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December 9th, 2005 // 27 Comments

Mary_Kate_Jealous.jpgMary-Kate Olsen has revealed why she dropped out of NYU and moved back to Los Angeles.

“I’m happy that I kind of realized that, OK, I just need to take care of myself right now,” she told W. “I need to be able to go to yoga and work out and just read scripts and go on auditions, because that’s what makes me happy. You know? Like, papers don’t really make me happy.”

Papers generally don’t make anyone happy. What it makes them is educated. I’ll admit that having your ass wiped with hundred dollar bills since the age of two does make education somewhat less important. But if it keeps you from saying ‘like, you know?’ and helps you understand that eating = life, starving = death, then maybe it was worth it. Hmmm, then again maybe not.


  1. suzy

    like well duh MK!!! papers aren’t the only thing that school is about. after all you decided to go to NYU!!! a very prestigous(sp) school!!! you expected not to do work?? Just transfer to UCLA and get your degree done there. Be a smart anorexic actress, not a dumb one!!

    Eat up!

  2. I think she made the right choice. I mean, school will always be there, but yogo? Being happy? Those things are only available for a very short time. Besides, being a smart woman in hollywood can only be a detriment

  3. Rochford

    Because you certainly can’t do yoga, read scripts and/or “go on” auditions in NYC.

  4. iamboredatwork

    Why doesn’t she just pay someone to do her damn homework? That is what Mariah would have done.

  5. Thus proving my point: hobbits are stupid.

  6. Yeah, literacy is soooooo overrated. Yoga’s all you need!

  7. MortyFishbein

    I guess learning would really cut into her sitting around time.

  8. Juliette

    Big surprise…

  9. spacca

    You know some supermodels eat paper to fill them up, well this is probably what Mary Kate was thinking when she heard at College all you do is work with papers…

  10. The Devil

    I agree with Juliette (#8) if we all expected her to finish.

  11. BadassFred

    Papers don’t make me happy either.

    And if I was as rich as Mary Kate Olsen is I would be lounging around and swimming in my pool full of money and crap like that.

  12. Linnea

    The idea of her auditioning is laughable. Once she grew out of her trollish, little girl charm she had nothing going for her. She can hardly string words together. The face that she got into NYU, the school of my dreams, makes me cry every night. Who says money doesn’t make you happy? Oh, right, the rich!

  13. Tha-Flash

    Wow, most of you sound jealous of her.

    I would do the same if I was Mary-Kate.

  14. Yeah, who needs books and education anyway.

  15. blipblip

    She’s missing out. Education is fun! (I’m NOT being sarcastic!)

  16. slinkhard

    Yes, people are soooo jealous of her inability to think. How did you guess?
    You revealing that you’d do the same is perhaps the least surprising news since the revelation that Britney and K-Fed might not make it to their first wedding anniversary.

  17. spacca

    well they obviously did because they got married in september 2004, so they have dur

  18. BadassFred

    …Seriously, am I the only one here who would be perfectly content to be an uneducated twerp if I had all that money? The only reason I’m in school now is so that I can have money!

  19. derekd

    BRAVO! Well said SuperF. I can’t stand when I hear people talking like that. Like, you what, like, I mean like? Pisses me off worse than hearing uneducated urban scum saying things such as,”Who that be?”, or ,”youknowhatImsaying,”. Repeatedly throught the recounting of a tale. What do I know. I only ACTUALLY FINISHED 7TH GRADE!!!

  20. grooveme

    Before you talk about “uneducated urban scum” derekd maybe you should proofread your post. Because the last time I checked, education includes knowing how to spell and correctly punctuate one’s sentences– neither of which you seem to know how to do.

  21. slinkhard

    Sorry, spacca, guess I didn’t remember to mark the momentous date in my calendar like you.

  22. sadietolstoy

    She can go back to school anytime. College is overrated, anyhow. With her business acumen, she doesn’t really need a college degree. And she is right, actually. Being happy is more important than writing college papers.

  23. HollyJ

    those yoga positions will take her a lot farther than Restoration Literature … we don’t expect her to actually CONTRIBUTE to society, after all…

  24. ~S.Starr~

    Ya know…If I had as much money as MK then I would leave school and do yoga all day too. School sucks…

    And she obviously isn’t a dumb worthless twerp or she wouldn’t own a huge empire. That girl could sit on her ass doing yoga for the rest of her life and she would still have more money then most people. Damn…maybe I should quite school and just do yoga…

  25. MKOh8sMischka

    It’s just as hard for MKO to write essays as it is for Mischka Barton to eat.

  26. taisy towns

    The thing is that unlike the majority of us Mary-Kate can get away with not having to go to college.Lets face it, she could probably get away with retiring already if she chose to.

  27. taisy towns

    The thing is that unlike the majority of us Mary-Kate can get away with not having to go to college.Lets face it, she could probably get away with retiring already if she chose to.

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