Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen parodied by PETA (Hilarity not included)

December 11th, 2007 // 147 Comments

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s use of fur has severely pissed off PETA. Today they launched a new website named by, I’m guessing, an 8-year-old. It’s called “Meet the Trollsen’s,” and it lays out the animal lovers hatred for the stick-figured ones:

Some say that Hairy-Kate and Trashley are guilty of offending their fans with some major fashion boo-boos, but here at peta2, we think that’s the understatement of the year! The twins’ heartless decision to wear fur and include it in their new fashion line, The Row (more like “Death Row”), is worse than a fashion no-no–it’s cruelty to animals. The Trollsens have ignored our pleas to stop wearing fur–and have since added horribly ugly fur items to their new clothing line.

The above video answers “yes” to the age-old question of “Can Full House become even more unwatchable?” If you didn’t know who Futureman was before, get ready to earnestly wish you still didn’t. Now excuse me while I write a letter to PETA demanding they stick to ads featuring nude celebrity asses or else I start picking off manatees.


  1. kitty_kat

    At the risk of sounding totally trite, I think everyone is entitled to his/her own beliefs. That said, I find PETA incredibly self-righteous. Just because they feel that wearing fur is cruelty, doesn’t mean that everyone else has to. They’re always bullying the celebrities who decide to wear fur and I think its utterly childish. And now they’re targeting the Olsen twins?? This is ridiculous!

  2. Erin

    This is a silly campaign, but I think the aim was to steer away from the brutal video campaigns that it usually employs as that just repels people from their cause since no one can stomach it. I can understand where they’re heading with the idea, but yeah, it’s a little stupid.

    If any of you want to read a really, really interesting interview:

    It’s a real unbiased interview so you can hear about PETA’s purpose right from the founder. Judge her based on what SHE says, but not based on all the uninformed mud slinging that goes around on these forums. A lot of people are against PETA just because it’s a popular notion that they’re all nutbags. IMHO, Ingrid Newkirk has a very, very sound approach to her cause. Just read this interview before you make fun of her and her organization.

  3. Darth Hater

    What’s the point of parody if the targets are already jokes?

    @39 Your argument about the meat/leather use vs just using animal fur would have SOME merit, except PETA doesn’t think you should be able to eat meat or wear leather either, and likens pet ownership to slavery. I doubt the animals being killed for just for their hides would feel any better about it if they knew their meat was going to be eaten also lol.

    @46 You nailed it. These clowns value the life of a spotted owl over the lives of people.

  4. Borat

    A buddy of mine from college banged one of the little freaks a few times. He said when he was really going to town he thought he was going to break her. I guess her bones & hips would squeak and pop or something. Nasty.

  5. Josh Lavarn

    That douchbag future guy makes me so mad that i’m going to buy a fur coat because of this gayass video. Friggin these peta nuts should let loose more animals at petsmart so the animals can freeze in the snow and die.

  6. Josh Lavarn

    That douchbag future guy makes me so mad that i’m going to buy a fur coat because of this gayass video. Friggin these peta nuts should let loose more animals at petsmart so the animals can freeze in the snow and die.

  7. Amy

    @ 25

    Synthetic “human” insulin is now manufactured for widespread clinical use using genetic engineering techniques, which significantly reduces the presence of impurities. Eli Lilly marketed the first such insulin, Humulin, in 1982. Humulin was the first medication produced using modern genetic engineering techniques in which actual human DNA is inserted into a host cell (E. coli in this case). The host cells are then allowed to grow and reproduce normally, and due to the inserted human DNA, they produce a synthetic version of human insulin.

    This isn’t the 1920′s, people generally don’t use animal derived insulin anymore.

  8. whitey

    Did anybody see that episode of 30 Rock that had David Schwimmer as Greenzo? This is eerily similar.

  9. EveryonePoops

    32, how clever and original. Did you come up with that yourself? Oh no, I guess you didn’t. I seem to remember that as a favorite acronym back in the 5th grade. You know, back when humor was really sophisticated.

    The problem with PETA is that they are so garrulous with their advertising and campaigning, and they have so much money that they come off as THE face for animal advocacy. But most animal advocates who devote so much time, money and energy to non-profits have major disagreements with PETA’s practices. No, PETA doesn’t a lot as far as rescuing themselves, but they do manage to promote themselves (and whatever it is they do besides misinform/piss off the public) through so much merchandising (hats, mugs, shirts, etc).

    It’s okay to diss PETA, so long as you’re aware that they don’t represent most of the people who are out there trying to make a difference without trying to earn a buck!

  10. joe blow

    fuck peta

  11. Superevil

    WAAAAHHHH!!! STFU Peta. Human beings have been wearing fur since the dawn of civilization, some of us have evolved others choose to still look tacky.

