Mary-Kate Olsen is scared of Lindsay Lohan

May 5th, 2006 // 134 Comments

Page Six reports Mary-Kate Olsen showed up to the Met Costume Institute gala on Monday night and freaked out when she spotted Lindsay Lohan walking down the red carpet. A source says:

“MK looked like she wanted to die when she saw Lindsay,” said our spy. “She hung back and refused to get close … She clearly did not want to be near Lindsay and made an effort to not get close. It was odd.” Later, another source explained: “MK is very suspicious of Lindsay. Lindsay always e-mails her. She is always trying to find out from others who she is dating – MK thinks she’s creepy.” An Olsen rep said, “That is ridiculous. There were 15 other actors on the red carpet at the same time and it was hectic.” Lohan’s rep said, “As far as Lindsay is concerned, she has no problems with Mary-Kate.”

Who wouldn’t be scared of Lindsay Lohan? Just check out the picture above from her premiere of A Prairie Home Companion. You read about Lindsay making people cry and doing pushups with a broken foot and then you see that face coming towards you – you’d be insane not to walk the other way. And by “walk the other way” I mean stare at her rack.



  1. Sheva

    First, yah biyathes.
    That’s Mary Kate and my favorite ho, Lindzer.

  2. Diana


  3. Diana


  4. missscoobie

    My god that’s a scarey pic of hohan!
    The olsen was no doubt scared that Lindsay would trample her with her big horse feet.

  5. Yeah… she looks pretty beat up. I’d be scared, too.

  6. Binky

    Hummm….I thought MK was just afraid of food.

  7. sweetcheeks

    Um… where is her lipstick? She looks like a corpse. A freckle-y corpse with dead, bloodless lips.

  8. pinky_nip

    She looks like she should be living under a bridge somewhere and eating small children.

  9. sweetcheeks

    I’m afraid of a sequel to Herbie: Fully Loaded.

  10. Sheva

    Someone just told her that her purse is missing. And the eightball with it.

    19 going on 40.

    She’s burning the candle fast. Get your cocks in before she dries up.

  11. brewdick

    bad color choice lindsay…BAD

  12. Providentius

    Look at her forehead–Hollywood living is taking its toll. She looks 30, and she’s, what? 19 now. Ten to one says she’s going to be in an alley in Encino a decade from now with a needle in her arm.

  13. pinky_nip

    I’d hit it.

    with a cross and a wooden stake.

  14. Sheva

    Not necessarily true. She could land up like Donna Rice. From banging a married Presidential candidate to cleaning up her act and trying to do good.

    But damn, in her prime Donna Rice was hotzzzzzz.

  15. sundaybl00dysunday

    Is it just me or Hohan keeps getting uglier and uglier…

    I think its not the picture since she looks ugly in every single picture…

  16. MystressJade

    Did she trade teeth with Pete Doherty?

  17. PinkDiamond

    ok first off, what is the deal with the black nail polish? I don’t get it. Secondly, she looks like someone just told her that Nick Lachey wanted to hook up. Nice.

  18. Mr_White_Secure_American


  19. sundaybl00dysunday

    @ 16 nah I think its just the smoking and the pot and the coke…

  20. Providentius

    She’s got LOTS of natural freckles all over her face. There’s nothing wrong with that. BUT: when you wear the _wrong_ foundation, it cakes on and ages you, as evidenced by the crevices in her Rand-McNalley-map face. I agree with #11 too–the faded rose dress color is a BAD choice.

  21. Italian Stallion

    Wow, the Joker looks weird without makeup…..”This town needs an Enema”

  22. Eek, her pasty skin covered with freckles is scaring me. Fake Bake, please, Lindz!

  23. billabong021

    the hell does TCLTC mean?

  24. Fisher55

    she’s tacky as shit, but one things fo sho: those titties are totally real, kids

  25. Providentius

    T om
    C ruise
    L oves
    T he
    C ock

  26. Mr_White_Secure_American


  27. Fisher55

    but is her hairline receding?

  28. Fisher55

    omg check out damian bottom right corner–run for your lives!!!!!!!!

