Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen parodied by PETA (Hilarity not included)

December 11th, 2007 // 147 Comments

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s use of fur has severely pissed off PETA. Today they launched a new website named by, I’m guessing, an 8-year-old. It’s called “Meet the Trollsen’s,” and it lays out the animal lovers hatred for the stick-figured ones:

Some say that Hairy-Kate and Trashley are guilty of offending their fans with some major fashion boo-boos, but here at peta2, we think that’s the understatement of the year! The twins’ heartless decision to wear fur and include it in their new fashion line, The Row (more like “Death Row”), is worse than a fashion no-no–it’s cruelty to animals. The Trollsens have ignored our pleas to stop wearing fur–and have since added horribly ugly fur items to their new clothing line.

The above video answers “yes” to the age-old question of “Can Full House become even more unwatchable?” If you didn’t know who Futureman was before, get ready to earnestly wish you still didn’t. Now excuse me while I write a letter to PETA demanding they stick to ads featuring nude celebrity asses or else I start picking off manatees.


  1. Sarah

    Fuck PETA…I can’t stand those people! This stupid little film is just another example of how annoying they are and reaffirms my hatred for their extremist organization.

  2. Meat Eater

    PETA is a terrorist group, why are they not treated as such?

  3. XFILE102

    THIS IS FUCKING HILARIOUS!!! And all jokes aside, the intended “Caricature” provided is actually INCREDIBLY lifelike. This looks JUST LIKE their strung out selves. What a great depiction of these trashy fucking ash trays. These girls are Puss and Herpes filled boils on the ass of the collective whole of White Trash America. They are poster children for abortion. And the fact that they actually WORK to piss people off just so they can feel relevant in todays world, make me hate them even more. This is one of the few times I would not be offended by one of PETA’s terrorist activities: SLAUGHTERING THESE CHICKS AND SKINNING THEM.

  4. RENEE...

    I always thought they looked like ugly little monkey trolls. And now I have even more reason to hate them. Selfish, ugly, little monkey trolls. Animals suffer all so they can wear an ugly coat a couple of times. Yeh I know, peta might go over board with stuff, but that’s no excuse for the sick shit people do in the name of fashion and food. Blech. FUCK THE OLSEN TWINS

  5. Jinger

    I’m with bradley full house and the olsen twins should sue PETA. The only thing that is perhaps more bizarre and absurd than the time spent on this video, is the unnecessary radical actions of PETA. I’m not much on PETA myself but it seems to me that this video was produced by a wannabe PETA, I concluded this from the website There are human beings that are being treated badly, wheres the sympathy and time put into “saving” animals, shouldn’t they be more or at least equally matched.

  6. bewilderbeast

    I love animals, but PETA’s behavior is immature. Especially the website they made for this. Thousands of dollars going toward making fun of somebody when it could be going toward something much more productive. This junior high school mentality makes me ill.

  7. Lucy

    I may be wrong, but I’m willing to bet that PETA mostly consists of college students trying to feel like they’re part of a cause. You know, the kind of people that don’t actually believe in what they fight for, they just want to seem morally superior to everyone else, and feel like they are a part of a group.

    In the words of the ever wise Maddox, “Dear PETA: For every animal you don’t eat, I shall eat three.”

  8. rea

    FUCK those who wear fur, i hope you die the worst painful death ever.
    theres a difference between eating animals and WEARING animals. its no longer in fashion
    Welcome to this decade, its no longer a sign of wealth, is now a sign of ignorance and selfishness
    die assholes!

  9. Lucy

    “its no longer in fashion”

    So, if it were in fashion…It would be ok to wear animals? Nice to see that your morals depend on what’s hot at the moment.

