Matt Lauer Defends Kanye Interview

November 11th, 2010 // 125 Comments

The Today Show interview that sent Kanye West crying to Michael Jackson’s ghost on Twitter aired this morning, but with a message from Matt Lauer addressing the rapper’s outburst. Via Popeater:

“It’s something we do every day — when a guest is talking about an incident or a location, we run video of that,” Lauer says. “There was nothing improper about it, nothing unusual about it whatsoever.”

If you watch the clip (after the jump), you’ll see that nothing out of the ordinary happened, and Kanye basically acted like a jackass the entire time which is redundant considering I just said nothing out of the ordinary happened:

“Yo, how am I supposed to talk if you gonna run this thing in the middle, while I’m talking?” an affronted West asks. “Please don’t let that happen again, it’s like ridiculous.”
… Earlier in the interview, Lauer asks Kanye to look at George Bush’s face in a clip before responding. “I didn’t need you guys to show me the tape in order to like prompt my emotion to what I’m going to say,” a visibly flustered Kanye says. He also asks some people off camera to “be quiet for a second.”

“Yo, how dare you people run relevant video when I’m trying to elocute myself here? It’s like y’all trying to box me in as some sort of Muhammad Ali with a time machine when really I’m Martin Luther King’s brother Jesus with beats, son. It’s like ridiculous. If Marvin Gaye was on Facebook, none of y’all would be talking out your mouths. ‘Look at George Bush’s face.’ That’s some plantation-like shit right there. I forgive the man, but don’t be making me look at no faces. I HATE FACES.”

Whoops. Honest mistake.

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  1. Taz

    Kanye is a D-Bag

  2. gogo

    Please make this the first post. Taz’s post was dumb. Thank you.


  3. Justin

    He’s got to be borderline retarded, right? Seriously. He can’t just be that stupid.

  4. Kanye West Matt Lauer Today
    Commented on this photo:

    Suggestions for Kanye:
    1. Hanging
    2. Bullet to the head
    3. Leaping from a high building
    5. Jumping in front of a speeding train

    Take your pick douchenozzle!
    Or, wow us with your creativity and combine more than one.



    • Ricky

      See how ridiculous KW is? Just read his tweets & posts. A person out of control, who thinks the world revolves around him… the “voice of a generation”, c’mon… more like the voice of garbage who doesn’t understand the nation and its people. And yeah, KW… we noticed just how well you can take the criticism. Lauer ate you up… check the video, how nervous were you??? LOL. And where do you get off trying to “control” the actions on the set, telling people off camera to be quiet… shows how arrogant and simply silly you are. As for the topic… Garbage. One day we may get back to covering “news”. Look it up. KW is not news.

    • Blech

      Kanye is the voice of a generation of turds.

  6. OnTheRealThough

    Of course, people are only looking at Kanye being upset at the videos being played.

    Kanye was the douche the whole time?? Really?? Not Lauer at all, trying to belittle him, trying to force him to say things like a child????

    It’s obvious Lauer has forever been on Bush’s nuts, and has been accused of being racist in the past. Fact is that HE indeed is the pompous asshole, and this passive aggressive shit he pulled here is uncalled for.

    Kanye can do no right, I guess.

    • harry satchel

      I agree Lauer is a pompous ass, but racist? How so? Did he criticize Obama’s policies or something???

      • what?

        How would criticizing Obama’s policies be racist?? Racism is feeling you’re superior to someone based on their ethnicity alone, not disagreeing with someone!!

        The entire war Obama’s escalating right now is completely racist–break into countries full of brown people who might be a different religion than you, bomb them and set up puppet governments to take advantage of their oil??

        Most people in the U.S. have no idea why we’re even bombing Afghanistan and Iraq and Pakistan and think that it’s just because people in those countries are somehow “evil.” Yay, U.S. propaganda.

    • phil

      It’s impolite to speak with your mouth full of Kanye.

    • Darbi

      Kanye is a huge douche bag. You are an even bigger db for defending him.

    • lori

      I agree with you 100%!!

    • ontherealbullshit...

      that’s crap…. Lauer was only asking the same question because Kanye is a dumbass, Kanye couldn’t figure out what he wanted to say, cause his word’s are “so powerful” what a douche… Lauer did nothing wrong in this interview and if you think so you on Kanye Nuts…. Kanye is a self centered dipshit… he even cancelled othere shows he was supposed to be on today because of this “Horrible interview he was on”

  7. That Guy

    The past is coming back to haunt his perfect life. :P…………..

  8. Hank Rearden

    Borderline retarded . . . his first name is “Kanye” . . . you connect the dots.

    Why is this idiot on TV anyway? Why do we pay attention to losers???

  9. dude

    that boy is delusional. AND stupid. And he calls himself a “rational, well thought out, empathetic human being” in the interview.

