Matt Damon Defends Teachers Against Asshats With Admittedly Nice Boobs

Matt Damon knows what I’m talking about. Bourne Identity won’t even look down.

Apparently Matt Damon did more than just hilariously spray himself in the face with suntan lotion at the Save Our Schools rally in Washington D.C. yesterday – Frankly, I would’ve dusted off my hands and proclaimed my work done. – he also agreed to an interview with the libertarian who got their ass handed to them when they decided to make up facts because they seriously want the Department of Education abolished. “Getting dumber as a nation will solve all our problems.” What an incredible, innovative position to take. Via Mediaite:

Things got off to a shaky start, with Damon disagreeing with the interviewer’s take that the lack of job security inherent in acting acts as an incentive for him to work hard:
“So you think job insecurity is what makes me word hard? I want to be an actor. That’s not an incentive. That’s the thing: See, you take this MBA-style thinking, right? It’s the problem with ed policy right now, this intrinsically paternalistic view of problems that are much more complex than that. It’s like saying a teacher is going to get lazy when they have tenure. A teacher wants to teach. I mean, why else would you take a shitty salary and really long hours and do that job unless you really love to do it?”
The camera person then asked Damon, “Aren’t ten percent that are bad, though? Ten percent of teachers are bad.” Damon’s mom looked baffled. “Where’d you get that number?” she asked.
Damon struck back: “Maybe you’re a shitty camera man.”

Of course, the important thing to remember is that the first amendment took place here: The cameraman expressed his views, Matt Damon expressed his counter-views that he should go fuck himself and the entire world got to have a laugh. And not at this video. I’m talking about at our idiot-box of a country that somehow has a prominent political party running on an anti-education platform because it frees people from the intellectual wastelands of religion and/or cost a few bucks out of their paycheck. Because when you’re stroking out in a hospital, you want to make sure an illiterate moron is handling the pills. Not to mention, you get to watch the rest of the modern world pass America by as we content ourselves with Baconators, farting mall cop movies and not knowing how magnets work. And, seriously, what more do we need at this point that getting smarter is going to fix? I say we go full retard, and then we’ll stop noticing things that are wrong because that’s how you get ulcers. I watched that on a YouTube video somewhere. Without reading.

Photo: Splash News