Mary-Kate Olsen is not a role model

February 22nd, 2006 // 57 Comments

*mk_thumb1.jpgMary-Kate Olsen has hit out at criticism she is a poor role model for children – insisting she and sister Ashley aren’t looking to set an example. The actress, who previously suffered an eating disorder, inisists the pair can’t be blamed for the issues affecting other kids and is annoyed at being constantly saddled with that pressure.

She says, “I think we’ve been labelled as role models since we were very young. My sister and I don’t look at ourselves as role models – I think that’s a huge responsibility. The best we can do is take care of ourselves and experience life for ourselves and not really let the outside world affect us.”

Wait a second. I don’t remember them complaining about being role models when they were raking in $500 million a year in Olsen Twin merchandise. You could barely take a crap without seeing their faces. Of course it probably didn’t help that I painted their faces on the toilet. But that’s beside the point. I’m don’t know what the point is, exactly, but I’m pretty sure it has to do with her being naked and riding a unicycle while I throw pancakes at her.



  1. Caught Dead In That Dress

    Ahhh, those wacky Olsens.

  2. popcornsuite

    These two twits *are* role models, like it or not.

  3. Caught Dead In That Dress

    Though, to be fair. It’s really not her fault. It’s just natural selection.

    I mean if your stupid enough to have MaryKate as your rolemodel..

  4. mamacita

    I’ll tell you one thing, they’re definitely no fashion role models. I’ve seen homeless people that dress better than those girls. I sincerely question what they’re thinking when they leave the house. And is it me, or does every picture ever taken of them involve some sort of hot caffeinated beverage? No wonder they’re both so thin. I’m pretty sure that both of their diets consist solely of mochas, lattes, cappucinos, macchiatos, espressos, any other coffee drink that ends in the letter o, and the occasional package of peanut butter crackers.

  5. minnesotacharm

    I hate to say it, but MK has a point on this one. If people are dumb enough to choose two teenaged girls as role models whose only credentials are starring in a horrible television show, they deserve what they get.

  6. LaydeeBug

    #3 Caught Dead, word up!

    #4 Mamacita, actually Ashley has a little better taste than her sister. MAry Kate always looks like a retard.

    As for being role models, well, if you model and you have a little roll growing on your side, you have to puke it off.

    Seriously, anorexia has been around since the small ice age so I won’t give the twins credit for affecting stupid American teenagers who want to starve die of a heart attack at 15. That’s their family’s fault because it is a family disease (look it up!)

  7. ESQ

    You are right Mary-Kate the only thing that you are poor at is being a role model.

  8. Jungle Diva

    Who would look up to MK? Seriously. She’s not that pretty, she’s already had an eating disorder and she needs a stylist. Badly. Oh and she’s been on Full House. Enough said.

  9. CheekyChops

    Looking at MK as a role model is like looking at Paris Hilton as a virgin.

  10. TaiTai

    Yeah one day my daughter came home from school and told me Mary Kate was her role model. So I made her smoke 2 packs of cigarettes, vomit, go to rehab, vomit again, dress like a street urchin and open her eyes wide…wider….wider…. until she said “Uncle Joey!”

    I don’t think she will tell me that again anytime soon.

  11. Sangiovese

    #10- LMFAO! Although, let’s NOT forget the Starbucks.

  12. TaiTai

    #11 yeah you’re right, I was going to say “Drink a Mocha Frappucino,” but then I figured MK would never drink one of those — too many calories. What is in that giant cup anyway?

  13. TaiTai

    Never mind, I don’t want to think about it.

  14. LoneWolf

    I encourage as many people as possible to adopt celebrities as role models. The freeways are way too crowded, and if more people would commit suicide, overdose on drugs, go into rehab, make sex tapes, shop, make fools of themselves in nightclubs, and say stupid shite in interviews, my commute would be much quicker.

    Sometimes you just need to thin the herd.

  15. Mary-Kate, you are my role model. I wish I was as thin as you.

    I named my purging toothbrush after you. MKO.

  16. jon

    “I’m don’t know what the point is, exactly, but I’m pretty sure it has to do with her being naked and riding a unicycle while I throw pancakes at her.”

    I’m don’t know either.

