Mary-Kate’s downward spiral

December 7th, 2005 // 21 Comments

tn_mary_kate_eating_cr.jpgWhere’s Uncle Jesse when you need him? Despondent over Paris Hilton stealing her boyfriend (Stavros Niarchos III), Mary-Kate Olsen says the crisis forced her to drop out of school, move back to L.A. and drink her weight in frappucinos.

But she still indulges in her favorite guilty pleasure — Starbucks, up to four beverages a day!

Michelle Tanner #1 also says that despite being heartbroken, she’s feeling a lot sexier after beefing up to 95 pounds. You got that right, MKO. I know nothing gets me hotter than a woman with the body of a 9 year old.

Mary-Kate talks about her breakup [The Insider]


  1. So she ran back to L.A., drank Starbucks and rolled around in her billions?

    Hm. Poor baby. She still looks like an anorexic hobbit.

  2. kate

    urg. how could anyone stomach shagging a corpse? especially one oozing ‘cino froth from every orifice.

  3. firestar

    she’s a billionaire but cant afford to eat. now thats irony

  4. Mary45

    Maybe Stavros got tired of her gagging him up too…

  5. DevilsChrome

    Oh my god…get that girl to Ethiopia immediately!

    I don’t feel any sympathy for anorexics, especially billionaire anorexics.

    She can afford a flight to Africa and see what real hunger and strife is.

    Fucking bobble head…

  6. vanya_k

    Hmmm… Stavros has the big bucks and isn’t too bad looking. He could be dating lots of women and he goes from a relationship with teh Olsen waif to a “hot and heavy” relationship with… Paris Hilton??

    The guy may have money but he has no class.

  7. ebayfan414

    If that girl gets any thinner her sister Ashley is going to have to tie her to her wrist on a string and let her float behind her like a balloon. I mean, how else will MK get around?

  8. derekd

    My question is this: Is it really hard to be young and rich without having some kind of mental condition? I mean Christ, just fuckin’ eat! Being 30lbs overweight looks 100 times better than 20lbs underweight. so she has about 75lbs to fuckin play with.

  9. Sally

    There is something soooooooo paedophilic about a male over the age of 11 going out with MK… I can’t understand Stavros Niarchos’s choice of women… With his money he could get the most beautiful women in the world, but instead he chooses to be like Michael Jackson and go for the little boys… Or the big boys (Big-Foot Hilton)… I guess the rich are just really really stupid…

  10. andrea22

    I would have an eating disorder to if I were fully aware of the fact that I was the ugly fuckin twin!!! DUCK FACE, JUST DIE!!!

  11. She dropped out of school for a boy? Idiot.

  12. ochamelon

    Sexier? HER? SEXIER?! Oh yeah, when the world loves anorexic monkeys who dress like homeless cookie monster…

  13. derekd


    Geez! A little pent up frustration maybe? You almost made me sorry for her. Almost! What that girl needs to do is smoke a joint or a blunt. I’d like to see her NOT eat after that! I wonder if she has cobwebs in her butthole?

  14. Iscariot

    Holy shit, her weight has gone ‘up’ to 95lbs. That’s still nothing…

  15. JerseyGirl

    I don’t understand how she has all that money, her own clothing line, but she still dresses sooooo bad. Doesn’t she own a mirror? And doesn’t she have a stylist to tell her she needs a new look?

    I don’t get it. Total bobblehead!

  16. jujucabana

    i mean 95 lbs is pretty good for someone who is like 5 ft tall, although she still looks disgusting. she needs to get a breast implants. and some alexis vogel whore makeup. that would be fun to see.

  17. grasshopper

    that has to be an old pic… other pics that i have seen of her lately she looks great!!!!!!

  18. MissS

    andrea22 – your a twat…how can u tell someone to die wen you dont even know them…go get you head examined…mabey she had a reason to become like that…you have no fuckin clue so think before you fuckin say something!!!!

  19. bellezina02

    ew mary kate does not drink frappuccinos. those are for fat asses.

  20. bellezina02

    and 95 pounds is not THAT skinny for someone her height. still skinny but not as bad as it sounds

  21. So Christ, just fucking eat! From 30 pounds overweight is 100 times better than 20 pounds underweight. so he is around £ 75 is a fucking joke.

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