Mary-Kate Olsen hospitalized with kidney infection


Mary-Kate Olsen was hospitalized with a kidney infection yesterday. She went to the emergency room of a New York hospital where she was admitted. Her people say she’s doing fine and will recover soon, according to People:

“Mary-Kate got a kidney infection,” says rep Nicole Caruso. “She’s resting comfortably and will be released in the next day or so.”

During the winter months, do the Olsen twins hire somebody to catch them in case it’s a windy day? Because, honestly, I don’t see how people are safely walking around the streets of New York this time of year with these two on the loose. Aw, crap, there’s something in my eye. Dammit, it’s an Olsen twin again. Does anyone have a rock I can weigh her down with? This is getting ridiculous. Shit, I lost her! Alright, who’s the genius that exhaled?