  29. Fisher55

    **oops–bottom left**

  30. Fisher55

    kids are so creepy. i prefer dogs

  31. mamacita

    That freaky kid is the emissary of Mary Kate. He was sent to kill Lindsay with top secret lasers that he shoots out of his eyes.

  32. Sheva

    Look everyone looses a little hair after doing meth, crank, coke, weed and cock.

    On the whole, Lindzer is looking good. Look at that bounce.

  33. dirtypiratehooker

    Mary-Kate was probably afraid of Lindsay’s herpe infected aura. I hear if you stand within 3 feet of it, you are doomed to the herp forever. Or maybe Mary-Kate was afraid of Lindsay because Lindsay is a psycho boyfriend stealing whore. Maybe that’s plausible.

    I know when I walk down the red carpet people run in terror. Not because I am a psycho boyfriend stealing herpe infected whore, but because I have a severe lazy eye which I cover with a patch…and I drool. I also have a wooden leg, but that’s probably irrelevant.

  34. sundaybl00dysunday

    who the hell chooses her clothes??? a homeless person???

  35. Kenton

    I have this feeling that Lindsay Lohan is going to be this millenium’s Joan Crawford…

    …one day she will go insane and wonder why no one wants her from TV or movies, and end up marrying some rich dude, only to find that none of the money is hers…. (i.e. Pepsi)…

    Then she will have 2 children in the mean time and screw them over at her death…

  36. PapaHotNuts

    She has a bad case of the mammary glands.

  37. Kenton

    I have to also agree with #33….

    She does a lot of boyfriend stealing…

    …I bet Lindsay is just your good old bitch.

    …Maybe they ought to put her on a movie episode of DYNASTY and let her go at it with either Joan Collins in Linda Evans in a lilly pad pond…

    … or mud…

  38. illkarate

    Could she look any dumber? “Hey whore, sign this!” Like…. ok…

  39. Jacq

    For some reason, I am captivated by her boobs. MK is the one that I would be scared of – that black eye make-up, the fact that she can hide in your purse, freaky shit.

    #21 – The enema will give them a sense of accomplishment.

    #36 – Bad case? When did you start hating those? Hey – can I have GF’s leftovers next week? I need help. Just asking.

  40. Jacq

    I bet that’s the same look she gets when she sees a strong, erect penis with a huge line of blow on it.

  41. CocoNutz

    @ #5 and #12:
    I have to agree with both of you – she’s lookin worn out and nasty! This is what happens when you keep vampire hours, screw a new guy every night and snort blow like a freakin Hoover. Now she wants Parasite’s sloppy seconds – ewww! She’s a walking genital wart.

  42. Mr. Fritz

    Why, Lindsey, why? You used to be smokin and now look at you. She looks kinda like Tatum O’Neal. That broad lived fast and became a Hollywood cliche. I can’t wait to read Lindsey’s autobiography in 20 years (if she doesn’t OD).

  43. Mr. Fritz

    I agree with #41′s comment. My neighbor’s daughter went into rehab at 19 and looked like a piece of crap. She was a pretty girl but her lifestyle sucked the beauty out of her. This bitch needs an intervention.

  44. DaveBenner

    She’s no longer hot. At all. She peaked at age 16. She’s supposed to be a glamourous movie star? Jesus fucking christ, looks like Skeletor’s ugly sister at the prom. If they ever do a live-action remake of the Corpse Bride . . . and so on. Career? Over. Prospects? None. On a scale of one to ten? Two, for the memories of her rack.

  45. Code58

    I used to like her back in mean girls.

  46. I would be scared, too. It is not every day you get your man taken away from you from another crack whore. Crack on, sista.

  47. Jacq

    Trashy is the new classy. Welcome to Hollywood, bitches.

  48. @42 – I dig on Tatum.

    As for the Lindzer, I would wax that ass like a Mexican waxes a low rider at a car wash. For hours and hours. Especially since she’s closer to my age apparently. Who knew she was in her mid thirties.

  49. That pic is best summed up by a quote from balladeer extraordinaire Rob Zombie: “Living Dead Girl.”

  50. tits_on_snack

    I have a hard time associating this freaky skinny klutzy clown with the big-boobed redhead she used to be.

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