  10. get real

    I find nothing funnier than people who make moral arguments for not killing animals. Animals have no sense of life or death and they certainly aren’t thinking about what’s going to happen to them when someone takes them out of a cage to their slaughter. That said, I’m for putting them out of their misery in the most humane way possible. A lot of you have to stop being so naive and get real. Human beings have been killing animals and using them for various purposes (yes, even fashion) for thousands of years. Don’t give me this bullshit that it’s selfish to wear fur or animals products for fashion either. That’s the stupidest argument I’ve ever heard. Some of us don’t like to walk around in Birkenstocks and ponchos reeking because we haven’t rubbed ourselves down in some scented whale blubber. Just as it’s your right to be an unwashed self righteous ass, it’s other people’s right to walk around covered in dead animals. Both are perfectly fine. The selfish thing is going a bit to far. For comparison as to how stupid that argument sounds, I think it’s selfish that you kill those defenseless vegetables by pulling them out of the ground when they’re just trying to have a good time. Shit, they must be terrified when they feel that evil human hand pluck them out of the dirt. You know what’s even more selfish? Thinking that everyone needs to think like you. Honestly, I could care less if you eat meat, don’t eat meat, wear fur, or don’t wear fur. I don’t really care what you believe and I don’t give a rat’s ass if you think what I’m saying is right. Please be able to look at the world objectively, however, and realize that living things kill other living things. That’s how it works. Human beings kill animals and animals kill human beings. Human beings slaughter millions of acres of cotton every year to put clothes on their backs. Cotton is a living thing just like a cow or a mink is a living thing. If you’re going to say wearing one type of dead living thing is bad while saying it’s acceptable to wear another one, then you are being totally illogical and fooling yourself into some kind of self righteousness that I cannot comprehend.

  11. albert einstein

    Dear Cunty Cuntsteins- yes animal hater, that is you,

    Guess what – you are an animal. Remember when you were breast fed by your mother- oh ya, that looks just like what an animal looks like when they are being milked. Maybe I can use your skin for gloves this winter after you are clubbed to death while your family members watch. And of course we would take your skin while you are still conscious (minus the vicodin or other narcotic you are shoving in your pie hole)- ahhhh.. a girl can dream.

    If your mother didn’t care enough to breast feed you- you were drinking some other thing’s milk and I’m sorry for your unfortunate infancy and your subsequent intellectual/social deficits. I can get and a IEP together for you- along with those skanky skankerwizers (aka the Olsen trolls).

    You may hate PETA, but if you can look at the fur trade objectively you will come to see that the only people that should wear fur are eskimos or pople who cannot afford to buy outerwear in stores. So stop spending your money on the meth/narcotics/xtasy, and you too can afford to buy a coat not made in China that will keep you warm. Remember- only nouvelle rich trash and old women wear fur coats.


  12. um duh. Joey did awesome work on The Surreal Life. doofus.

    in japan, a raccoon dog is called tanuki. (just throwin that out there.)

    i watched that entire thing. i must hate myself on levels previously unknown.

  13. Michael "The Con" Vick


  14. Michael "The Con" Vick


  15. get real

    111, I’m not an animal hater, I was just saying that I have absolutely no problem with people using animals as they please. Like I said before, I would hope that if an animal is to be consumed, either for food or for clothes, that the process of bringing about it’s demise is done in the most humane way possible.

    Also, if you want to club me to death in front of my family,skin me, and wear me as gloves, that’s your prerogative, but be prepared to go to jail. You see, as a higher form of animals we have developed this wonderful thing called a justice system that would probably lock you up for those actions. Human beings, you must understand, are a different type of animal. We are aware of things that other animals are not. We even have this thing called meta-awareness. In other words, we are aware that we are aware. Animals lack this awesome trait. When they see another of their kind killed for food or clothes they do not really understand what is going on. Any “fear” they have is purely instinctual and passes rather quickly. This biological trait has been instilled in them simply to keep the species going. They have not developed a heightened sense of fear like humans have. Animals also have relatively little concept of what a “family” is, as evidenced by the fact that many animals eat their young or their mate or both. Truly savage, one might say. So you see, there would be a big difference between a mink farmer slaughtering some minks to make a fashionable fur coat than you slaying me. Lower animals are quite inferior to human beings. While they no doubt feel pain, the simple fact that they do does not mean that they should not be used to better humanity. And yes, fur coats are considered by some to better humanity, as hard as that might be to get through the forcefield of intolerance that you have erected around your mind. I am not condoning the methods currently used by the fur trade. Skinning an animal alive is terrible, but it is much less terrible than say the billions of people who go to bed hungry every day or those who are killed because they think that one man was a caliph while some other people think he was not. The point is, there are much more important things in this world that people’s attention should be focused on. The deaths of animals is very, very far down on that list. In fact, it’s below any human concern, no matter how trivial.

