Cringe of the Day: Matt Lauer in a Sexual Harassment Parody Video From 2012

As Matt Lauer heads out to the Hamptons to pick his kid up from school and explain to him how his father can’t keep his hands to himself, the Internet continues to do nothing but talk about how shitty of a person Matt Lauer is. Seriously, that and how nobody can tell the difference between which Avenger is which is basically all that’s going on today… well I guess North Korea pretty much proved they can blow up California whenever they want, but who gives a shit about that — Matt Lauer is a real asshole!

Keep in mind, this was back in 2012, a time where you could buy a bootleg copy of Christmas with the Kranks on the dark web for 25 bitcoins. Long before Weinstein and even ol’ Mr. “Grab em by the Pussy” himself became a thing. This was a simpler time. A time where men joked about sexual harassment on national television, thus perpetuating the culture that made it easily overlooked by those silly womenfolk in their pantsuits and such.

Oh, how times have changed…

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