    Still, i’d have sex with them. If you wouldn’t your gay.

  17. playahater101

    Britney Spears did the same thing when she turned 19 or 20. She said she isn’t a role model and therefore people shouldn’t expect her to be. But when you push your merchandise like a drug dealer onto young teenage girls and they emulate your every fashion trend and buy all your albums and go to all your concerts or buy all your crappy teeny bopper movies, guess what? Whether you like it or not you are a role model. If it wasn’t for all the people buying their crappy merchandise, they wouldn’t all be the rich little bitches that they are. They should really acknowledge that. But none of them do.

  18. thatsmyname

    I totally agree with Mary Kate. What is all this crap with role models? I never had a role model and I turned out fine. Little girls need to stop trying to be other people. It’s very retarded.

  19. thatsmyname

    If you want a role model, look to your mother for god’s sake.

  20. gogoboots

    I agree as well, they’re not role models, but still they’re whoring their merchandise on girls between the ages of 9-14, and girls think they’re role models, believe me. They want to look like anorexic bag ladies and scary bulimic witches. And you know what, we should throw pancakes at them, so we can watch them catch it in their mouths!

  21. LaydeeBug

    Thatsmyname, you said it! Good one!

    Anyone hear about the new teen-age “starter” night clubs in the news? How sick is that? What’s that like “Clubbing 100″ is the course you take before moving on to “Club 101.”

    Do parents really think their kids are NOT doing drugs or giving blowjobs in these clubs because they are only 13 or 14? God, Americans are sooooooo willfully blind.

    (BTW I’m also American and I’m guilty of being an idiot as well.)

  22. tits_on_snack

    The face they make with their mouths bothers me.
    The way their lips curl up into these weird human-flesh duck bills.
    I suppose that’s not really their fault, since it’s genetic.
    But I still reserve the right to be bothered by it.

  23. always answer b

    Nearly every time I read something that Mary-Kate says, and every time that I see another photo of her and her sister posing like the glamour goddesses that they aren’t, I am filled with a quiet rage when I realize that there are people out there who not only like these girls, but try to emulate them. It’s disgusting.

  24. andrewthezeppo

    Those little skeleton whores are role models whether they like it or not and need to think about that a bit. If they don’t want that responsibility go back to college and stop doing ad campaigns for gown designers, stop attending events with press.

    I remember backs in the days of Buffy when Sarah Michelle Gellar said the role made her a role model, so she was never going to allow herself to be photographed smoking or drinking….they could learn something from an opinion like that.

  25. LaydeeBug

    Ya know, I think that after a while, real thinking just flies out the window.

    It’s like when you’re all geeked up on coke, right? You don’t know which way is up, you just follow the white trail. Nothing is important than the next hit, right?

    Well same with fame. They have a love/hate relationship with it but can’t walk away from it. If I was the twins, I’d sit back on my gazillion dollars, take a break for about 5 years and learn to paint or something. Build a hot-rod. I don’t know, something! Learn to fly a plane.

  26. youdontknow

    #6: Anorexia and bulimia, like alcoholism and addiction, are not family diseases because the family caused them. They are family diseases because the entire family is affected in some way.

  27. LaydeeBug

    #26, I KNOOOOW. And the family has to get together to help the suffering member. DUH! That’s not what I meant. Family awareness and togetherness could have prevented it. So everybody is cuplable.

  28. popcornsuite

    #3: “I mean if your stupid enough to have MaryKate as your rolemodel..”

    Very true.

  29. cj14mommy

    #17 i totally agree, celebrities mark themselves but don’t want the backlash–and look at what lengths britney went to so people would stop looking at her as a role model, she married kevin federline! now we look at her as the richest trailor trash there is!
    the people admiring these celebrities as role models are the ones helping them bring in the money, the people that don’t see them as role models are well ragging on them like us

  30. cj14mommy

    *market not mark sorry

  31. bigtuna299

    ahhh…give the monkey a banana

  32. LaydeeBug

    I can’t remember one celebrity I thought of as a role model. Wait….nope, can’t think of one.

    Wait, Milla Jovovich, she keeps her nose clean, she’s constantly working and well, she’s normal. I’ve never heard anything bad about her.