    Your comments about who should wear fur are laughable. Your use of moral relativism shows that I should not even bother taking any of your comments seriously. So it’s OK for an Inuit to painfully slaughter a seal but an ermine dealer in Tennessee cannot fashion a stylish winter hat out of an animal? Eskimos could change their way of life and adopt modern ways and stop wearing fur for warmth, after all. Why aren’t they as evil as those big bad capitalists who like to wear animals? If killing animals brutally in one way is bad, then it is bad in every way. If it’s OK in one way, it’s OK in every way. You can’t have it both ways.

    I hope I have shown you that you can make your point without delving to the childish depths of name calling and libel. I am actually quite well educated. I also fancy myself to be rather socially aware on important issues. Your hoi polloi tactics appear to indicate that you are not well adjusted, neither intellectually nor socially. Not to sound crass, but I can confidently say that I am much more intellectual than you. If any of the terms in the above post give you any trouble, you can always use the Internet’s greatest gift to the plebs: Wikipedia

    P.S. Joe Namath wore fur coats. Joe Namath was pretty awesome. Wearing fur coats is pretty awesome. QED.

    P.P.S. If you are going to attempt to speak in a foreign language, please get the orthography correct. It’s “nouveau riche” and “ciao” for future reference.

  16. JL

    I love fur. I would kill the silky little animals with my own two hands if I I weren’t rich and couldn’t afford to have small mexican children do it for me. This blog has inspired me to custom order a full length mink coat for no reason at all. Cheers!

  17. Arguman

    I agree with some of PETA’s goals, but I think they go far far overboard with imposing their preferences on everyone. Shutting down slaughterhouses that are torturing animals is noble, but then they do crazy publicity stunts that make them look irrational and unbalanced. In a perfect world I guess we wouldn’t eat any meat, but unless they want to build a time machine and stop Gorr the Caveman from killing the first squirrel he found, I think they should give up trying to convert everyone to veganism.

    Instead of attacking the fast food companies, maybe PETA should focus first on encouraging people to break off from the consumer culture we are in. If McDonald’s relied on word of mouth alone they wouldn’t be nearly as big and their impact on the environment and the animal population wouldn’t be as drastic.

    But that’s also impossible. If PETA could stick to things most people would agree with and not be crazy then maybe they’d be more respected.

    I’m just waiting for them to start attacking alligators for eating birds or crows for feeding on carcasses of dead animals. They’re doing what PETA gets mad at people for doing.
    Imagine if PETA did for human rights what they do for animal rights. Breaking up child slave rings, prostitution rings and sweatshop facilities. They’d probably be seen as superheroes and everyone would love them. And maybe then people would be more receptive to their message about animals. But of course they would never do that.

  18. Narcissist

    It seemed a little clunky, but I liked it okay. I thought Michelle was going to rip the retrievers skin off at the end.

    Why didn’t Futureman tell Steff she would be a speedfreak with monster hooters and lifeless hair?

    @104 I thought they looked simian, too. Not so much anymore.

  19. Perhaps Others Have Said it Best

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
    – Mohandas Gandhi

    “If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals.”
    – Albert Einstein

    “I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being.”
    – Abraham Lincoln

    “The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men.”
    –Alice Walker

  20. i am my number one

    just because she is a famous writer does not mean that alice walker knows what animals are made for more than i do

    abe, i guess i am just a half of a human cause i eat meat?

    einstein, i do not aspire towards a righteous goal perhaps? not that many people do… i just want to be comfortable.

    the greatness of a nation CAN also be judged by it’s revenue, or it’s success in war. it depends on who is judging

    your quotes aren’t amazing, i don’t care who they are by.
    why don’t you think for yourself?
    people are different.