  12. 12:51

    umm maybe if peta stoped pestering them just maybe the olsen twins wouldn’t wear clothes that look like they picked a dead animal off the side of the road

  13. Kelly

    PETA advocates alternatives to fur, but they’re obviously not desiring that this other clothing be created at sweat-shops. That happens all of the time with or without the fur market – and fur clothing is in this day and age something people just do NOT need.

    And who says the current fur-market isn’t akin to sweatshops, anyway? It IS, AND on top of that there is tremendous animal cruelty. So how about instead of making excuses for one evil, we try to get rid of as much as possible?

    # 59, and anyone else who thinks PETA is worthless or that the fur market is not such a bad thing, I think it’s your responsibility to be informed.

    The following video is extremely graphic; I actually became physically ill while watching it. Yes, it’s by PETA. It’s important to know where and how the practice of making fur clothing occurs, and thank God for whoever had the balls to record what is going on.

  14. Tellin Ya What I Know

    Makes a lot of sense!

  15. joe

    PETA is so annoying. I am going to eat veal every meal for a week. I might order two or three plates and just throw the extras in the trash.

  16. endoftheshityear

    Did those Olsen twins ever explain to PETA that they are actually wearing nothing more than their own monkey-hair that they shaved off their own backs and turned back into coats?

    And I don’t get it. Why did PETA use caricatures more flattering than what those marmosets actually look like?

  17. shankyouverymuch

    They should have killed ‘Futureman’ immediately, by repeatedly pounding him on the head with a bat till dead, ground him up, & feed him to the dog. Now that would have been worth while seeing. But this vid was as LAME as it comes, what can anyone expect from the NAZI’S at peta.

    I love REAL fur, there is NOTHING like it. It’s warm, soft, cozy, it’s a PURE DELIGHT! EVERONE loves real fur, no matter what peta does the fur trade will ALWAYS be around it may get smaller, but it will NEVER go away. In fact a lot of designers have started using it again because of it’s vastly superior qualities over fake fur.

    NAZI-peta can show me all the FAKE animal killing pictures & vids they want, it’s NOT going to change my mind ……. I LOVE ME SOME REAL FUR!

  18. Kelly

    #67, how can you say the “pictures” are fake? Fucking look at it.

    From the way it sounds calling you selfish wouldn’t deter you one bit. But making the decision to wear fur after seeing something like that would classify you, if you believe in objective moral values, as evil.

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  20. Ted from LA

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  21. Princess

    PETA, you can always rely on them to make themselves out to be the bigger asshole.
    I wear fur, i have a farm where my animals go to market, i love leather, i eat meat, i wear fur simply for fashion.
    if someone doesn’t like those things, then they shouldn’t do it, but it is my right.

  22. Princess

    “ugly fur items” = Ugly animals? what is PETA really saying here?
    obviously that Mary-Kate and Ashley should have used prettier animals. DUH!

  23. criscamille

    My indifference towards fur is overshadowed by my hatred of PETA.

  24. SUCKIT


  25. Romple

    Yeah that’s how you further your cause, by acting immature so that no one takes you seriously. Lame.

  26. ass

    fucking hippies

  27. Laughing God

    Oh PETA, you little rascal!! I think the Twins should gather up the remains of euthanized animals from animal shelters and make kaleidoscope capes for themselves to fly around the magical land of PEToria in!

  28. TheTenia

    The FACT is, that PETA actually advocates the elimination of most animals. Especially Livestock. In order to feed humanity a strictly vegetarian diet, we would have to eliminate grazing land and turn every available , tillable land into farm land. Where would all the cows, sheep, and chickens go? Where would the wild animals go for that matter?

    I personally hate the idea of animals suffering, for experiments or for fashionistas, but PETA has NO answers. Zero.

  29. I got a couple of cats PETA can come rescue, cause I’m about to stomp the shit out of them for being such PUSSIES!!!

  30. PETA needs to fuck off.

  31. PETA needs to fuck off.

  32. Some dumb shoeless brainless Brazilian woman.

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  33. Kim Johnson

    Hard to find any intelligent comments with all of the vulgar language. I have to admit that PETA does sometimes rub people the wrong way however, the point of the video – which it seems the majority of you are missing – is how the animals are killed. The majority of the fur from China is from dogs, skinned alive in most cases – what this video shows are racoons and other animals in cages watching and waiting to see their own fate. So while you may not agree with PETA”s tactics – there is a message here. And this video is real – the Humane Society has done plenty of reasearch also and has similar videos but they are not so “in your face”. You can get fur without brutally beating an animal and skinning it alive. Just an FYI – when you are trying to make a logical argument – the cuss words don’t really help your case. They just make you look stupid. Which is why I have personally discounted all of the comments made by those obiviously with low IQ’s

  34. Ted from LA

    Fuck yes. What Kim Johnson said.

