a clip. Or that time when Beyonce faceplanted into the stage and rollnig a clip of that. Try to see it from his side, is all I’m saying.

  24. Edubya72

    How many people on this thread are white?

    How many are black?

    The perspective of a person from either skin color depends on the development of their social lives throughout the years. The fact of the matter is that the government was slow to act on saving the citizens of New Orleans. I wouldn’t peg George W. Bush as a racist, but I would certainly consider the puppeteers of politics insensitive and uncaring. Kanye’s anger is justified. Instead of villification, he should be supported to rephrase his words in a place where he won’t be attacked for the words his says.

    Oh yes, I can dream. That’s all I can do about this, no doubt.

  25. wut

    lol @ kanye going all kate gosselin in menstration mode on matt lauers nuts.

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