Mary-Kate Olsen is scared of Lindsay Lohan


Page Six reports Mary-Kate Olsen showed up to the Met Costume Institute gala on Monday night and freaked out when she spotted Lindsay Lohan walking down the red carpet. A source says:

“MK looked like she wanted to die when she saw Lindsay,” said our spy. “She hung back and refused to get close … She clearly did not want to be near Lindsay and made an effort to not get close. It was odd.” Later, another source explained: “MK is very suspicious of Lindsay. Lindsay always e-mails her. She is always trying to find out from others who she is dating – MK thinks she’s creepy.” An Olsen rep said, “That is ridiculous. There were 15 other actors on the red carpet at the same time and it was hectic.” Lohan’s rep said, “As far as Lindsay is concerned, she has no problems with Mary-Kate.”

Who wouldn’t be scared of Lindsay Lohan? Just check out the picture above from her premiere of A Prairie Home Companion. You read about Lindsay making people cry and doing pushups with a broken foot and then you see that face coming towards you – you’d be insane not to walk the other way. And by “walk the other way” I mean stare at her rack.