Mary-Louise Parker steals boyfriends

September 28th, 2009 // 63 Comments

Mary-Louise Parker is currently dating 35 year old singer Charlie Mars, but according to an angry e-mail sent to Defamer, Mary-Louise reportedly “stole” him from his girlfriend of three years not unlike a situation to happen that happened to her with Billy Crudup. Here’s what she wrote:

“Readers may find it interesting that actress Mary Louise Parker who was dumped late in her pregnancy five years ago went on to rip apart the three year relationship of her new boyfriend Charlie Mars and his then 25 year old Mississippi girlfriend.
Early June Mars was still in a relationship with news anchor Lindsey Brown who is a journalist in Meridian Mississippi. Mars and Brown met while Brown was finishing up college at the University of Mississippi. It was Brown who helped Mars move through his substance/drug abuse problems he has battled for the last decade.
You would think a woman who suffered so greatly at the hands of a man would work to make sure other women aren’t betrayed the same way…”

The note ends with “ladies beware, cougars have no shame.”

I know it’s always easier to blame the other woman in these situations, but listen, ladies, as someone who has cheated multiple times, I can honestly say that you’re absolutely right. If a woman offers to have sex with a man, it’s basically impossible to turn her down and therefore completely her fault. It’d be like expecting a fish not to swim or a stripper not to have a secret asking price for a handjob. Some things are just nature.

Mary-Louise Parker Cooks Naked-Like for Esquire

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  1. udunome

    first, l still luv her

  2. dumb

    all your comments are dumb

  3. Amy

    She looks like she steals farts.

  4. hmm

    Total MILF.

  5. Richard McBeef

    I would ruin that MILF ass.

  6. See Alice

    Hell has no fury like scorned women .

  7. Kangaroo

    She is an elegant beauty with a devilishly crooked smile. I want to cornhole her.

  8. Tricia

    She looks insanely good for 45.

  9. 420Urruhday

    I’d probably fuck her if we were both stoned.

  10. Mr. Sensitive

    When a woman hooks up with a guy and takes him away from his pregnant wife/girlfriend, yeah, she’s pretty sleazy (it goes without saying that the guy’s an asshole). But when there’s no pregnancy or other family concerns? That’s called a breakup.

    “It was Brown who helped Mars move through his substance/drug abuse problems he has battled for the last decade.” — what, so now he “owes” her and has to be her boyfriend forever? Classic claw-hooks female thinking. Thank god there are enough sluts around to help remind us that our cocks should do the deciding.

  11. duh

    sometimes the guy doesn’t want to do you anymore and wants to do somebody else. deal.

  12. Jus Regular ole Crackers

    Butter Face double bagger with skeletor hands in a Barney dress.
    She is a 2 on her best day, next…..

  13. I found the news anchors twitter page.
    Whos following her is more interesting than her tweets.

  14. Yeah, well. More importantly: that bow. What the FUCK was she thinking.

  15. Spinner

    Ha she does have a twitter page 150 followers.

  16. The Rough report

    *Mwaaaaaa* “Mary Louise stole my BF” sound like someone needs to read some positive poetry every day…

  17. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    I would do blow from her ass.

  18. stealme

    She can steal me any day. Wife/ kids — see ya!

  19. Artdealer

    After seeing pictures of both the news anchor and this one…this guy is into horseface’s.

  20. Meghan

    Cougars have no shame…….hahaha awesome! I don’t understand why women go after the “other woman” though, I get the anger part, but the guy actually hurt her, not MLP. Perfect reason to forget him!

  21. So Right

    I have actually heard this about her. I heard she relentlessly pursues men without any concern for their girlfriends. But the men have a choice as well.

  22. Prof

    Well, It doesn’t seem that they were married so someone can’t steal your man if he’s not really yours in the first place. It’s nice and all that Brown stood by Mars during his drug issues, but seriously that doesn’t mean you own the person forever. Ladies leave men for other guys everyday and the only thing those guys hear is man up, deal with it, get over it, and move the fuck on. I think both sexes can benefit from that advice.

