Mary-Kate Olsen possibly carrying little anorexic-to-be

December 1st, 2008 // 48 Comments

A fetus, in our Mary-Kate Olsen? It’s more likely than you think. NZCity reports:

The 22-year-old star – who shot to fame alongside twin sister Ashley in hit US TV show ‘Full House’ aged nine months – has sparked rumours she is expecting her first child after her weight shot up to 102lbs, according to National Enquirer magazine.
A source said: “Mary-Kate has been looking a lot rounder recently. It is good she has put on weight, because she previously suffered from anorexia, but a lot of people think she could actually be attempting to hide her pregnancy.”
Mary-Kate has been dating New York artist Nate Lowman since the beginning of the year and is said to have been inspired to start a family by late actor, and close friend, Heath Ledger – who told her becoming a father was the most rewarding thing he had ever done.
The source added: “Mary-Kate really took Heath’s words to heart. She wanted the same kind of fulfillment in her life that Heath found in his after becoming a dad.
“She is really happy with Nate and is very excited they will soon be starting their family together.”

Whoa; she shot up to 102 pounds?! M-K must be housing quintuplets in that womb of hers. Who even knew that a woman is even capable of sustaining a child on a diet of black coffee and air? Nonetheless, all the best to Mary Kate and her blessing to be, which will surely be the cutest Sea Monkey ever.

Photos: WENN

  1. that guy


  2. Aja

    Ugly bitch looks like a monkey

  3. 102? That’s f*&^ing hilarious!

  4. Love4Pork

    That can’t be healthy, unless she’s pregnant she seriously looks obese in some recent pics.
    Also, that guy screams “gold digger”.

  5. Randal

    We always knew the day would come that Mary-Kate Olsen would take her first step in becoming a woman. Indeed, being a Lady did suit her well enough over the years as we watched her grow into herself from a young star.

    That cute face accented by big blue eyes continue to this day. May you have a healthy and text book birth to a beautiful child.

    Congratulations Mary-Kate!


  6. King Edward

    She looks MUCH BETTER with weight on her.

    There’s a point where someone’s too skinny and too thin.

    She’s a good looking girl when she has weight, which hasn’t been enough of her teen and early adult life.

    Hopefully for her this is a new step in a good direction and she puts the media and press behind her… No more of this trying to keep up an image for no good reason considering it hasn’t been a healthy one.

  7. lukeeeeeeeessssssssnahenuah

    lol @ 3

    …on this page

  8. Christina

    Omg hooge news!

  9. Christina

    Omg hooge news!

  10. Dozer

    She shot up to 102 pounds. The cow. It’s all in her thighs probably

  11. Well it’ll be fun to see those itty bitties grown into colossal milk duds… if the story is true!

  12. Jacque

    Oh Please.
    Whoe gives a flying fuck about MK?
    She looks like a Goblin.
    Do the world a favor and abort the coke baby.

  13. lis

    Dearest Superficial,

    The ads for the “bad girls club” or what the fuck ever are making my goddamn browser crash and my eyes bleed and baby jesus cry.

  14. Jen

    MK- we all know how much you care about money, media, fame and glamour.
    Once you realize you produced a coke addict retard, celebrity status is down the toilet, along with all your meals.

    Abortion is the answer.

  15. F-Obama

    AAAA HAHAHAHA Someone drank enough to fuck that bitch? HAHAHA That’s a way to get back on the fuckin wagon! Holy shit, I’d rather fuck Oprah

  16. lala

    Interesting that MK herself recently said she feels no need to get married or have kids. But I’m sure this anonymous source knows better than MK herself.

  17. cmil

    that bitch is ugly.

  18. SimplySarah

    Muppet… that’s what she reminds me of.

  19. TAYALA!

    How come Ashley isn’t goofy lookin’?

  20. Balls McCoy

    Nice mu-mu, whatya swipe that from Mrs. Roper’s closet?

  21. denise

    she’s not pregnant, she just ate a pea or something

  22. Anonymous

    One answer–
    See the “babies give your life meaning” entry

  23. qtpie

    Wow… good for her! Maybe she’s just recouperating?!! Ever thought of that! She looks so much better/healthier! Way’da go lady!

