Mary-Kate Olsen hospitalized with kidney infection

November 20th, 2007 // 85 Comments

Mary-Kate Olsen was hospitalized with a kidney infection yesterday. She went to the emergency room of a New York hospital where she was admitted. Her people say she’s doing fine and will recover soon, according to People:

“Mary-Kate got a kidney infection,” says rep Nicole Caruso. “She’s resting comfortably and will be released in the next day or so.”

During the winter months, do the Olsen twins hire somebody to catch them in case it’s a windy day? Because, honestly, I don’t see how people are safely walking around the streets of New York this time of year with these two on the loose. Aw, crap, there’s something in my eye. Dammit, it’s an Olsen twin again. Does anyone have a rock I can weigh her down with? This is getting ridiculous. Shit, I lost her! Alright, who’s the genius that exhaled?


  1. JOE


  2. raven

    how sad

  3. raven

    how sad

  4. raven

    how sad

  5. skille

    She really looks skinny. Hope she can get better quickly..NOt long before, She was said to have a personal account on a millionaire&celebrity dating club with her hot pictures and blogs there.

  6. Bigheadmike

    Drink Cranberry juice you, you, you, non cranberry drinking woman.

  7. whateve

    Those are pictures of Ashley not Mary Kate.

  8. long

    top ten!

  9. m.d.

    it’s a complication of anorexia

  10. Ted from LA

    If you really know that, you need to get out more often.
    Peddle your shit somewhere else.
    #2, 3, 4
    It’s not that sad.

  11. Riotboy

    /uncle Jesse does not approve

  12. gotmilk?

    7, who cares which one. they are both worthless.

    after looking at that outfit, especially the shoes, i am speechless.

  13. Vacuous

    She was said to have a personal account on a vacuous airhead dating club with her hot pictures and blogs there.
    It is the place to go for vacuous airheads!!

  14. Lys

    There is something strange with those two. They don’t look like the twenty something they are. They look 12 and 80 at the same time… They are mutants. And they are not alone. I just make myself scared…

  15. Shallow Val

    Ya get kidney infections and failure when you don’t eat.

  16. Shallow Val

    Those are the MUTHERFUCKING UGLIEST SHOES I’VE EVER SEEN! They weigh more than she does.

    Fucking ridiculous clowns.

  17. mkell

    I literally almost jumped out of my seat when that first picture loaded. What an UGLY face!!

  18. havoc

    Loved her in Lord of the Rings…….



  19. A

    she’s skinny but she has nice little tanned legs

  20. God Damn that is scary. Is that an over sized diaper she is wearing? I would live to know who tells her she looks good when she walks out the door??

  21. roastbeef

    Gross…she looks like a lemur.

  22. holla@meh

    the commentary was… …almost funny today.

    uhm and yeah… i can’t decide whether i love those shoes or hate them.
    i know… i dont like them on HER! victoria beckham would rock them fabulously!

  23. What the fuck is wrong with her face? She looks like a ghoul. Are those pics from Halloween?

  24. I thought she had a “Lance” infection? Or do I have the wrong twin? I can’t keep up with these kids these days (but Lance Armstrong can)!

  25. Hill

    Every time I see either of these girls, all I can hear in my head is “it’s time to meet the Muppet’s, it’s time to light the lights, it’s time to get things started on the Muppet show tonight… ba dum dum dum…”

    and # 16, maybe her shoes are so big and ugly to help weigh her down, you know fish is worried about them flying away. ha

  26. cousinfred

    That is about the ugliest, most unflattering dress I’ve seen in a long time. Makes her legs look like toothpicks.

  27. @23 FRIST how scary would that be to wake up next to in the morning? I think I would chew my arm off to get away..

  28. 26–The dress makes her legs look like toothpicks? That is like Rosie saying “Do these

    ants make my ass look big?”

  29. Doh!

    Oops! I meant “pants” not “ants”. My bad!
    Salutations Jimbo.

