Mary-Kate Olsen and Sir Ben Kingsley make-out

August 14th, 2007 // 86 Comments

According to Page Six there’s a “full on make-out session” between 63-year-old Sir Ben Kingsley and 21-year-old Mary-Kate Olsen in the upcoming movie The Wackness. Although I can’t figure out who has it worse. Sure, Mary-Kate has to make-out with a really really really old guy, but Sir Ben Kingsley has to make-out with a, uh, how would you even describe her? She’s like a creepy…hunchback…monkey. Go to the zoo, put some makeup on a monkey, then dress it up in your grandma’s clothes and that’s Mary-Kate Olsen. Well, a hotter version of her at least.

Photos: Splash

  1. justtheobvious

    Michael Jackson has never looked so good.

  2. Texas Tranny


  3. Creeeeeepy…… her big face and tiny body weird me out.

  4. justtheobvious

    What a fright. You would think with all the money they have, they could afford a mirror, some food and someone to help them pick out clothes. Michel Jackson, I’m sorry, you look way better.

  5. kerry

    wow I was almost first but I thought I was seeing things.

    Is this seriously all you’re going to be posting? What’s the deal?

    You are making me have to visit perez and i hate perez.
    So pull your socks up. It was bad enough that it was just the weekend and you don’t post on weekends, shouldn’t we have to go back a page by now.. *eye roll*

  6. smeagol

    They’re thieves! They’re thieves! They’re filthy little thieves! Where is it? Where is it? They stole it from us, our precious. Curse them! WE hates them! it’s ours it is, and we wants it! We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious. They stole it from us. Sneaky little hobbitses. Wicked, tricksy, false!

  7. gollum

    No! Not master.

  8. smeagol

    Yes precious. First they cheat you, hurt you, LIE.

  9. kerry

    but for the comment on the piece:

    what I find stranger than wearing rags which cost thousands upon thousands of dollars (i’m serious)

    Is the fact that they decided to go for the “flat unwashed hair” style. And stuck with it.

    It seems they are trying their hardest to morph into a straight straggly line.

  10. B

    She looks like a scarecrow.

  11. Does anybody else think that she looks like Cameron Diaz in the first picture?


  12. RichPort

    She’s a pedophile’s dream. Any man would feel like he has a huge joint screwing this chick. And I bet she’s a real cock whore too.

  13. my comment

    3 feet tall and scary!

  14. Sportsdvl

    #6 hahaha

    These 2 talentless hacks are even worse than celebs like Jessica Simpson or Paris. They are celebs because they did something years ago…….Why does anyone care what these 2 repulsive skanks do and why would anyone give either of them a movie role?

    She is possible the ugliest celeb alive!

  15. ssdd

    Pic 3 shows how that shirt? dress? is ripped/torn or cut……………… the hem line and the sleeve…………. This girll is a millionarie several times over… and she resorts to this?… Or is this a new fashion trend and I’m just clueless about it?..

  16. Sportsdvl

    What is up with those claws? Looks at the size of her hands compared to the rest of her body? Creepy!

  17. hard lesson

    What the hell is that???? ‘It’ does not look human, is ‘it’ actually a life form?? (Scotty, beam me up!! – fast!!)

  18. Edan

    I love Sir Ben. It’s so sad he has to get mouth-leprosy from this yak.

  19. Pedro

    It was probably weird for the crew filming, I mean watching two skeletons make out. That has to be a first.

  20. Stickman

    What the hell does she look like?

    Seriously, how can it even be possible to look in the mirror and go, “yep, that’s the look I was after” dressed like that? Shouldn’t there be someone telling her to dress like a normal person in her employ?

    God, all that wrangling with the guilt of wanting to bang a couple of kids was wasted!

  21. sandy beach

    walking ghost

  22. Blusher

    Sure looks like a meth addict to me…

  23. Nicole

    How funny is it that a few years ago, the world could not WAIT for these two little girls to grow up. People everywhere were lusting after them. Especially that freaks and geeks on this site. I think it’s AWESOME they look the way they do. This site is so two faced!!!!

  24. iburl

    Zombie Alien Monkey at age 20. Imagine what she will look like in 10 years.

  25. LuLuLeah

    Wow, I finally figured where Michael Jackson’s been hiding. He and MK have morphed, amazing!

  26. Lexoka

    Did she just run away from Salem or something?

  27. sad fan

    The Superficial is becoming such a sad source of celebrity gossip. If we are going to have to deal with constant (seriously, several times a day) posts about celebrities in their bikinis..then we should at least get to read something funny along with it. Yet all that is ever said is some stupid ill-fact about the celebrity and then the post is inevitably ended with a phrase that goes something like this: “She could be a garbage bag and she would still be a better mom than Britney.” or “She could have a gorilla for an ass and it would still look better than this.” or “He could eat babies for a living and he would still be a better dad.” God. Get a new shtick.

  28. justplainconfused

    Does she remind anyone else of Jack from “The Nightmare before Christmas?”