  21. Aw, you know you love it.

  22. Lucy

    “the only people that should wear fur are eskimos or pople who cannot afford to buy outerwear in stores.”

    I’m sorry, here I though that every human being had the same rights as any other…But, apparently I was wrong. ATTENTION, everyone south of the arctic circle! Contrary to popular belief, it NEVER gets cold where you live. After years of living a lie, #111 has enlightened us to the true ways of the world.

    You imbecile. It can get just as cold in, say, Ontario of Manitoba, as it does where these “eskimos” live. That being said, why can’t those people wear fur? It gets damn cold in Russia, and they aren’t eskimos…Are they not allowed to wear fur, either? Apparently, the right to wear fur depends entirely on your race.

    You and Dog the Bounty Hunter should get together sometime.

  23. titsonsnack

    Fur is biodegradable, and a renewable resource.
    Synthetics stay on our planet for thousands of years.
    Go ahead and tell people to buy plastic boots and purses instead of leather. Let’s use more petroleum. Buy more oil-derived products. Write more checks to PETA. They seem to really know how to make good use of that donation money.

  24. Bigger Thomas

    122 — Will you please STOP with the “victimized white man” routine already? PETA protests EVERYONE who kills or hurts animals, even if it is for survival (natives using fisheries in Canada) or cultural (i.e. dolphin hunting in Japan, which that bitch Hayden Pant-a-fuckoff protested).

    goddamn idiot.

  25. Lucy

    124, I was merely responding to something someone said. I wasn’t chastising PETA; hell, I didn’t even mention them in my post.
    It might also help you to know that I’m not even white. =D I’m actually Ojibway.
    So in the future, it might benefit you to understand what I’m saying, and to whom it is directed.

    In the words of the ever so wise…Well, you:

    “Goddamn idiot.”

  26. you are my number two

    120 — Good for you. Who cares about what those people had to say? Look at the wisdom of the people who do wear fur. Just look at what J-Z has to say about chinchilla coats or J-Lo with her fur collection or Tara Reed, no less. Great minds think alike. Plus, Gandhi probably would have worn fur if it wasn’t so hot in India and Einstein should have stuck to physics and stayed out of matters like fur fashion. He was clearly in over his head.

    The line “the greatness of a nation can also be judged by its revenue, or its success in war.” is brilliant. Luxemburg with the highest per capita GNI is to be envied and admired. And Germany was so successful at war that it took many countries banding together to defeat it. How can you not admire that?

  27. everyonepoops

    “get real”, wow! Your post is so full of holes and violations of common sense that I can hardly choose where to begin. Not that it really matters. You tell others to “view the world objectively” while you yourself prefer to wear horseblinders and declare that you “don’t give a rat’s ass if what [you're] saying is right.” But I’ll give it a go anyway.. This Fish entry is moot and past-tense to most everyone, so I’ll try and keep it short:

    - What good does it do to generalize animal welfare advocates as stinky hippies except to villify them? I mean, seriously. Birkenstocks and ponchos? Where the fuck do you live? I’ve taken part in animal welfare campaigns for years, and I never see that shit. Oh, I know. It’s a stereotype you so conveniently allude to.

    - There’s a lot of shit humans had done for years that are now considered deplorable, unnecessary, grotesque, etc. The Ancient Greeks sodomozed young boys. Medieval members of the Catholic church quartered some excommunicants so they wouldn’t rise on the last day. People were publically hanged and decapitated in many countries. Public lynchings in the South. We live in a Country that once thrived on legally enslaving blacks. By your rational, all this shit most be kosher, eh?

