Mary Louise Parker calls off engagement

April 9th, 2008 // 55 Comments

Mary Louise Parker, the hot mom from Weeds, called off her engagement to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Smiley McMoustache above, according to the AP:

Parker, who plays an upscale suburban marijuana dealer on the Showtime comedy, ended the relationship with her actor fiance, according to a person close to the former couple. The person, who requested anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the relationship, said the couple had differing lifestyles, but that Parker holds Morgan in the highest regard and hopes they remain friends.

While it should be illegal to break up with a man with a moustache, I’m amused by the headline to this story: “Parker ends engagement, AP told.” Apparently the Associated fucking Press felt it necessary to point out that they have exclusive celeb gossip. Hats off to you, chaps! More importantly, what kind of friend calls the AP to spill the beans on your relationship? That’d be like me calilng CNN to tell everyone my roommate’s girlfriend has the clap. Which she does, and I’m still waiting for a callback from Anderson Cooper. Ring, damn you!

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  2. nerdkiller

    oh man. ever since weeds i just wanna have sex time with her. u know how some girls will let u fuck their mouths. like not blow u, but u can pump their face hole and they actually love it, u know? I totes think she’d be cool with that, like it even. me and her a bathroom stall at balthazaar or some place, and i’m mouth eFing her and she loves it. part of my body is changing right now.

  3. jerkin_jersey_boy

    Is that Bababooey? Sorry Gar…….

  4. Count Fatula

    Ooooooooh… he’s super gross. I can’t decide which is more bewidlering: her taste in fiances, or the fact that she has made like eleven hundred movies where she’s a fag hag.

  5. Jake

    Wow.! She is one hot spanking weed smoking, pot selling WLIF. I give props to her. But why ever get involved with Jeffrey D Morgan. Am I the only person who thinks that he looks like a slightly overweight Robert Downey Jr? I saw Morgan on Jimmy Kimmel Live when that Watchmen came out and I thought it was Robert Downey J.

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