  24. Heather

    Awww.. she’s such a cutie! I love her… Mu-mu and all! It’s just astonishing how many judgemental people there are out there that are so quick to criticize…. usually just a front for their own failures I guess!

  25. demented

    Anorexic-to-be? If she’s that size then poor li’l fetus is already ana whether it likes it or not. Sorry but woman cannot live on Starbucks, cigs and coke alone.

  26. demented

    Heather, spoken like a pitiful preteen who’s already failing at life, and has to obsess on a trollish has-been to give her life meaning.

  27. Mandy

    U people r awful!!! As someone who has suffered from ED for more than 20 years, give the girl a break!

  28. Mandy

    U people r awful!!! As someone who has suffered from ED for more than 20 years, give the girl a break!

  29. vtmkd

    LOL at LOL at #3.

    It’s true. 102 pounds is nothing. All of that pregnancy weight gain is merely going to make her look her normal weight.

  30. vtmkd

    btw, if the baby is true.. I wont know what to think of it other than her past anorexia must’ve really screwed up with her head.

    I mean she wrote in her book she hated the media because they always pick on her and her sister, yet now she’s willing to let a child go through the same shit?!

  31. Clem

    Pic 2 “Man, I think this week’s dump is making a run for it!”

  32. She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “”"” B i l l i o n a i r e p a l . c o m”"”"”" last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now? ?????????????????

  33. Spam Artist

    102 lb at 5′.

    She has a long way to go before she reaches the american average.
    About 200 lb more should do it.

  34. Astrid

    29, you’re on the wrong website.

  35. I desperately need to SHIT, MAKE WATER and PUKE at the same time when this CREATURE appears, folks!!!

  36. Eric

    Seriously…has ANYone ever heard of a condom? ANYone!?

    The one up side is that Hollywood is destroying the notion that marriage is for having babies which is why we can’t have gay marriage. All we need is a few more starlets to get knocked up out of wedlock and then we can move on to the next bullshit argument against equal rights.

  37. Racer X

    She looks scary.


  38. gotmilk?

    she was inspired by Heath to become a father? good luck with that one lady.

    mandy, go eat something.

  39. Chauncey Gardner

    This could be interesting. She’s so fucking slight, the baby probably won’t be able to pass through her birth canal, and any surgical intrusion will probably kill her and the child, so she will be forced to let the baby grow into adulthood inside her. It will destroy Mary-Kate, but allow the child to live. Here’s what will happen: First, the pressure of the new life against her bones will force them to crack and eventually be pushed in tiny fragments out of her bodily orifices, followed by any loose soft tissue. From this point on, until its late teens, her progeny will simply be wearing Mary-Kate’s skin, which will be stretched tighter and tighter, until it can no longer hold. One morning, the spawn will awaken to find its outer ‘Mary-Kate’ skin ripped and torn and sloughed off in the child’s blood-soaked bed. Can you imagine how disturbing it will be for he/she to wake up with his/her mother’s stretched and formless face-skin on the pillow, staring back with empty, blood-ringed eye-holes?

  40. ali

    Are you all THAT blind? Do you not remember that Heath Ledger KILLED HIMSELF! yeah, that would inspire me to bring a new life into the world. . . you know, considering how happy he obviously was . ..

  41. el ces

    Why does this make me imagine her sister Ashley sneaking up on her with a turkey baster?

  42. hendero

    Quick, straitjacket and restraining order for #40.

    He puts the lotion in the basket.

  43. Fleur

    You can’t even get pregnant at 102 pounds. I call bluff.

  44. TAYALA!

    Aw, how cute!
    #40 thinks he is Mr. Superficial Guy!

  45. TAYALA!

    Aw, how cute!
    #40 thinks he is Mr. Superficial Guy!

  46. Chauncey Gardner


    Could be worse! I could be a reeking, maggot-infested, double-posting twat! :)

  47. ...

    she’s 23, not 22. and obviously this is bullsh!t, especially the part about “being inspired by heath ledger”. please.

  48. Anon

    WTF?! You guys don’t know what its like to go through anorexia, you act likes it a freaking joke. Its not, it’s hard. And if you have every experienced it (which you obviously haven’t) you would realise its NOT funny. Grow up and have some respect for people.

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