    - Yeah I know, the knee-jerk reaction is to differentiate animals from humans again. I agree. Very different. Men sentenced to death know what’s happening to them. Animals “pulled from their cages” don’t. No argument there. We’re different from animals because we men and women possess a highly developed, discerning conscience. But Job, the only Biblical patriarch who was really worth a shit said that we’re the same because we live on the same fucking planet, breathe the same air, have the capacity to feel physical and psycological pain. If you don’t think so, next time you see somoene walking their dog, shove a knife in its side. Watch it faulter, cower to its owner for protection. As for animals killing other animals, the chief difference between us and them is that we thrive mostly on social conditioning (i.e. no more slave ships), and they thrive on instict. That. Is. The. Chief. Fucking. Difference.

    - But again, we’re different because we live in so-called civilized societies where we can discern right from wrong, and it’s this that gives us the privelege to kill whatever we want, almost for whatever reason, for our own purposes. Even when there are sensible alternatives that are homologous with things like global warming, the issues of hyper-consumption and waste. Oh, look! Issues that take massive precedence in today’s political, ethical and social discourse. I wonder what will be said of our habits 200 years from now.

    - Plants possess neither neurological faculties or central nervous systems. Surely you know that. What a ridiculous, flippant argument.

    Here’s what you’re going to be in a thousand years, although I hope it’s sooner: you’re going to be a figure in a fucking history book that just baffles young minds. “How could these people think this way?” You have good spelling, good grammar. You were probably paying attention in class. But it’s all going to change. I don’t know that because I’m smarter than you, or “more evolved” in a Darwinian sense. I love a new purchase myself, I like porn, I drive a nice car. But systematically killing on a massive scale? Man or animal, it’s dispicable. It’s an ethical evolution, but you just want to cop an attitude, genralize and let everyone know that you don’t give a fuck. Well fucking kudos to you.

  28. everyonepoops

    “get real”, I just read the second post that I didn’t see before, so let me offer something further that I promise will be short this time:

    What do you think people fighting for animal welfare should be focused on instead? Should we re-direct our efforts to, say, ending all wars? Do you think the time and energy we devote to this cause would finally do the trick? After all, “we’re a higher form of animals”, so maybe my efforts are misplaced. Maybe after we get the bring the crazy animal people brigade together and fight for humanity and ultimately achieve world peace, then we could go back to focusing on the mistreatment of species who didn’t ask for any of this shit in the first place.

    And please don’t pull the education card on people. This is an open forum. Being a pompous grad student or whatever you are only serves to agitate, or at least stroke your own ego.

  29. david

    When I was younger, it was fairly common to see ladies of means with fur coats draped over their shoulders. The fur would be worn over anything: a formal gown, jeans, or stirrup pants. It was as if though you could never go wrong wearing fur. Slowly, this became a less frequent sight. Younger generations became aware of the inherent cruelty of the fur industry and fur stopped being the status symbol it once was. The fur industry along with the fashion world were financially affected by all this and are now using certain ignorant sellout celebrities to bring it back into style and influence future generations. This is exactly what the tobacco and the diamond industry had done in the past.

    People who say that they are not against killing animals for fur as long as it is done humanely simply don’t understand the nature of the business. Most of the fur comes from China where humane treatment of animals doesn’t exist. Some of the fur comes from dogs and cats and is purposely mislabeled. That is way many European countries banned fur from China. Some of it comes from actual pets that have been abducted and are wearing collars and tags as they are skinned. All of it comes from animals that have been living in horrible conditions and died a painful death. You may not like PETA or their tactics, but remember that the enemy of your enemy is not your friend. Don’t lower your own moral standards by defending an industry that is indefensible.

  30. ugh

    no where in 120 did it say we should listen to people who wear fur.
    just because someone doesn’t wear fur doesn’t mean we should listen to them either. i don’t think that charles manson wore fur.
    just because someone excels at something doesn’t mean that people should follow what they do and do exactly as they say in every area.

    you CAN judge the greatness of a country on many things.