  33. HughJorganthethird

    #25 right on LaydeeB. Good coke-fame analogy. But if fame is like blow then railing it up WHILE your famous must be amazing.

    I wish Kurt Cobain was these two idiots role model.

  34. youdontknow

    #27, I agree somewhat. However, in terms of family disease, since there is more than one “suffering member” all would need to seek some type of help to get better. I do agree that one person may be causing him/herself more damage and may need to accept more responsibility (e.g. the anorexic).

  35. bakismaki

    Interesting… now that her and her sister are financially secure for the rest of their lives, it’s convenient for them not to want to be role models for children anymore. I guess Lindsay or Paris will have to step up to the plate.

  36. ProtonMan

    The twins are currently here in Australia and are copping the same flack about claiming not be role models, but still have the hide to flog their kids gear. I saw them on a news clip the other night walking down the cat-walk during their fasion show and fair-dinkum, they both looked like they hadn’t had a crap for a week which made it hard for them to crack a smile. Mate, they are two wierd chicks.

  37. LaydeeBug

    #33, Hugh, gotta agree., But I miss Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley. (sniff)

  38. LaydeeBug

    Oi, ProtonMan, good-on-ya! (Love the fair-dinkum reference)

    You know, I bet MK is really pissed because SHE’s the one that got caught on the anorex and coke stuff. Ashley may have been in the same boat, but started back-pedaling when MK got outed. So that’s prob why MK is all doing her own thing, because the next step would be to say, “MO-OOOOM, Ashley was doing it toooooo!”

  39. HughJorganthethird

    LDB The thought of Kurt and Layne jamming together somewhere makes me happy in a non-sexual way.

  40. LaydeeBug

    #39, sigh, me too. The demo’s must be rockin!

  41. SMF121490

    Poor little Mary Kate. Not as pretty as her twin. Can’t keep anything in her tiny little tummy. And, people still adore her. OMG, someone call the whaaaaaaaabulance. What a bunch of whiny bullsh*t. If you didn’t want to be a role model, stop posing, stop making fashion, stop selling yourself all over the flippin world, and go into hiding.

  42. BarbadoSlim

    I give her small props. After all, they were marketed by their parents, they did not have much say in the matter. Plus, they’re not as annoying as they could be, if the papz left them alone I bet they would keep to themselves.

  43. thatsnothot

    i don’t even understand why young girls would want to have her as a role model. 1) she’s not pretty 2) she’s really not that good at acting 3) uh she’s anorexic i don’t consider a role model a celeb. a role model to me is someone like princess diana or oprah winfrey. someone who actually helps other people. i just have to say that that picture of her is horrible. what a stupid “diva” pout

  44. Zod's no Sod

    I don’t remember what happened to them, they used to have the chance of turning out extremely hot, like Brooke Shields, she was hot in Blue Lagoon and Endless Love, and Pretty Baby (for all you pedos), and then she turned into Suddenly Susan (shiver). And now they turned into, whatever the hell you want to call that mess.

  45. Zod's no Sod

    Oh and #43 Oprah isn’t a role model, she’s a fascist bitch.

  46. gogoboots

    I still don’t think they have what it takes to even be role models, in fact, they probably should stop trying to be so famous for doing nothing but promoting their merchandise and doing fashion shoots that make them look like wittle girls getting all dressed up and looking like frankenwhores. It makes me worry about the future, it really does.

  47. robot_turkey

    Here’s the thing. Yes, teenage girls are stupid. Yes, they look up to equally stupid people as role models. However, if the Twin Twats DON’T want to have this happen to them, I suggest the following: Stop marketing clothes, makeup, haircare, skanky perfume, etc. to teenage girls. Don’t keep making money off the backs of the people you don’t want to look up to you. Period.

  48. jennyjenjen

    MaryKate always has that stupid smurk on her face.. I can’t stand it.. duck lips.

  49. gogoboots

    get over her lips already, it’s what they symbolize, that’s what’s annoying!

  50. christee

    i must have missed the coke scandal. or is that just expected in lalaweird? i still stick w/ my original position-talentless, frodo-baggins looking, wastes of space. they make me want to raise my kids on a deserted isle, far far away. wait…ok, i don’t have kids, but when i do, i’m up for a three-hour tour on the ss minnow.

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