  29. mywellrehearsedmistake

    Don’t be to hard on the crazy scank monkey. In the first picture she’s just just trying to wipe the memory of making out with a 63 yr old weirdo out of her head. The next post will be him attempting to do the same. There ain’t enough drugs in the world to do that.

  30. willtherealvictorpleasestandup

    LOL 6 7 & 8

  31. brandy

    “How funny is it that a few years ago, the world could not WAIT for these two little girls to grow up. People everywhere were lusting after them. Especially that freaks and geeks on this site.

    I think that was the point. They probably don’t want to be lusted after or can’t deal with that kind of attention so they have desexualized themselves purposely.
    It’s one of the well known reason girls develop anorexia and it just so happens that Mary Kate (and possibly Ashley) has suffered from it.

    ” I think it’s AWESOME they look the way they do. This site is so two faced!!!! ”

    um what? lol why?

    PS- So are you one of the freaks or the geeks?

  32. michelle

    wasn’t everyone so into these girls turning 18 because they hypothesized that they would be super hot??? boy, was that wrong… they have always looked like monkeys though, even since full house.

  33. Stickman

    I really wish that the people who constantly harp on about how the site isn’t funny, isn’t this, isn’t that, would set up their own super-duper-awesome websites (that are free of charge and in no way compulsory to view) and just fuck off away from here.

  34. havoc

    I feel sorry for Ben.



  35. She looks like the joker

  36. kerry

    But it used to be funny @33.

    So if something bothers you the answer is to ignore it?
    Don’t ever voice a negative opinion or constructive criticism?
    Settle for mediocre? Take on all the jobs in the world and do everything ourselves because someone else isn’t doing it right?

    If people followed your advice we would all pretty much be sitting in our houses on our own with no friends doing absolutely nothing, or exhausted after attempting to do everything.
    But at least we wouldn’t be complaining about anything, ey?

  37. no1justminda

    If there’s ever a He-Man and the Masters of the Universe movie, Mary-Kate is gonna have dibs on the role of SKELETOR

  38. P. Edward Fyle

    C’mon. Tell me you can’t picture these girls together bobbing on the end of your cock, looking up at you with those huge soulful eyes. Man you guys are nuts!

  39. Josh Simpson

    She makes Paris Hilton look fat.

  40. gerard Vandenberg

    People of America, I can not and don’t want to understand why, o why, people love these two witches, the olsen twins. I can remember full house, and O.K., they were quite at the time. That is history!! But since then……………………..NAME IT!!
    O.K. now, lindsay lohan and paris are bitches but the Olsen-Twins are just very, very tricky!! And you know what? Because of their their personal achievements are just ZERO. The only way by getting in the news is STARVE YOURSELF TO DEATH or that very easy thing to do: SHOP UNTILL YOU DROP(DOWN)!!

  41. Linzers

    poor banana loving thing. what could she do to look cute? under there somewhere has to be michelle tanner…i dunno…is she ugly or does she just make herself ugly. help me i’m so confused.

  42. lambman

    Well, with this creepy movie and her stint on Weeds it looks like MK is actually starting to have an acting career on her own.

    In other news Ashley continues to be at least remotely attractive and well adjusted, and 1 inch taller so just “freakishly short” not “really freakishly short” like MK

  43. Oz

    “I’ll get you my pretty! …… and your little dog too!”

  44. Tragic

    She is spoiled goods and at such a young age…drugs r bad mmmmmkay

  45. wedgeone

    #28 – I had that same thought immediately upon seeing the main photo.
    #22 – I would concur with your assessment.

    To all those bitches who keep dogging on how “the world could not WAIT for these two little girls to grow up, people everywhere were lusting after them, etc.” that’s because we pictured them doing something constructive with all those millions they have lying around. Like getting some boob implants, or starting a magazine where they ran around nude in it all the time. None of us ever wanted them to become anorexic, crystal meth addicted ghosts. We only wished the best for them … and us.

    Any movie with an Olsen twin making out with grampa is truly “The Wackness” and is guaranteed to gross about $3 million at the box office. Total. Because no one wants to see that crap. It could actually sink lower than LiLo’s “worst movie of 2007″.

  46. LayDeeBug

    I am more grossed out about him having to kiss HER. (shivvers uncontrollably). There is nothing sexy, hot, anything about that chick that incites any kind of passion. Poor Ben.

    She looks like a Mogwai.

  47. MrSemprini

    So…. Michael Vick’s new disguise?

  48. grossed out

    Can’t they hide her away some place. Nobody wants to see that monster. I remember Maxim magazine having a count down until the day the twins turned 18 and became legal. What an anticlimactic moment the day turned out to be.

  49. Bored Again

    She looks fantastic. Thoroughly very, very from head to toe.

  50. Dizzybenny

    go eat a hamburger…or two for the love of God!!
    anyone who thinks she’s hot got to love to make it with corpses because thats what she looks like.

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