    “When retards get records deals, on the next Maury Povich”…..

  10. Karen

    Women going through menopause are less overheated and emotional than Kanye West.

  11. Lady Blah Blah

    Kanye’s a whiny bitch. That his career wasn’t OVER after his pathetic interruption of Taylor Swift is another symptom of just how freaking shallow and “superficial” our culture is.

  12. To his credit, Kanye is upset.


    It doesn’t change that he has to make it all about him. He couldn’t leave it as “I’m sorry for calling a you a racist.” Every chance he gets to make things right, he over thinks it to keep his “street cred” and comes off a bigger idiot.

  13. JesseJimmy

    Can we just officially change his name to Corkye?

  14. Kanye is clearly borderline mentally retarded…but he’s on the OTHER side of the boarderline. Every single time he opens his mouth utter nonsense comes out.

  15. Ash Bones

    Bush needs to do a Drive-By on this fool……rat-tat-tat-tat..!!!

  16. [a] proxy


  17. Ricky

    Sorry that Kanye West doesn’t understand reality. He’s self destructing, and for that, I’m thankful.

  18. Glenn Beck

    hang this porch monkey

  19. E

    I liked him better when his mouth was wired shut.

  20. debagger


  21. BlackSamTX

    What. A. Fucktard.

  22. diddly_do

    He “asked” like a jackass? I guess you didn’t have time to be funny or proofread this one, did you ? (Moron) I guess now you think I’m the one “asking” like a jackass!

  23. Peanutty

    If Marvin Gaye was on Facebook, none of y’all would be talking out your mouths. ‘Look at George Bush’s face.’ That’s some plantation-like shit right there. I forgive the man, but don’t be making me look at no faces. I HATE FACES.”

    This, to me, needs to go into the fish hall of hilarity.

    • Peanutty

      And to respond to myself, Fish you give the best Kanye West imitations on the whole wide interwebs. Makes me laugh every time! You should write every story in Kanye’s voice.

  24. Rob

    You gotta be kidding me. After that ridiculous behavior, they’re having that douchbag BACK to perform the day after Thanksgiving?!?! WTF?! Why? He can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t write! I’m not even sure what he’s famous, and I use this term loosely, for! He is the biggest asshat out there. Can’t stand the manchild.

  25. nahhhhh

    White people are so white.

  26. get real

    Anyone who watches even a modicum of TV knows that Matt Lauer and NBC / MSNBC are definitly NOT Bush supporters. As for Kanye not being able to do anything right, maybe if he started to act like an adult and not a petulant child, he wouln’t be viewed like he is.

  27. JesseJimmy

    He should be mad at NBC’s Chryon typist, for misspelling his name.

  28. Jennica Stein

    Please, Fish, please. Can you PLEASE write all your posts in Kanye’s voice? That was the best ever.

  29. yawn

    the only thing that i know of that makes people respond so irrationally about stupid shit is drugs.. do people actually look up to kanye west? he half looked like he was gonna cry right there… sit him down with barbara walters for a half hour and you’ll have some real video..

  30. manda

    This kind of post is the reason why the superficial is the only celebrity gossip site I read anymore.

  31. Great White Pygmy

    KANYE whines so much about everything and seeks so much attention I can only come to one conclusion. He has a very tiny penis.
    Much like pit bull owners, large pickup owners who don’t have a business need for one or large font users.

    • Peanutty

      Nope, sorry. He twitted a pic of his peen and it is not small. It is a good theory though.

    • wut

      I think Justifiable gives a great point why not to believe that. But I’m kinda repulsed by Kanye to even think about that considering he’s a dumbfuck.

      I’d just come to conclusion he had mommy issues. AND IT’S TOO LATE.

  32. Kanye West Matt Lauer Today
    Commented on this photo:

    What a douche

  33. Marco

    SO sick of this guy. That was pretty funny when Kanye was getting so upset about the clips. You can just see by his annoyance and anger that he is not sorry about anything.

    He has the maturity of a spoiled, drunk 12 year old.

  34. ricor

    Complete douche. How anyone pays him for anything is beyond me.

    I love the way he tries so hard to sound intelligent. Laughable.

  35. Because being rough is ugly

    I can’t watch. Its like leading the lamb to the slaughter…Doesn’t he have people to protect him from the under handedness of the Lauers and Katie Courics of this business?

  36. sallysallysally

    you should do a kanye-written post every week about a different topic. PLEASE

  37. lori

    Kanye West’s comments were George W. Bush’s worst moment in his history of being President??? Jesus.

    And Matt Lauer is the biggest joke on the planet. What a dick.

  38. SeatsPro

    President Obama said it best – Kanye is a jackass.

  39. Kanye West Matt Lauer Today
    Commented on this photo:

    What a Grade A asshole as he has always been.
    Maybe if he had graduated grade 10 he’d appear more intelligent.

