Mary-Kate Olsen needs new shoes

July 10th, 2007 // 57 Comments

Mary-Kate Olsen was spotted walking around Hollywood showing off her legs and shoes I couldn’t even begin to describe. There’s gotta be a point where shoes get so ridiculous they’re not even considered shoes anymore. And Mary-Kate Olsen is so past that point she couldn’t hit it with a rock. Heck, she’s so past that point she couldn’t even see it with a telescope. She’d look less silly if she was wearing watermelons on her feet.


  1. Amnesia


  2. Jimbo

    Who the fuck cares

  3. brooke

    ugh, that girl’s depressing.

  4. those are balenciagas

  5. emilyj

    shes cute, i dont care what anyone says.. and the shoes are cute too!

  6. Donkey

    This picture reminds me that I need to return my copy of “A Nightmare Before Christmas” to Blockbuster.

  7. James

    @6 are you sure it is not your copy of Gremlins you need to return?

  8. Xanthia

    Did anyone else see that bag and automatically hear the quote, “Quoth the raven, nevermore.”?

  9. lambman

    commenting on women’s shoes? When did the superficial become a gay site?

    I guess that explains the lavender background

  10. Ducati

    She sure has nice legs.

  11. Mick

    She has a pretty large bruise on her leg in picture 6. It’s light but there.
    I think the shoes are cute too. I wish she would brush the back of her hair once in a while though. It gets ratty.

  12. Bugman4045

    I think I saw Grace Jones in those shoes in like 1983!
    @10 Yeah she has nice legs….for an eleven year old!

  13. Donkey

    - #7 -
    Nope it’s definitely Nightmare….

    See what I mean;

  14. Guy

    Haha! I love it, work them match sticks

  15. rocko

    Who dresses her Britany Spears? BTW what breed of dog is that under her arm

  16. Peter and I could turn her back in time to the littl girl she was and fly her away, because no one would even miss her if she went playing with us.

  17. JrsyGrl

    I’d like to see her wearing watermelons on her feet.

  18. Kamihi

    Fuck I know skinny 9 year olds with fatter legs. Its sick that a grown woman feels the need to look like a child.

  19. Hulla

    Terrible clothes, terrible hair…

  20. evilance

    oh c’mon…the shoes are hot…she’s not really too’s the starbucks that make her look tiny….and I like the lavender background…

  21. redink

    i like the shoes

    that coffee is probably her days worth of “food”

  22. Aubree

    I look at that picture and think Guns and Roses

  23. Ace

    Ok what in the world is wrong with these girls they have ALL the $ in the world and look like this! The shoes aren’t event he half of it look at that purse!

  24. lastangelman

    She has ten times more money than Paris Hilton so in theory she can have you vapourized and no one would be all the wiser. Billionaires have that power, ‘strue, no honest.

  25. lula mae

    i swear i’ve seen pics of her in those things before… they look so comfy.

  26. Magpie

    These beautiful Balenciagias have been dissed for months now on other online goss sites, it really must be a slow celeb day! She wears them nonstop. Personally I love the shoes and the bag, but with the nightshirt and Starbucks cup midday? NO!

  27. squirlgal1

    Did she forget to put on pants?

  28. miss oblivious

    ick, these Olsen chics are freakin’ nasty. And everyone was counting down until they turned legal…HA! Instead they turned nasT!

  29. Clarence the Clown

    I think the shoes are the least of her problems.

  30. Bored Again

    Balenciaga shoes from last winter. Prada bag from this summer. She looks hot and she knows how to put it together. Bow down.

  31. wad

    She’s wearing Cousin It over her shoulder. Has that handbag been neutered? Has anyone ever seen these sisters smile this century?

  32. breezy

    im sorry i completly disagree, those shoes are balenciaga, and i have them and they are to die for comfy and incredible, get better fashion sense people!

  33. ammyl

    another of the mantis girls, guess they don’t jog, they’d combust!

  34. Hollywood Agent

    Is she the Evil twin ?

  35. Quinn

    I couldn’t care less about her shoes or pants (lack of). She’s so weird looking. Her posture, her body, her hair, her skin… stop posting her fckn’ picture here pleeeeze!!

  36. farty_mcshitface

    this girl is seriously scary looking just like her sister. my god!, look at that area where her calves are supposed to be… nothing but bone. and then her thighs are nothing but bones too! she has to wear crazy shoes like that so a mild breeze doesn’t cause her to fly away. why in the hell does ANYONE think she is attractive? anorexia ALWAYS looks like shit!!

  37. crazy otto

    feed the children

  38. qba

    those balensiagas are fabulous, better look at her face! & she should wash her hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. The shoes are great. The girl, on the other hand…

  40. Choocher

    From those Jodi Foster circa Taxi Driver mini-gams you can bet those bucket sized iced coffees are her sole sustenance. She probably uses the empty cup or a commode, and then it looks exactly the same as when she purchased it.

  41. nuclearzombie

    those shoes are hideous. I love how you tards are throwing around the designer name like it justifies having clothes that look like shit. I could see how they would be comfortable, that is if your idea of comfort is wearing ski boots in a marathon.

  42. SickSickSick

    I wouldn’t fuck her with Samantha Robson’s dick.

    You’ll know what I mean when the “Blohans a lesbo” post goes up heheh

  43. missj

    @41- I second that! They look like a black version of them horrible shoes that pinochio (sp) wore. *clop clop*!

  44. ugly shoes! i guess that lotsa’ money can = no taste….

  45. gee

    they are balenciaga, they rock, you obviously have no idea

  46. Mick

    I have no idea who designed the shoe.. but I do like them. They are pretty different and cute.

  47. Petite

    The people commenting that they think these shoes are cute are the people designers make this stuff for. It’s a small market, but they are still making money!

    Personally, I think they belong with pants only. Too all-covering, boot-style to be “shoes”.

  48. Socket2Me

    Just *because* they’re some high and mighty fashion designer and expensive as hell doesn’t mean it’s cute. Beyonce’s gold pants cost %100,000 and they’re STILL ugly.

    Money = Cute. Comfy? Maybe. But that outfit w/ those shoes is a no-no. Hell, that outfit period, ugh.

  49. Socket2Me

    $100,00 typo =P

  50. Mona

    Those Balenciagas are great but pretty “dépassées” and Nicolas Ghesquière is a genius. I pity the girl.

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