  31. butter

    albert, i guess you aren’t that smart after all.
    it is nouveau riche. nouvelle would be singular female

    and 120 was smart, 126 did not interpret the comments correctly.
    FDR wore fur, and he was maybe worth listening to.
    George Bush doesn’t wear fur.
    120 didn’t say to listen to Jay Z.

    a country’s greatness can be judged in a variety of ways, some people can judge the greatness based on something YOU don’t think is great.

  32. there are lots of good causes, if you need one

    128 –
    the animals didn’t ask to be taken care of either.

    other causes:
    funding for disease research
    raising money for the poor
    reducing teen pregnancy
    increasing availability of a college education
    decreasing illiteracy
    assisting people who are out of work in finding jobs
    protecting the environment
    promoting health and nutritional awareness

  33. Nina

    I agree that animals shouldn’t be tortured. However, fur coats are a means of staying warm. Yes, a lot of rich people see it more as just a fashion statement, but for a lot of other people it’s the warmest outerwear available. No winter coat that you can buy in any outerwear store can even compare to the warmth of a fur coat. Now, that being said, if they are going to kill the animals for their fur, the meat and the rest of it should also be used, too. Most people won’t agree, saying that doesn’t excuse the slaughter of the animal in the first place, but I believe that as long as no part of the animal is wasted, then it’s…Well, not “Ok”, but acceptable…I suppose.

    As for eating animals…Stopping everyone in the world from doing this is completely unrealistic. People have been eating meat for thousands of years, and this isn’t going to change. Think of it this way: Do you think a grizzly bear would pause before killing you to wonder if it was ethical or not? Some animals will kill humans, and then have nothing to do with the carcass. They will just walk away. That seems pretty cruel to me, but no one advocates the cruelty of animals towards humans. Asking humans to stop eating animals, is like asking animals to stop eating eachother. You can’t convince a wolf to stop eating deer. Humans are stubborn, it’s our curse. We’ve been doing things one way for so many years, that doing it another way is completely out of the question for about 99% of the world.

    I’m not trying to turn it around, saying that us humans are the victims, I’m just giving an example. Personally, I think that PETA and all other animal rights activists have a noble and respectable cause, but I also think their efforts are futile.

    Sorry for the lengthy post, I guess I had more to say than anyone wants to hear.

  34. get real

    everyonepoops, can you read or understand a nuanced argument (not even really nuanced but actually pretty straightforward)?

    First, I said I don’t care if people believe what I say. I would not say that I’m “wearing horseblinders” as you say. I realize that people have different opinions and I’m willing to engage them in intelligent discourse. I would like to thank you for taking me to task on what you see as problems in my argument, but I see your response as pretty flawed as well.

    The hippie thing was a joke. No intention of vilification, just a joke.

    I said that moral relativism is utter crap. Therefore, I do not think that the methods of the Inquisition, lynching people, were acceptable. You cannot pick and choose had is wrong and right based on some perceived notion of “the times.” I was pointing out the fallacy in another person’s argument when they said it was OK for the Inuit to wear fur but it’s not OK for everyone else. If it’s OK for one group of people to slaughter animals for their pelts then it’s OK for everyone. If it’s not OK for us enlightened people to kill animals, then it is not OK for the Inuit to do so. It leads to moral bankruptcy as you can rationalize any behavior by saying, “Oh no, that’s not wrong, you have to look at the circumstances and what the person was dealing with.”

    I agree that the difference between humans and animals is that we thrive on something besides instinct.

    The very term “animal rights” is oxymoronic. In order to have rights you have to know that you have the ability to have rights. Animals will never have that ability. Every human has the possibility to know that they have rights. A newborn will someday have the ability. A severely retarded person might have that ability some day even if that chance is extremely remote. No animal will ever have the ability to think, “You know what? I’m getting screwed here working in the lab getting makeup put on me.” It will never happen. Therefore, animals have no rights. Still, they should not be tortured. The point is that they should not be put before ANY human interest. Call me a speciesist if you want. I am one.

