Martina Stoessel Doing Bikini Things and Other News


Sofia Vergara “posed nude” for Women’s Health magazine… sort of. [Buzzfeed]

Who is seriously this obsessed with Kendall Jenner? [TMZ]

Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci will return once Jupiter, Neptune, and Planet Beach align… to bang more Fox News correspondents. [Dlisted]

And the battle for “alt-history slavery programming” begins! It’s practically its own genre at this point. [WWTDD]

All signs are pointing towards Bill Cosby going to jail for the rest of his life. [EvilBeet]

Uh oh, somebody has video of Kanye West talking about drugs and how he might lose Kim’s nipples… [RollingStone]

Don’t forget that Emperor Hogbody only ran so that he could have a chance to leverage his own network… welp… here are some baby steps towards 1984. [Vox]

Miley Cyrus is a huge Britney Spears fan. [BreatheHeavy]

Watch the new trailer for Angelina Jolie’s movie that she may or may not have displaced Cambodian kids to make. [Perez]

James Van Der Beek remembers when Katie Holmes got taken into Tom Cruise’s spaceship for the first time. [US Weekly]