Martin Shkreli Is Acting Like A Penis Again

Yes, this guy is still around and doing stupid shit. Martin Shkreli, the guy who gloats about making yacht-loads of money off of people with AIDS while live streaming himself playing League of Legends and jerking off in his basement, has weaseled himself back into a conversation about hip hop music. This time he’s getting people to hate him more for leaking a couple seconds of Lil Wayne’s Carter V album while live streaming himself playing Pictionary and looking like a total clown.

Seeing and hearing anything about this weasel makes me want to shove a wolverine in my pants, but what bothers me even more is- WHO HAS TIME TO ACTUALLY WATCH THIS DUDE STREAM HIMSELF PLAYING PICTIONARY? There are tons of people logged into that chatroom, what the hell is going on here?! He’s been called “the most hated man in the world” by literally everyone! EVEN MIKEY!

mike pence2

“I don’t trust him. His beady little eyes move too fast and he smiles too much. Mother says smiling is for the homo-folk.”