    Also, saying to keep the education card out of the deck is ridiculous. This is a debate on philosophy, morals, ethics, etc. I have studied and engaged others on such topics in great detail, so I’m going to use my past experience and tell where I got it from. Telling me not to because this is an “open forum” is like telling Dwayne Wade not to dunk because he’s playing in a pickup game. There is no need to put limits on anything.

  35. StillAwake

    What the animal rights activists are asking people to do is to not purchase fur. Since NOT shopping for fur is less time consuming than actually shopping for fur, you will have plenty of time and energy left over for your worthy causes. You can easily multitask NOT buying fur with any of them. As far as animal rights being a low priority and the suggestion that we should end world hunger and disease first, then why catch rapists until you solve all the murders, why address illiteracy when there are people starving in the world, why look for a cure for foot fungus when people die of cancer? Maybe it’s because we are are capable of doing more than one thing at a time. And maybe it’s because choosing a coat with no fur trim is less complicated than bringing about world peace.

  36. everyonepoops

    “get real”, it’s pretty clear that we’re not so different. We’d do better to disagree–or at least agree to disagree–after what I believe would be a worthwhile discussion elsewhere. Newspapers around the US are polling readers for “word of the year.” I’m sure “Mudslinging” has considerable prospects to win. I think it’s great that we’re both culpable of such a charge (don’t you agree that we are?). While being saucy with an opinion is frowned on by the academies, it accords young people who are excepional, if for no other reason than because they stand by what they say in the first place. Of all the places I’d predict to win the respect of someone I’d never met in the flesh, The Fish is about the last. Cheers to that.

    P.S. You know damn well what I’m talking about when I refer to the education card.

  37. everonepoops

    What I meant was, “…of all the places where someone I’ve never met in the flesh would win my respect…” Here I am trying to be sincere, and I fuck it up.

  38. get real

    everyonepoops, I was being quite flippant with that last education comment haha. I agree that there’s really no point in arguing about something like this any further as it’s quite clear that no one is going to change anyone’s opinion. Anyway, I apologize if I came off as a bit scathing as some of my comments. I was bemused by some of the statements that other people were making and focusing my disdain on your post haha. Anyway, I’m glad that I would win your respect, as you would have mine as well.

  39. Jamiraquai

    PETA needs to get the fukc out of everyone’s business. I have no respect for organizations that try to force their views on others by making up parodies of people.

    PETA Blows

  40. samantha

    Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have no right’s peta CAN fuck there life’s! animal’s
    didn’t have to go through shit being skinned alive to make fur coats that will me rorn by ugly whore’s like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
    FUR IS DEAD!!!! “Fur Is Worn by Beautiful Animals and Ugly People!

  41. Simone

    Uhhh… what the fuck was that. Im sorry but that was so terrible! Couldnt Peta find a decent actor at least, and what good are they doing by telling the parent to kick the 4 year old out of the house. What if a member from Petas organization had a child who wore fur? Would they disown them because of it? I love animals but i dont think that they have to go that far with their fur saving crusades. All the olsens are doing is wearing the fur, they dont handpick and slaughter the animals themselves!!!

    Trying to save animals by acting like assholes isnt going to get you anywhere except in the courtroom when you get sued. Maybe if Peta didnt act like children and actually just talk about their cause rather than pick on other people I might consider supporting them.

  42. Danni

    go look it up on any anti peta site
    I am all for animal rights but I am totally against peta!!!

  43. morgan

    peta sucks. they care nothing about animals.

  44. Flu-Bird

    PETA is nothing but a whole bunch of brainless idiots who brains no longer even work anymore becuase PETA IS STUPID

  45. It is good!
    I think he’s just dumb or high enough to have let the truth slip to impress his crush Jimmy Kimmel.

  46. Jesika

    actually, if you watch the video that the organization posted, its pretty cruel how they retrieve the animal fur :(

  47. PETAh8r

    Peta is the dumbest thing ever. If they want fur let them have it. How about we skin the people who are appart of peta instead of trash the olsens.

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