Mary-Louise Parker regrets topless scene

May 17th, 2009 // 116 Comments

Mary-Louise Parker regrets getting nude for the season finale of Weeds and claims she was “goaded” into it, according to the New York Post:

“I didn’t think I needed to be naked, and I fought with the director about it, and now I’m bitter,” the star of the Showtime series says in the June issue of More magazine.
“I knew it was going to be on the Internet: ‘Mary-Louise shows off her big nipples.’ I wish I hadn’t done that. I was goaded into it.”

Ha! Look at her big nipples! Now, what’d she just say?

NOTE: Pic links to NSFW versions despite the fact they encourage cleanliness.


  1. Zee Brat

    It was a great episode. Her nipples are fine. Mary Louise Parker kicks ass.

  2. Zee Brat

    I’m sorry, I meant, FIRST!!!!

  3. rorro


  4. Kodos

    Be proud, you silly twat!

    Now go smoke some pot and fucking relax, will ya?

  5. ya

    haha ya her nipples are fine but I remember that episode the whole scene felt pretty forced

  6. bossdj

    It’s not so much that her nipples are big as her titties are small….I’d still wreck it.

  7. Jay

    What has she got to be ashamed of? It’s not like she’s got breasts.

  8. Adam

    Her character on that show is so gross because of who they have given her as love interests.

  9. Lil

    A woman shouldn’t be “goaded” into anything she doesn’t want to do. It was very demeaning the way the article was written, it just goes to show that MOST men have no self-control. Yes, a woman should be proud of her body regardless of what it looks like to others, but it’s hers and no one elses’, she should make the choice if she wants people to see it or not.

  10. justifiable

    #5 I also remember the scene – she’s talking to her brother in law and he says, “I can see your boobies”.

    I got that since she knew she was walking into a life or death situation, pretty much anything else she did other than try to figure out how to stay alive didn’t matter a damn. She was invulnerable to something that she normally might be upset about. I can understand how she might have regrets after the fact seeing the pics online, but she has no reason to.

    She’s an amazing actress, beautiful, so are her nipples, it’s the body insecurity that’s not.

  11. Hilsy

    Yeah, #8, do you remember the hispanic guy she boned in the alley? Did anyone else notice he was wearing tan tighty whities? Maybe they thought no one would notice. It would have been fine otherwise but it looked like he was wearing spanx. I’m listening to Michael McDonald.

  12. WTF

    Sad how self-conscious women are when they actually look normal.

  13. Funeral Guy

    I’ve never seen this show but her nipples are very lickable. I’ll start watching if she shows her pussy.

  14. b

    I was so fucking uninterested I didn’t even bother to click on the full size. Call me when you get some Heidi Montag titty pics.

  15. anyway

    #11 Oh so her character is “gross” for fucking latinos, blacks and Matthrew Modine but NOT for 1) dealing and growing dope to keep an overpriced home in a stuck-up wasp-y community 2) completely fucking her kids’ lives over because of the fallout from that 3) smothering her mother-in-law for her house 4) making a guaranteed income deal with a murdering drug lord because she doesn’t want to have to work at a regular job and 5) turning a blind-eye to human trafficking in underage girls? Nice to know what your standards are.

  16. Yoda

    Hmmm…I wonder if she regrets doing the full frontal scene in Angels in America where she showed off her huge bush to the world? I have no sympathy for any skanky whore who takes her clothes off for money then whines about it later. She could have said no.

  17. anyway

    #15 Sorry that comment was for #8 not #11.

  18. oh neil

    why does she car about the finale bath sex scene when she had that long drawn out fuck scene with the mexican mayor/criminal half way through.

    i heard the director’s comment saying the bath scene was necessary to show her vulnerability. it also helped push along the ‘andy loves nancy’ storyline

    so stop whinging.

    ps. #15 she is gross for fucking matthew modine. that dude looks weird as hell. doug hit the nail on the head. what guy that age still has blonde hair?

  19. She looks amazing! What’s the big deal?

  20. cureholder

    She is one of the sexiest women in the world. She just has that certain something. Amazing.

  21. Wow

    Hey, look at her big nipples!

  22. 2-legged dog

    She’s not the only one who “regrets topless scene.”

  23. No matter what size they are, each time you see a new one is a renewed pleasure,,,Thanks Mary Louise, hope you get over your regrets!!!!!

  24. lezebel

    she’s delicious. erm, i mean a damn good actress. yeah.

  25. Zippy

    I like her nipples. Some whipped cream on them would be even better!! She was topless in Grand Canyon too.

  26. SoTe

    She looks fine, she’s crazy! Plus, it was deffo not the first time I saw her nekkid on Weeds, her favorite sport there is fucking and she appeared naked several times, as well as her son YUMMM!!! I love Weeds.

  27. How odd. What does she have to regret? She has beautiful breasts.

  28. I bet they’re very supple and moist.

  29. NastyBedazzler

    Yeah she’s hot.

    And like #26 said, this definitely isnt’ the first time she went topless on Weeds.

  30. bdc88

    Small, but pink nipples…..Weak as far as calling them big…More like Lindsay Lohan……Pink Raisins. Good, but its common,

  31. What

    Her nipples could be a lot bigger.

  32. FTJ

    Her nips are great. But the show eats ass. Largely because she’s a shit actress.

  33. 1moreidiotintheworld

    apparently she was paid well enough to do the scene……”goaded”?! Puhleeze…..

  34. LPB

    She sounds like a pain in the ass.

  35. a wholotta girls wanna be “ROSIE”!!

  36. Kimberly

    Big areolae pride!

  37. sergio

    I see this on the beach by my flat every day. Big ones, small ones, young ones, old ones. It’s not a big deal. The fact that she’s even worried about it shows she’s a prude. But I guess that goes without saying. Americans are prudes, generally, aren’t they?

  38. what a big tits she have


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  39. C

    This from a woman who hasn’t ever smoked weed.. by her own admission. She is on the wrong show. I smell a Catholic.

    Kudos for her staying attractive though and not becoming FAT like most American girls past 25.

    FAT means you don’t want a date, girls. Burn that into your brains.

  40. mikeock

    big deal. they’re just tits.

    Small, firm, delicious tits.

  41. chick

    She looks fantastic – especially for the age for 44!

  42. FACE

    She would have done us all a favor and held out for dignity rather than go the typical Hollywood white whore route. SHe wasnt doing anyone a favor. THese white bytches can kill me with their attitude that showing posty white tits is some kind of prize for everyone to see.

  43. Mr. Mayer

    Don’t worry, deary, it’s art. Art that boys will whack off to for decades to come. You’ve elevated your gender, and yourself. Now shut the fuck up and realize that the only reason you make the $ at all is that you’ve been willing to exude sex for decades.

    What, you thought you were fucking Van Gogh, or something? Please…

  44. Perfection

    Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom.

  45. Jim

    I’d fap to these. Oh wait, oh ok. I did.

  46. Geraldo Rivera

    She has nothing to worry about. While I’m turning her tight little ass into an extension of the Lincoln Tunnel I won’t even be able to see her tits.

  47. norton

    Nice tits…. and even better nipples.

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