Martha Stewart makes up with Donald Trump

May 22nd, 2006 // 44 Comments

martha-trump-gift.jpgMartha Stewart and Donald Trump had a recent fallout over Martha’s version of The Apprentice, but apparently they’ve patched things up after Martha called up Los Angeles baby store Petit Tresor and bought a fake fur baby blanket for Donald’s new son, Barron Trump. Her rep says:


  1. Orchid

    First! Martha rocks my face off.

  2. go_the_swannies


    both of them are losers anyway

  3. Lou

    Thank God this was waying on my very soul!

  4. tinybaker

    want to hear my gift? at the age of 16 Barron shall prick his finger on a spinning wheel and suffer a fate worse than death: being poor

  5. IFuckingHateYou

    I was hoping these two would have a fight to the death and we could at least get rid of one of them. My whole fucking day is ruined now that they’ve made up, thanks a fucking lot Donnie & Martha.

  6. M@ce

    Why orange man have dead groundhog on head?
    M@ce confused.
    M@ce SMASH!

  7. M@ce

    @1 weighing
    M@ce SMASH bad spelling!

  8. BarbadoSlim

    Fucking FAKE FUR!!, shiiit I expect better from Martha, she is capable of going out there and trapping, gutting and skinning any animal that’s fur carrying….with only a sharpened stone.

  9. I wonder if Martha offered The Dildo a new brocade hair piece? Anything would be better than that hideous rug he is sporting there.

  10. aus101

    I think that Donald is wearing the fake fur blanket on his head in the photo.

  11. BarbadoSlim

    Donald had better accept her apology. Since coming out prison she’s been carrying a very stylish and functional shiv from her Prison Essentials line.

    Available at all Federal Detention Centers and Wynn Dixies.

  12. Ari

    @5–Not only is she capable of all that, but she’d then take the meat and prepare it as a tasty main dish (complete with radish rosette garnish) for an elegant dinner party!

    I hate both of these people. I was really hoping for some sort of death-match.

  13. BarbadoSlim

    @9..hahahahaha…yup and she’d probably do it while on the field, taking down trees and processing them to make tables, and invitations, she’d also mine the minerals to make her own steel for cutlery with her BARE hands and shit.

  14. jinxie

    has anyone else noticed that the only baby store these celebrities shop at is this Petit Tresor??? I can’t imagine why she didn’t spend some of her precious time making a handmade pair of booties or bonnet for baby barracuda, ya know cause she wanted the gift to be so special and unique.

  15. Italian Stallion

    She didn’t buy him shit, she made that herself. Who would have known Martha had that much chest hair…….

  16. sikofdis

    Right on #9 w/the death-match comment. The only thing that would suck about a death match between the two of them, is that they couldn’t both die. I was hoping for a toxic waste leak or something.

  17. gas_up_the_hrududu

    Doesn’t Trump’s wife have an extra fur coat the little carpet-muncher can make million-dollar turds on?

  18. Jacq

    “Very special and unique.” I bet that’s the first kid to get a hand embroidered pillow that says “Fuck you!” with little bumble bees and flowers around it. Definitely scores uniqueness points in my book.
    I’d send him berber carpet remnants and tell him to use eyeshadow to blend around is hairline.

  19. Jacq

    #14 – He wears chinchilla-lined diapers so his little ass doesn’t get a rash.

  20. I used to hate Martha, but ever since she spent time as a jailbird… well, she sure has gotten prettier.

  21. gammanormids

    If she want something special and unique, why didn’t she knit it herself?

  22. PapaHotNuts

    I hope she sends Brittany’s baby a helmet.

  23. Italian Stallion

    To show Donald isn’t mad at Martha anymore, he gave her a pearl necklace………

  24. TrannyGranny

    He named his fuck-trophy Barron? As if I didn’t have enough reasons to hate 2nd generation rich people. Strutting around, pretending their daddy’s money is something he made himself. Barron? Did this asshole think the extra “r” would make him cool? I hope trump gets leprosy.