    It’s not a black thing; it’s an asshole thing.

  40. slapkatyperry


  41. Ken

    I agree with Kanye about the clips being played over him talking. One thing to do a pop up picture of the incident but to rehash the incident with video and audio while he’s talking about it and explaining his thought process at the time is unnecessary and makes for tabloid journalism.

  42. Kanye West Matt Lauer Today
    Commented on this photo:

    he looks like he is sucking big black dick

  43. That was the most pitiful attempt at intelligence I’ve ever seen. What Kanye said just made him look like an idiot. On the other hand, there definitely was some attempted manipulation on Matt Lauer’s part with the clips and all that; but, like he said, that’s nothing new on the television, if Kanye can’t deal with something as simple as some clips and his own damn egocentrism then his opinions shouldn’t be paid more heed than those of a kid with retardation.

  44. eatme

    as much as i hate kanye, matt lauer is an even bigger cunt. kanye might be always aggressive, but lauer is a passive aggressive little bitch who intentionally tries to rile up his celebrity guests for shock value. his airing of the footage in question was intentionally done in a way to make kanye look stupid. i don’t understand why anyone would agree to be interviewed by lauer. do they really think he is on their side?

    • Dionne

      Screw Kanye! He’s a hate-spewing rabble rouser who has done nothing for his own community. Rather than spend the money he did on his diamond “grill”, he should’ve put his money where his mouth is to invest in rebuilding New Orleans or Haiti. He didn’t pass out one band-aid or bottle of water with the Red Cross or build a single house with Brad Pitt and Sean Penn. And instead of soul-searching in Africa during his self-imposed exile in the fall-out of his nationally televised gaffe, his shallow, materialistic black ass went to drool over fabrics as intern in Italy. Kanye obviously didn’t even watch the news during Bush’s 8 years in office to know that if Bush was racist he would not have appointed the 1st black man and woman as Secretary of State nor would he have funded aid to Africa. Yes, Bush was detached and not failed in his response to Katrina, but I do not believe he was racist.
      It’s not Matt’s job to be on anyone’s side. He gets paid big dollars to interview those in the news. Fact is, Kanye can not express himself in an interview with b-roll footage and audio underneath; he can only speak over background noise if he’s in the studio rapping to beats he created because he’s a rapper. I’m tired of hearing about this over-rated dipshit and hope you will join me in not buying his music. NEXT!!!!

  45. Blech

    Bitches, please!

    Kanye clearly displays the puke he has for brains while giving into an interview with Matt Lauer .

  46. Blech

    All this said, I think it’s time South Park created another episode “in honor” of Kanye.

  47. Kanye West is truly one of the most idiotic and inarticulate people I have ever seen on TV. Not only that, he’s completely delusional! It almost makes me feel dirty watching these ridiculous clips of him since the only reason he is still appearing on shows like this is so we can all witness his next train wreck. Somebody stop the insanity!!!!!!!

  48. Rutty

    Gotta side with Kanye on this one. If Someone asked me a question, then, while I was trying to answer him, trying to get a thought out, he put up video and sound while I was talking, I would be annoyed as well.

    The attention spans of American viewers blows my mind. look at how often they cut from 2 shots to close ups… like if there isn’t a visual break up of the conversation we’ll tune out. CUT CUT CUT SHOW VIDEO CUT CUT!

    • dirtbag

      oh Please. All talk shows and interviews are runned like this. The Today Show, Jon Stewart, Charlie Rose, 60 minutes. Its all the same format. kanye should know this and understand this. If kanye gonna try to clear his name and make nice on national TV then all he gotta do is DO IT and not bitch like a little pansy ass cunt like he always is. he just made himself look more like a fucking pussy ass cunt. kanye is a dick and always will be a dick.

    • Blech

      Yeah! Kanye is TOTALLY not like that douchebag who’d interrupted Taylor Swift’s moment at the VMA awards!

      Oh, wait.

    • Caroline

      I actually agree with you. What happened to normal conversations and interviews. It’s so much about sound bites and trying to stir up emotions. Kanye is smart and he knows that part of the whole sound bite thing is to stir up emotions and it works on enough people or else they wouldn’t do that. Kanye is strong and he doesn’t like being manipulated. I don’t see why people can never paint him in a better picture. He APOLOGIZED…he wasn’t like “i’m awesome”. He recognized his mistake. I think he probably rubs some people the wrong way because he doesn’t care about conforming and doing things just because “it’s been done.” It doesn’t matter for Kanye when you see the big picture because look at where he’s at…I’m just thinking “jealous much?”

  49. Yoda

    Kanya needs to visit his mother’s plastic surgeon–maybe he’ll do the same bang up job on him as well…one could only hope.

  50. Sarah

    Just spat my coffee out at “If Marvin Gaye was on Facebook, none of y’all would be talking out your mouths.” Too funny!

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