Mary-Kate wants to be Kate Moss

February 23rd, 2006 // 39 Comments

*mk_thumb2.jpgMary-Kate Olsen idolizes Kate Moss so much that she wants to make and star in a movie about her.


  1. inspector11

    As long as edginess is confined to her shoulderblades, she has the right amount and then some. Egad.

  2. SuperSpence

    The scene where she uses a hot crack pipe to masturbate herself to orgasm should be worth at least a Golden Glob nomination.

  3. Populist

    OMG, a weary, 19 year old “survivor” who’s worth several hundred million dollars. Take a trip through the nearest project or ghetto, MK, and learn what surviving is all about. It’s not living in a mansion and throwing up dinner to fit into the clothes you wore at 16.

  4. andrewthezeppo

    Are they going to use the same technology they used in Lord of the Rings for this one? I mean they needed to make real live humans look like hobbits, making that weird midget look like a supermodel should be the same process in reverse.

  5. Xanthia

    Do we have this straight? The self-absorbed, actress with an eating disorder – Miss “Don’t call me a role model”; is actually looking at a self-absorbed model with a cocaine habit as HER role model…..

    Yeah – that fits right in with that whack job.

  6. LaydeeBug

    Ohh, hoo, hoo,hoo (lauging maniacally, wipes tear from corner of eye) Oh, that’s funny.

    MK idolized Kate Moss. Does she not realize that she IS Kate Moss? Yeah, someone scraped some DNA from an old coke straw Kate had used when she was nine and cloned MK and Ashley. But they forgot to add Nutri-grow to the petrie dish and the twinkies came out short and with better teeth.

    Oh Mary-Kate, you poor lost deluded soul.

  7. LaydeeBug

    #2 Golden Glob OMG you killed me LOL!!!!!

  8. ESQ

    Now it all makes sense now base upon the article about her yesterday that she does not want to be looked upon as a role model. It is now obvious to us all that she has NO idea what being a role model is about.

    That is right MK, my Mom always told me growing up, “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.” Why not hang out with people that have a good head on their shoulders, but for step in the right direction, let

  9. GimmeChaChaHeels

    God, I hope this happens. I think to bring edginess and depth to it, it would most certainly have to involve donuts, a vibrating jelly tongue, and a special guest appearance by Jodie Sweetin and her crystal meth.

  10. LoneWolf

    I think maybe MK doesn’t really want to gather Moss, she just just wants to be rolling stoned.

  11. lysistrata11

    #1- LOL

    That girl’s as bony as a damned catfish. The only edge she knows is the one on the instrument she uses to line her coke with.

  12. gogoboots

    MK is on her way to KM type lifestyle anyway. However, I don’t think MK does any drugs quite way. She definitely looks kinda stoned most of the time though. Maybe she should be, she’d eat more…

  13. gogoboots

    MK is on her way to KM type lifestyle anyway. However, I don’t think MK does any drugs quite yet. She definitely looks kinda stoned most of the time though. Maybe she should be, she’d eat more…

  14. cj14mommy

    wow so that explains why mk snorts coke, parties till all hours, smokes like a chimney, and throws up anything she eats…she was just trying to be kate moss, ok i got it now

  15. cj14mommy

    haha just realized mk’s initals are km backwards, sorry one of those second grade moments…:-)

  16. She is a Survivor?!?!?!? Please, Skelotor’s neice couldn’t even survive one semester at college!

  17. LaydeeBug

    #16 Spin, I was thinking the same thing. A survivor of what…..Kate is still in the grips. If she stays clean and sober for 6 months, then I’ll call her a Survivor. Mayyyybe….

    Oh, wait, yeah, she survived not being put in jail and not having her kid taken away from her. God, she’s my fucking hero, man!

  18. LaydeeBug

    Fucking Skooze!

  19. I want to be Mary-Kate. I’d like to play her in a movie.

    I’d call it, “Fat”.

  20. I keep seeing adverts for the VH1 special “WHO FRAMED KATE MOSS”. Cause we all know the poor girl is as innocent as toast. Set up!

    Get old already Moss!


  21. Poster # 2 – hahahahahaha TFF!

  22. nikey

    Kate: Beautiful supermodel
    Mary Kate: Hideous Troll

    Hell, maybe if she pays for the whole movie herself she could get cast. But I don’t think so.

