Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to get plastic surgery

March 28th, 2007 // 88 Comments

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are reportedly set to get matching nose jobs and have both reportedly consulted Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Raj Kanodia about the surgery. An insider says:

“Ashley has always thought her nose was a little too big, so she wanted to get it done. When she talked to her sister about it, she loved the idea.” There has been speculation in the past that the mini-moguls have already had their features tweaked under the knife. “They both love changing their looks,” a friend tells ITW. “They thought this would make them look more polished.”

More polished? It’s gonna take a hell of a lot more than a nose job to fix whatever’s wrong with these two. Can they do face transplants yet? I saw in a movie once where they swapped John Travolta’s face with Nicolas Cage’s face and then they switched identities and had to shoot a bunch of people and blow stuff up. I think it was called Cinderella II: Dreams Come True.



  1. schack


  2. didey23

    whats wrong with thier noses???

  3. kamihi

    third!! OK their noses are pretty cute stupid ass kids.

  4. schack

    they’ve already had twin nose jobs. see:

    i hope they botch one- the smug, sane one.

  5. crewmancross


    remember the good ole days when everyone was looking forward to them hitting 18? :(

  6. iburl

    Somebody better take all the mirrors out of their house while they are under the knife. When they come out with pig noses a’la twilight zone they are seriously going to go on a killing spree. I would compare them to the Joker from Batman, they they are used to seeing that in the mirror every day.

  7. Jimbo

    Is it Halloween already?

    Schack, what is the answer to the question you asked me?

  8. Italian Stallion

    Is White Zombie going on tour again? Their back-up singers are ugly…….

  9. Jimbo

    Those two are just fucking scary!!! I hope they get their noise and their face and theit tits and every inch of the bodies fixed. they could turn a straight man into a flaming HOMO

  10. schack

    it’s the feeling of a double-ended dildo. come on, that was suck a clear reference to your comment about the strap-on.

  11. Captain Walleye

    Jesus – somebody make these celebrities stop with the plastic surgery. When will people learn that it just makes you look silly. Give me a natural woman any day over a fake one.

  12. Jimbo

    That is what I thought, but I wanted to hear the answer from you. And how do you know about this????

  13. schack

    i have a lively imagination

  14. Hecubus

    AT least do something fucking interesting like get another arm added or ‘ONE BIG EYE’ for a face or something.

  15. XeoRad

    I thought these two were ugly little children on Full House. I still think they are ugly little dwarfs (sorry, that was redundant). And now they look like death warmed over. Long live Xenu!

  16. They just need to eat. Somebody make them eat, please.

  17. Jimbo

    I hope something better comes up on this site soon. It is not even fun to make nasty comments about these two scary bithes. Where are their parents? I would not let me kids out of the house looking like that with out a bag in thier hands as they go door to door asking for candy.

    How Lively?

  18. dirt chicken

    Those two are beyond help … but there IS hope for race-relations yet. Check out the salt & pepper rump humpers holding hands in the background. You GO girls !

  19. With any luck they will look like Jocelyn Wildenstein after the sugery.

    Two spoiled insecure children with no supervision…this is going to get ugly.

  20. bigponie

    I’m more interested in count blackula in the background, looks like he’r ready to suck on that white meat.

  21. Donkey

    Give me some of your tears gypsy… or I will take.

  22. schack

    19… nice little site. gwenyth paltro is like a living replica of an old aristocrats portrait. i hope she suffocates in her own stuffiness.

    jimbo- so lively that i can picture you as a rich stud who’s bored to death of life and dying for salvation.

  23. schack

    oh, and you have a southern accent but you’re educated and an atheistic pantheist

  24. Hemlock Queen

    I still see two twin monkeys staring at me. Fucking monkeys!

  25. jrzmommy♠

    I hope the doc gives them Jimmy Durante noses.

  26. Jimbo

    That is pretty lively but incorrect. I am far from bored and when ever they apply the holy water to my forehead, it just boils and evaporates into thin air.

    The only southern accent I have is from Southern California. “Atheistic pantheist

  27. schack

    so what are you?

  28. Jay from the Bay

    These broads are another Michael Jackson in the making. Next thing you know they’re going to be requesting big, red baboon asses to match their monkey faces.

  29. Jimbo

    It is to long and complex for this place

  30. schack

    hah. where does this feeling that someone has made the rules ‘here,’ which is clearly weighing on you, even come from? for god’s sake, man!

    28. lmAo. i have a feeling they already DO have baboon asses. cocaine is a stimulant. stimulants speed up (among other things) peristalic motions and rectal secretions. in short, coke makes you shit. since they don’t wear diapers, but subsist on coke, they must find themselves holding it in, which pressure causes hemmaroids (sp). the beauty of science, right there.

  31. Finally, a truly funny comment from Mr. Superfish!
    Just like in the good ‘ole days of yorn.
    Keep up the good stuff!

  32. Jimbo

    I don’t give a rip about any rules in here. Where else can I send you the info

  33. whitegold

    Haha “they both love changing their looks”…when did plastic surgery become such a casual, nonchalant type of thing that it can be considered a regular look change. When I want to “chanege my look”, I think about getting my hair cut, or shaving, but not getting a nose job.

    But I’m thinking this is all a ploy. They’re really going in to get implants (cuz lets face facts, if anyone could use implants, it’s these two!!!), but they’re gonna try to be all sneaky about it and deflect attach away from their chests and get everyone to focus on the noses instead. They think they’re so damn smart, like we won’t notice! Bastards!

    And “Face Off” was an excellent movie!

  34. schack

    i don’t have a myspace or anything like that, and i kind of think that if i post my email address, half of these mo-fos whom i love so much are gonna harass me… why don’t you just tell me?

  35. Jimbo

    Check out the Tori Birch posting.

  36. NaughtyMandy

    I thought they looked like little heroin addicts. But once they get M.J. chopped off and collapsed noses they will just like coke heads. And that is sooo 80′s…

    And if they get implants instead then who will buy the PlayBoy edition when the rebel goes naked? Oh God – what if the REALLY anorexic one goes nude!

  37. schack


  38. biatcho

    Will Dr. Raj put this one under filename Project X?

  39. lambman

    #4 – I was going to post the exact same link lol

    I really hope they don’t change it too much.

    I wish Ashley would start auditioning and trying to be an actress without the weaker twin dragging her down

  40. beifiori

    why does it always look like they are sucking their teeth to make those weird smirks?

  41. schack

    baaaaaaaad ass, lambman

  42. They’ll always look 12.

  43. sharpei dude

    oy vey. one looks like The Joker and the other one like a back up singer for Robert Palmer.

  44. Bugman4045

    I’m hoping they get the surgeon who did Posh Spice’s tits.

  45. meee

    they already have small noses. what insecure bitches.

  46. “I think it was called Cinderella II: Dreams come true.”

    Really Superfish? I coulda sworn it was “Grease 3: The Redemption” or “Knight rider: the prequel” or something like that. a real dumb idiot said it was something stupid like “Face Off” or something. wat a punk. lmao

  47. Shanipie

    Mary-Kate won’t survive surgery…they won’t operate on someone that anorexic will they?

    She’s the only one that needs the nose job, hers is wider than Ashleys.

    They are really taking this twin shit too far, do they even realize they are seperate people. I bet when one is talking about herself she refers to herself and “we”

  48. ATX


  49. arrogances

    I hope this is bullshit.
    They’re pretty girls.
    If only they’d smile once in a while. I know they have an empire to run, but what’s the point of having it all if it’s crushing you?
    Delegate some of the work. Ashley is the workaholic between the two, I’ll bet.

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