Mary-Louise Parker steals boyfriends

Mary-Louise Parker is currently dating 35 year old singer Charlie Mars, but according to an angry e-mail sent to Defamer, Mary-Louise reportedly “stole” him from his girlfriend of three years not unlike a situation to happen that happened to her with Billy Crudup. Here’s what she wrote:

“Readers may find it interesting that actress Mary Louise Parker who was dumped late in her pregnancy five years ago went on to rip apart the three year relationship of her new boyfriend Charlie Mars and his then 25 year old Mississippi girlfriend.
Early June Mars was still in a relationship with news anchor Lindsey Brown who is a journalist in Meridian Mississippi. Mars and Brown met while Brown was finishing up college at the University of Mississippi. It was Brown who helped Mars move through his substance/drug abuse problems he has battled for the last decade.
You would think a woman who suffered so greatly at the hands of a man would work to make sure other women aren’t betrayed the same way…”

The note ends with “ladies beware, cougars have no shame.”

I know it’s always easier to blame the other woman in these situations, but listen, ladies, as someone who has cheated multiple times, I can honestly say that you’re absolutely right. If a woman offers to have sex with a man, it’s basically impossible to turn her down and therefore completely her fault. It’d be like expecting a fish not to swim or a stripper not to have a secret asking price for a handjob. Some things are just nature.

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