  30. veggi

    You know what’s interesting about this? Neither do I..

  31. JIMBO you wouldn’t need to chew your arm off, just turn your head and blow..

  32. lux

    Those stripper shoes are crazy

  33. D. Richards (Bull.)

    Yes! First kidney infection. Then drug problem! Pissing blood. Hot. Mary-Kate always looks like she just fucked by Max-Hardcore. All tramp and shit. I can imagine ol’ Hardcore pissing right in to her cheap lipstick smeared mouth. Mary’s so kooky. She’s all kook, but without the charisma of a real nutcase. Not much there. Just kinda happening. Sad (Funny).

  34. jesse

    Is it just me or does she look like a freshly birthed deer trying to learn how to walk? Look how fuckin wobbly her legs are!

    They must have to weigh everything she wears first to make sure she doesn’t pop a knee cap.

  35. XFILE102

    Kidney Infection my ass. Look at her. She looks like a fucking Lemur. Don’t know what a Lemur looks like? Do a side by side comparison. She has RABIES folks. Fucking RABIES. That is why she is in the hospital. She is a chain smoking, ridden hard and put away wet, no fashion sense having, bag lady-ish has-been Child Actor Lemur that finally was overtaken by the Rabies running through her body. But don’t worry. All the chain smoking will actually Pickle the fucking disease, and during her daily oral purge of all ingested foodstuffs she will cough up a nice big 2 pound block of tobacco, phlem, energy drinks, Starbucks, coke and smurfs. Then she will be fine, and back to terrifying children the world over. Look out world.

  36. Aly

    actually #7, those are pictures of mary kate. ashley doesn’t look quite as…uh…dead. or something. i don’t know. but it is mary kate for sure. i’m ashamed i know this.

  37. Those are actual Barbie shoes! She probably has the hard plastic Barbie boots and matching pink plastic ring.

  38. woodhorse

    She doesn’t have to kneel to give Lance a blowjob.

  39. want meds

    the ghoulish monchichi pokes its head out of the cutesy toliet roll cover, sniffs the air, realizes that there is no coffee to be had, no hideous bag to purchase, so, glazed over with sadness, it disappears back into the bathroom

  40. amma

    Kidney infection? At her age? WTF?!…Well, if that is indeed what is is/was..then my guess is she has a pretty serious drug/alcohol issue–because they are the only ones hospitalized for “kidney infections” at such a young age {I mean believe me, unless you have a genetic issue…your kidneys work just fine for a loooong time before you even notice them. Chicks in their mid-20′s do NOT just get “kidney infections” out of nowhere. They are not common.}.
    Druggie. Alkie.

  41. George Best

    If you get her a green version of her dress, she would look like Sigmund the Sea Monster.

  42. sicasso

    nice slut pumps, twiggy.

  43. mkell

    Maybe it started as “nonspecific urethritis” and just kinda crawled its way up.

  44. she looks like an alien troll.

  45. Eeewwww

    You get a kidney infection from anal sex!!!!

  46. endoftheshityear

    rumor is her doctors were considering the possibility of
    a baboon kidney-transplant if it reached that point…

    ….and as it turns out,
    her sister agreed to give her one of hers after all

  47. Ript1&0

    Yeah the shoe to leg ratio is out of control, man. I’m always looking at her in fear she gonna break a leg. You could pick her up like a wishbone and snap a one off.

    I got the longer Olsen leg! What do I win??

  48. redsonja1313

    I had a Kidney infection…they suck !!! Of course is this the one that is “not” dating Lance Armstrong. Because most kidney infections stem from untreated bladder infections.. Which PS: the main cause in women under 35 is too much VIGOROUS SEX !!! I have never hear that anorexia cause kidney infections.

  49. Ted from LA

    I hope my wife looks this good when she is 85.

  50. jeff

    holt shit, she is part LEMUR!!!

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