    P.S.- I was a Weeds fan as soon as I saw “Nancy” fuck the shit out of another rival drug dealer to resolve a dispute in season 1!



    and it’s not just the dress. NAAAASTY!!!!

  24. mike

    i saw charlie mars open for flickerstick in raleigh in 2004, and m.l.parker is HOTTTTTT
    so, this is of interest to me

  25. Greg

    He probably would’ve agreed to hook up with both. You’ve gotta think creatively!

  26. Stephanie

    Loved her in Fried Green Tomatoes, hate her in Weeds. Season One, Megan’s dad about Silas: “Your son is a FUCKING LOSER!” most believable line in the series. I hate this show.

  27. Daniella

    I don’t really care about this story. But I have to mention something – does nobody else notice how lop-sided her breasts look?

  28. puhleez

    It’s so awesome when a chick gets pregnant to try and force the relationship to the next level and the guy has the spine to leave her!! Nice try, biyatch!

  29. I totally agree with #11.

  30. Whippet

    Mary-Louise Parker? Isn’t she married to Peter Parker aka Spiderman?? Everybody knows that!

  31. Joe Really?

    Her tits look lopsided because of a bad choice in dresses and a lack of a bra.

    She’s almost 20 years older than me and I’d still love to bend her over a couch..

  32. testington

    I dunno how much this is her fault. My guess is the guy had a chance with her insanely hot ass went for it without telling her he was dating a local news woman in Mississippi, how the fuck would she know he has a girlfriend out of state?

    #23 um I’ve seen her tits on Weeds and they are quite nice

  33. Randal(l)

    I don’t see the problem here. Did I miss the part where she drugged the guy and date raped him. Or the part where the guy said “No! No! I have a girlfriend. stop making sex at me you sexy lady.NOOOOO!” I could be wrong, but isn’t a “Mississippi girlfriend” the same thing as an “Alabama cousin” or a “Texas I’m banging my sister.”


  34. Hefe

    I love this vapid bimbo.

    So fucking hot.

  35. Friend

    I know the news anchor this story is talking about, and she would be horrified to find out that a friend would give a tip like this. She is probably one of the classiest women I have ever met, and she always cared very dearly for Charlie. She’s probably having a terrible day today.

  36. ha

    I buy it. I’d switch sides for her, so I could see a guy leaving some ditzy hick to be with her.

  37. Red Ruffensor

    Ever seen her do an interview? She’s a totally stuck-up bitch, and her boobs really are cockeyed.

  38. Keith

    Um, 95% of relationships start while one or both of the individuals are in an existing relationship. You leave an existing relationship because you found someone or something better. That’s the way live rolls. That news anchor needs to go back to life school.

  39. I had to look it up to make sure but she really is 45. Too be that hot and that old is confusing to me but sticking my dick down her throat would probably clear a lot of things up for me..

  40. Joe Mama

    I would break a refrigerator with that ass.

  41. I usually don’t condone “stealing men”, but I love Weeds, so… I ain’t mad.

  42. she looks so elegant..

  43. I am a big fan of her,but i am very disappoint to heard that she search a new boyfriend.

  44. nADA

    If a woman offers to have sex with a man, it’s basically impossible to turn her down and therefore completely her fault.


  45. Darth

    I don’t know what the current mental state of the guy is.But that’s not bad for a 45-years old woman.

  46. Nero

    Slightly a butter face.Works her ass off to stay in shape.Probably bangs like a locomotive stampede to keep younger men satisfied.

  47. Her breasts have shifted all outta whack and just need to be readjusted, like in “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid.” Nice job, if you can get it.

  48. Io

    why do women always want to blame the woman when their man cheats? what? did she rape him? clearly miss mississipi was not tiger or cougar enough or he wouldn’t have started sniffing around elsewhere. people always want to blame others instead of a little self reflection. don’t get me wrong, I hate hearing about people being hurt like this, but lashing at at MLP won’t change anything, nor is it all her fault.

  49. Oh, and Fish graciously featured M-L’s recent photo spread from Esquire ( Maybe the breast detractors will have a different view of her ass.

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