Mary-Kate Olsen’s lawyer doing a bang-up job making her look not guilty

August 4th, 2008 // 32 Comments

Mary-Kate’s lawyer took to the press yesterday after a story ran in the New York Post claiming Mary-Kate Olsen is seeking immunity from prosecution before speaking to the DEA about Heath Ledger’s accidental overdose. The AP reports:

“We have provided the government with relevant information including facts in the chronology of events surrounding Mr. Ledger’s death,” Miller said in a statement Monday, “and the fact that Ms. Olsen does not know the source of the drugs Mr. Ledger consumed.”

The Associated Press has spoken to an official within the DEA who can confirm the reports that Mary-Kate’s lawyer is indeed angling for immunity and refusing to cooperate:

The official confirmed a report that Olsen wants a promise of immunity from prosecution before speaking to the Drug Enforcement Administration. Olsen was a close friend of Ledger’s, and was the first person called by a masseuse who found the 28-year-old “Dark Knight” actor’s lifeless body in his Manhattan apartment.
Authorities have obtained a subpoena that could force Olsen to appear before a grand jury if negotiations with her lawyer fail, the official said.

Okay, let’s cut to the chase: So, maybe Mary-Kate Olsen provided Heath Ledger with the drugs and left a note saying “Take 20 and call me in the morning.” That doesn’t mean she necessarily “killed” him, I think – maybe. Who knows? I’m not very good at this lawyer stuff. But, I do know a half vampire bat when I see one, and how do you convict a member of the animal kingdom? Answer: You don’t. That’s double jeopardy, my friends. I rest my case and object stuff.


  1. $10 says he had one of her public hairs in his mouth at the time of his death.

  2. bob

    Another photo of an olsen twin not smiling. Did they lose their teeth upon entering puberty?

  3. all i can say is.. if it walks like a presription pushing troll, sounds like a presription pushing troll, and looks like a presription pushing troll..

  4. Tapeworm

    Throw that little C U Next Tuesday to the lions.

  5. cate

    What a fucking cunt. Her friend dies, and she’s worried about her own sorry ass. Disgusting.

  6. Egbert

    Wow, MKO is giving the impression that she has plenty to hide – well done, Mr Lawyerman! She will end up being subpoenaed to court at this rate. *books front row seat*

  7. Deacon Jones

    Guilty, swine!

  8. zegabe

    i don’t give a shit

  9. Tom Cruise

    She looks pretty serious in that photo.
    I think she killed Heath. And Kurt Cobain. And JFK. Chronology becomes meaningless when you look at her guilty face. She’s also an alien, and she’s gonna assassinate Mr.Obama once he makes it to the white house.

  10. milkrobot

    well she might gets immunity but she cannot avoid the fact that everybody knows she’s a zombie anorexic drug addicted demented….I just hope the showbiz will stop hiring her …

  11. Looks like Mary-Kate forgot that when her doctor perscribes pills for her, it doesn’t give her a medical license to give them to her friends.

  12. mink

    still prettier than Eva

  13. I’m sure: SHE DID IT!!!

  14. Witchy Woman

    I think the whole Stevie Nicks look is really working for Mary-Kate. She comes off well as a used up 70s icon.

  15. sara

    it’s not really far fetched to seek immunity in a case like this. she may just have given him prescription drugs, or may have had drugs that she didn’t have a prescription for either, etc. doesn’t mean she killed him.

  16. Steve

    She is so pretty! I want to see more posts of her. But can you photoshop those stupid clothes she is always wearing? Thanks.

  17. Max Payne

    She wasn’t even in town when all this happened so I don’t know about all this paranoia garbage, and she’s like 5′-5″ tall, so she hardly needs diet pills. hahahaha If anything she needs a bodybuilding plan. hahahaha 8P

  18. She's beautiful

    These little fucks sure are purty though. Innocent.

  19. Kate

    Note to MKO: Your Prescription pills are just that, YOUR prescription pills. Not your friends, and especially not the friends who have a history of substance abuse. Just saying, he could be alive right now.

  20. Tony

    It’s amazing the things people expect. I’ll tell you I killed someone if you promise not to go after me!

    Give me a break.

  21. mar

    @20 and others, um do you guys know what immunity is about?

    they’re not going to give her “immunity” from being charged with murder, and they’re not expecting her grand jury testimony to implicate her as killer – if that was the case they would arrest her.

    immunity is just about the 5th amendment and whether your testimony can be used against you in the future. you can’t be compelled to testify against yourself.

    so she’s just wanting immunity from being charged with crimes most likely relating to whose name the drugs were in, etc. however, just providing prescription drugs to somebody does not make you guilty of homicide.

  22. El Ces

    We already know they partied together. Really she shouldn’t be involved in anymore drug shit. Thats why her legal ppl are acting funny.

  23. Trish

    Sounds to me like she has excellent counsel. NEVER talk to the police about anything without immunity. The 5th amendment is there for a reason. People get prosecuted all the time because of innocent statements to the police. Just ask Martha Stewart.

  24. Spam me now, superfiicial

    I can’t remember, are we talking about the sick twin or the disturbed twin?

  25. jt

    is it just me or has anyone else noticed how banging hot she looks here…wish she was as much of an attention whore as paris hilton and did sexy lil things for attention
    oh yah and too bad about Heath

  26. Jamie's Uterus

    Throw the book at this no talent miserable evil bitch.

  27. Ash

    Looks like Ashley to me.

  28. erik

    I don’t care…her eye makeup is flaw-less.

  29. Queefer Bukakke

    Bitch killed the Joker!

  30. sapphire eyes

    “Selfish tramp” is the only thing I can think of when she’s covering her skinny anorexic ass with the “immunity” garbage when she may have helped kill him. That’s not to say that she forced him to take any kind of pills, but mixing morphine/tranqs/sleeping pills with pneumonia can kill –obviously — an otherwise healthy young man.

    So just ‘man up’ and tell the truth already, bitch.

  31. atoz

    OMG, she looks so pretty. I saw her profile on milllionaire&celeb personals site “”"”"”W e a l t h y L o v e m”"”"”"”"” last week. What kind of relationship is she looking for on that site? Just curious.

  32. Scoop

    Would hate to be HER dealer! Bet it’s Andy Dick!

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