  35. not a furfag

    Oh man, I love these PETA stunts, you can’t get good comedy like this anymore.

    But I really get a kick out of the fact that people actually give them money, as if they’ll ever be a credible organization. It’d be less futile to go back in time and prop up the world trade center with a 2×4.

  36. Lexoka

    God I hate those PETA morons!

  37. KH

    Hey Kim Johnson, you’re visiting If you’re expecting intelligent discussions about this topic on a site that revels in the mockery of celebrities, you’re seriously deluding yourself. Fur for fashion is terrible, but that doesn’t make Futureman any less of a self-righteous douchebag.

  38. @57 You are correct, it isn’t the 1920′s, or even the 1980′s pre-humulin. The point is that she survives by utilizing a method with roots in animal testing. Faustian indeed.

  39. I love markate! PETA fuck.

    Win tickets Monaco Grand Prix!

  40. Grace

    Peta cares more about being upstart assholes than animals.

  41. sam80

    People saying that everyone should be entitled to their opinion aren’t taking under consideration the fact that animals are of the opinion that they would prefer not to be skinned. Frankly, I’m suprised to see celebrities other than hip hop “artists” and J-Lo wearing fur.

  42. sidv

    Maybe Peta got it wrong. Everybody knows that when you’re anorexic you grow peach fuzz hair all over because the body is trying to keep warm. These two freaky looking Chihuahuas could be growing their own fur.

  43. EveryonePoops

    63, of course I think the fur market is horrible. And when did I say PETA is worthless? Before you make such absurd inferences, READ MY FUCKING POST!

    Not to personalize this, but I’ve worked for a non-profit animal rescue for three years now. I don’t eat meat, and I buy synthetic clothing when there are sensible alternatives to leather. I never buy new leaher products,I don’t eat meat, I am active in the animal welfare world, yadda yadda.

    Now, having not only read extensively on animal welfare and animal rights, and having lived like a pauper since I graduated from college so that I can at least try and make a modicum of difference by holding down a job that is a constant uphill battle, I think I have a qualified opinion of PETA. I know what they do, and more importantly in this case, what they don’t do. I never said that they are “useless.” But I can think of a few things that they could do with their massive bankroll:

    1) Become more active on a grassroots level by implementing PETA-run, no-kill shelters across the world. They could operate as a support shelter to the SPCA and county shelters by taking in 11th hour animals or finding satellite fosters until they’re adopted.

    2) At least provide financial support to the few shelters that do this. Give grants to sanctuaries that apply for them.

    3) Shove it up their ass.

  44. EveryonePoops

    83, I make sound arguments and I swear for emphasis. If you think swearing indicates low IQ’s, how do you explain the writing of Ulysses, and a shit ton of other “high minded works” written by authors who purportedly swore like fucking sailors?

    If you don’t like it here, go to a board that is moderated and where swearing isn’t tolerated. A Mormon or Jehovas Witness website might be a good place to start. I’m sure they’re full of people whose intelligence level is equal to yours.

  45. 991

    If the olsen twins were sexy looking PETA would ask them politly not to wear fur and to get naked for their campigns ( as they did to eva mendez ) but since the twince are not hot beta started making fun of them.

  46. titsonsnack

    Oh Peta, you’re so mature.
    PETA is nothing but a god damned money making scheme. Look at the poor puppies, now open your wallets. These people care nothing and know nothing about animals or actual wildlife.

  47. Kim Johnson

    #94 – I reference entry #74 – must be a rocket scientist – my mistake. To come up with such a mentally stimulating respone must have taken hours to create.

    And I am not religious. I was just baffled that so many can’t see past the stupid Olson video – for the real point they were making. I am just a regular Joe – that comes here to look at the silly photos and read the commentary but I am also an animal lover and the fur industry is really upsetting to me.

  48. lisad71

    PETA just needs to break out some old school fur protest moves. Like dousing the Olsens in red paint on a regular basis. That would kick their fur wearing in no time.

  49. Neverminder

    Bunch of hippies… plus I call shame on the editor or “special effects” damn! Rodriguez did his own editing in his basement for Sin City…. I know not the special effects but STILL!!

    and isn’t there a little copyright problem using this footage and editing it completely??

  50. adrien

    i’m no fan of peta, they could be extreme in some situations, but most of you guys… i don’t know, maybe because u are kind of retarded and yr eyes or ears are gone, whatever you want to or not, the celebrities are giving fashion business money, so god damn, other retards can buy this stuff. it’s all in fashion. they get money from animal’ s fur. now think about yr dog or cat, wouldn’t be a nice coat? it’s a home pet? doesn’t matter, so fuck you guys not peta in this case

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