  23. LaydeeBug

    BTW, they put Kate Moss on the cover of either “Vanity Fair” or “W” magazine, looking all clean, with long styled hair, great gown. She looks great, but it’s just another (crack)smoke-screen to detract from her whorish, coke-head, nasty-assed real personality.

  24. so guess which other star spawn has a crush on mary-kate! Kathie Lee Gifford’s SON. He’s 16 now. Did anyone see Jimmy Kimmel? Okay dumb question. check it!

  25. ProtonMan

    Struth, MK must be kidding herself. I think she admires Kate Moss over the fact she has lived as long as she has without overdosing. MK really wants to know her secret.

  26. Evangelia

    what would be the interesting parts in the kate moss movie? would there be lesbian scenes like in “gia”? in which case i nominate someone with boobs and vagina to play kate.

  27. always answer b

    Dear MEANIES at Superficial Website,

    I just wanted to tell you mean mean people that I DO have life experience. Like, I went to college and stuff… and it was really hard on me, you know? Like I had to write these things called essays that involved a lot of words, and you know on Full House I was really young so I didn’t really get to say much, and then when I did I like had to split everything in half with Ashley who by the way I am so much hotter than her but don’t ever tell her I said that. So ya, like, um, it was really hard to fill up papers with words when, like, you never really get to like, ever learn them. And it was really hard when the teacher said he wouldn’t give me a good grade unless I could introduce him to Bob Saget. I mean, BOB SAGET?! I’m MARY KATE OLSEN! Hello?! I’m like the most important person you’ll ever meet in your lifetime. So I totally know what it feels like to feel like a failure and underappreciated because like, someone wanted to meet Bob Saget over me. And like, the worst thing was, the whole time when I had to go to that stupid school, I was FAT! And when I would like, tell my friends how fat I was, and they’d be all like, “OMG MK it’s not like you want to be like a starving kid in Africa!” But the secret was, I DID! And it’s so HARD to have your beliefs mocked like that, you know? To have like your super bestest friends tell you that you’re wrong, even when you’re never wrong and like ten times hotter than them anyway? But whatever. Of course by now you can see what a really hard life I’ve had, and you all should just stop making fun of me.

    Love and Kisses,
    Mary Kate

  28. mamacita

    #27 That ruled!

    I have to say that both Mary Kate and Ashley both excelled at a couple of key phrases from Full House. Namely, “You got it, dude” and “owse cream (instead of ice cream)”. Am I the only one who used to scream “It’s ice cream!!! Ice cream, not owse cream, you idiots!!!!” at the TV while watching that show back in the day?

  29. mamacita

    Doh! Typo! There should only be one ‘both’ in that first sentence.

  30. If you rub Mary Kate and Kate Moss together faster enough you can start a fire.

  31. christee

    heh, #27…was she in school w/ ally hilfiger and jamie gleicher?

  32. RP

    #27–i thought it was always answer C…

  33. HughJorganthethird

    Hey Mary kate I can have an 8 ball delivered in 10 minutes. Come on over and I’ll show you how to really be like Kate Moss. (It’s cool becuase she’s so small she could probably only do a couple lines and she would start to do the chicken, thus leaving the rest for myself).

    Of course to really be like Kate you have to deepthroat Pete Doherty without vomiting.

  34. always answer b

    RC #32 –
    From everything I hear, C is the most common multiple choice answer. My handle is more of an “inside joke” kind of thing. Fortunately, as far as I know, no one has been stupid enough to take advice from my screen name. :)

    #28 – Thanks! And yes, it was one of the other strange phenoms on that show that when they did speak, they had to do it with this disgusting baby talk voice – even when they were supposed to be around 7 or 8 years old.

  35. Chuck

    die already.

  36. pinkraindrop6

    it’s funny how she only says this after kate is caught doing drugs and whatnot. i guess she’s implying she wants to be a cocain addict? probably.

  37. Kate Moss- Looks like a fanged alien

    Mary Kate – utter legend. She may be thin, but at least she’s not fat, unlike….BRITNEY SPEARS!!!!! (fat bitch)

  38. booboo

    Sure why not?…She already has the skinny crack whore look down.

    What kind of parents let their kids go out in public looking like that?…Seriously…Shes not even past the legal age yet and she already looks like a prostitute.

  39. ker

    post 38… who are the hell are you talking about?

    MK is 19 practically legal…
    or you were refering to britney spears and i got it…

    ::backs off::

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