Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

June 26th, 2004 // 3 Comments

Celebrity Justice has gotten their hands on some juicy information regarding a lawsuit between the Olsen twins and video game maker Acclaim. Turns out the twins are pissed that Acclaim failed to make a game using the rights to their brand name. Instead of being sued, Acclaim should be awarded some sort of medal for not forcing some piece of shit Olsen game on the world. Can you even imagine what that game would be like? I picture a first person shooter where instead of shooting, you SUCK ASS AND MAKE THE PLAYER WANT TO DIE.

Read Article [Celebrity Justice]

Olsen Twins 1
Olsen Twins 2
Olsen Twins 3 < -- Nice Outfits! (wtf?)
Olsen Twins 4
Olsen Twins 5
Olsen Twins 6
Olsen Twins 7


  1. OMG!
    I think that mary-kate && ashey are absolutly stunnin…ever scince they were young to now!
    ye obviously we all no they have lost alot of weight dnt we all at 1 point or put some on!?…ye!? we do even if it ent alot!
    &&..oh yeah ye there ya go well done u’ve noticed it…because there famouse! people onlii talk about there bad points..ever thikn your jelouse?
    &&no mata how much people saii ew and errr there too skinny…and shit like that just fuk off and think… u must like them alot more than you think if you go on there sight’s! to see them…
    even when they were younger doing films and stuff the were idols even untill today!
    everyone goes thro a rough patch at times…this is there’s and i think they look betta than evah &&[THERE HAPPY]
    so stop bitchin about them ye!…?

  2. Mary Kate and Ashley Brill, according to minutes of the film in New York (as coool!) But I lyk the hair or something, but I was playing style as usual gawjess

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