  25. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    WTF? She BOUGHT a gift? Isn’t that a cardinal sin according to the Book of Martha? I think it was a big FUCK YOU to Don. And why didn’t she buy a gift from her Martha Stewart collection at KMart? That shit is only good for us commoners, isn’t it, Martha? Yeah. Bitch.

  26. Giggles

    Most people don’t give a gift and then put out a news release. IT’S ALL PR, PEOPLE. They’re both phonies.

  27. BarbadoSlim

    I would pay real money to get the chance to punch Donald Trump in the face, twice, then go back in time and do it again. I wish, I was punching him in the face right now. I’m not kidding.

    I need some coffee.

  28. krisdylee


    (Martha Stewart Loves The Clit)

  29. Pearly

    Ugh I hate them both. The only punishment harsh enough for these two spoiled monsters is to have to be married to my ex for a year (or maybe K-Fed).

  30. saltpeanuts

    I guar-an-damn-tee you that this was a backhanded slap at The Donald. Fake fur, fake hair…

    Why didn’t she just get him a blanket made from the hair of 50 of her closest inmate friends? THAT, my friends, would have been unique and much more fucking personal than a store bought blankie.

  31. Jack

    I’m eagerly anticipating the day when Trump’s boy, Barron, meets mine, Der Fuehrer.

  32. Star Maker Machinery

    The only gift Donald likes is pussy and not the stretched out, childbearing kind (take note, Melania).

  33. SpecialAgentWind

    I am quite surprised Martha did not express fresh breast milk for the little tot – so I am not buying this publicity “make up” gift.

  34. krisdylee

    Can you imagine the *gulp* “lovemaking” that created the spawn? Melania, on her back, eyes closed, with the phrase “imagine Colin Farrell” in her mind over and over again. Donald, toupee falling over his eyes, sweaty, thrusting over and over, “do you like that Melania? Does it make you hot?” His lips pursed, ready to come… “ooh ooh, here I coooommmmmeee” and Melania thinking “he’s worth a bajillion dollars, you can do this…” and she says “oh, MY GOOOOOOOODDDDDDD”….. and he collapses on top, and she thinks “is it worth it??”

  35. TrannyGranny


    Do you really think it took that long, kris?
    Trump seems like a chronic premature to me. I have visions of Melania scraping spunk off her leg with a spatula, and smearing it in her cooch, like runny spackle.

  36. BarbadoSlim

    I’ll take a ditto on that vomit.


    You guys are gross, you should be ashamed of yourselves. :)

  37. Pearly

    yeah, that was a visual I didn’t need… actually two visuals, I’m going to go puke now…ugh

  38. dark

    Why don’t she give him a carton of Newports? Then he could buy anything or anyone he wants.

    Bitch did not learn a DAMN thing in prison.

  39. GuyLeDouche

    I’m confused; if Martha has graciously handed over her second-favourite merkin to wrap around the fruit of Mrs. Trump and the filipino pool boy’s loins, then why is that oaf wearing it on his head? Is this some kind of rich people etiquette? We peasants get drunk and silly and wear women’s panties on our heads, but they actually plonk each other’s pubic wigs up there? Wow.

  40. Cristanthymum

    Did Martha buy it on an after-season clearance sale? I don’t personally wrap my baby in ANY blanket in the freakin’ SUMMER!

  41. Martha loves her merkins, as does the Donald. He wears his merkin on his head and Martha Stewart gave the Donal a Merkin blanket for a birth gift. Martha needs to instruct the Donald that the merkin is worn between the legs and not on the head.

  42. Martha loves her merkins, as does the Donald. He wears his merkin on his head and Martha Stewart gave the Donal a Merkin blanket for a birth gift. Martha needs to instruct the Donald that the merkin is worn between the legs and not on the head.

  43. Martha was doing interesting things today with the Bundt pan and especially interesting was the orange bundt merkin made from sweet potatoes and dyed cunt hair. It was just too too and all the drag queens in the audence loved her orange glo look, on her head and between her copper stantch lips.

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