Mary Louise Parker calls off engagement

April 9th, 2008 // 55 Comments

Mary Louise Parker, the hot mom from Weeds, called off her engagement to Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Smiley McMoustache above, according to the AP:

Parker, who plays an upscale suburban marijuana dealer on the Showtime comedy, ended the relationship with her actor fiance, according to a person close to the former couple. The person, who requested anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the relationship, said the couple had differing lifestyles, but that Parker holds Morgan in the highest regard and hopes they remain friends.

While it should be illegal to break up with a man with a moustache, I’m amused by the headline to this story: “Parker ends engagement, AP told.” Apparently the Associated fucking Press felt it necessary to point out that they have exclusive celeb gossip. Hats off to you, chaps! More importantly, what kind of friend calls the AP to spill the beans on your relationship? That’d be like me calilng CNN to tell everyone my roommate’s girlfriend has the clap. Which she does, and I’m still waiting for a callback from Anderson Cooper. Ring, damn you!

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  1. Hydro74

    Holy shit … FIRST?

  2. Ted from LA

    This is so sad. He did some great porn in the 70s.

  3. pwned

    he asked for a prenup

  4. toolboy

    I never like Tony Orlando. Tie a yellow ribbon around my nut sack.

  5. They White Urkle

    I’ll admit she is pretty hot, but what is up with those knees? They look like elephant knees!

  6. ZoomBoy

    Well now that Denny is single again he can become un-dead and go fuck Izzy at Seattle Grace.

  7. havoc

    Ummm… can I say this?

    So The Fuck What?

    There we go.



  8. havoc

    Oh and nice shine on those shoes Mr. Moustache.


  9. lulu

    I <3 Weeds. That show kicks fukin arse..

  10. oJAEflo

    Just an FYI, JDM there looks like he does (the ‘stache, a few extra pounds) mainly because of the character he’s playing in 2009′s THE WATCHMEN. He’s playing The Comedian, and it looks pretty bad-ass.

  11. Auntie Kryst

    Mary Louise Parker is a talented actress and Weeds is really good show. With that going for her, you can’t expect she will settle for just any old moustache ride. You gotta bring it dude!!

  12. “the couple had differing lifestyles”

    Read: She stopped blowing him on demand.

  13. She’s great on the show, but a real fruitcake when it comes to real life.

  14. FromOutOfNoWhere

    Damn, I hope when she says “she holds Morgan in the highest regard and hopes they remain friends.” that she really means in man talk “she holds Morgan in the highest regards and hopes they remain fuck buddies on a daily basis”, otherwise I would be pissed to lose that

  15. FCS

    She’s cute. nice gams

  16. lipper

    The dress is really odd.. can’t decide if I like it or not. Is it made out of leather? Freaky bitch. I like that in a woman.

    I think knees in general are rather odd looking and its more of an oddity to find someone with really “nice” ones.

  17. nipolian

    My favorite episode is when Jeffrey Dean Morgan becomes Johnny Bravo, starts wearing beads and sets up his bedroom in the basement because he has become to cool to room with the others.

  18. Anexio

    Mary louese parker is not a bad bperson so I dont under why you make fun of the kness. shes not at all like the other preg woman spealling but theya are standing in the same directions. mys bosses have a mustach and I like it more or less but cant have one at all or ever because of hwho i am which is fine becasue I live with my self.

  19. deacon jones

    C’mon people
    “Different lifestyles” aka “He had a terrible coke problem” or “The bitch laid there like a wet rag and never blew me”

    One of the two. Keepin it real

  20. Ash

    He’s so gorgeous why anyone would want to end anything with him, I’ll never know.

  21. Auntie Kryst

    @20 Right on!! Anexio where you been? Randal, meet the master.

  22. Kangoolari

    Proof, once again, that not even a hot man can carry off a porn star ‘tache :P

  23. your mom

    Isn’t he the guy that plays her dead husband on Weeds???

  24. Anonymous

    Right on dude, you dodged a major bullet. NEVER get married. Marriage is a fucking prison.

  25. noone

    THER IS A GOD!!!!

    as we speak im on a flight to hollywood! and its not for a moustache ride.
    time to get me some milf ass

  26. adeliza

    Who gives a rat’s ass?

  27. Who broke up with Chigurh from “No Country For Old Men?”

  28. shanipie

    Now why would any straight woman break up with a man with facial hair as HOT as that?

    Poor thing, she must be crazy.

  29. ToTellTheTruth

    Umm…who gives a motherfuck?

  30. Mariliis

    yay, his free now. i’d date him. He is hot without the moustache…

  31. Obvious

    Who the hell are these people and why should I care?

  32. Mellie

    @20 > U said it! Everyone make damn sure listen to what Anexio has to say from now on…they have the right idea here…

  33. ch474

    Differing lifestyles … either he’s doing gay porn for career advancement or she’s a friend of Dorothy, with weekly group meetings.

  34. dan

    now’s my chance! and she totally sells weed! boo ya!

  35. Flavio

    oh damn I’m so glad. look at the that fucking mook! how does such an insanely hot, cool chick like MLP end up with a troll like that? jesus, glad he was able to crawl out from under the bridge to make this photo-op. damn, I like Mary Louise Parker, she is soooo foxy!

  36. Kim

    I have a top just like that to cover my huge hips. I did not know some wear it as a dress lol!

  37. redsonja1313

    while that mustache HAS TO GO…the dude is actually really HOT !!! and I am very happy he will hopefully be prowling the streets of LA sometime soon !!!!!!!!!

  38. redsonja1313

    while that mustache HAS TO GO…the dude is actually really HOT !!! and I am very happy he will hopefully be prowling the streets of LA sometime soon !!!!!!!!!

  39. huntington hearst

    i read somewhere commenting is just about to become a federal felony.
    we’re all going to be treated for comment addiction. when not allowed
    to comment, they had a fit. comment withdrawal. very serious problem.
    all comments must be positive, uplifiting and upbeat, not critical.
    it might hurt someone’s feelings. artists are very sensitive people.
    and sometimes they do hate us for loving them.

  40. Josh

    Given that she is always kissing and hooking up with the most disgusting guys on Weeds, I would have thought it would be him calling it off.

  41. washington

    Can’t think of a hotter MILF than this woman. She’s like 43 or something.

  42. lame

    good shit lollipop

  43. herbalsmokey

    is season 4 even in production??????? how they gonna leave us hanging like that?

  44. 1 MILF Hunter

    I thought that was Ron Jeremy.

  45. lambman

    Awwww I hope it was her decision. Mary seems like such a sweet woman, and she is so freaking hot and talented. Weeds is just about the funniest thing on TV lately and she’s had it rough what with getting dumped while knocked up not too long ago and now this..

    but its ok because


  46. lambman

    26 – yes he playes her dead husband on Weeds, and the dead boyfriend on Grey’s Anatomy and the dead father on Supernatural

    apparently his agent doesn’t think he can pull off “alive” on screen

  47. Bleak Jackson

    Maybe not the best bod for such a short shirt. Wherever will she find a guy like that again?

  48. Dakota

    that guy looks like Pablo Escobar. print that

  49. MysteryMeat

    that guy doesn’t know how lucky he is.

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