Martha Stewart hates Egyptians

June 8th, 2007 // 107 Comments

Martha Stewart was on her way to make an appearance on The View Tuesday when she noticed she was being followed by a police cruiser. When her car stopped at the studio, it was surrounded by officers and her driver was promptly arrested. Page Six reports:

A visibly upset Stewart went up to her dressing room and, according to a source, “started shouting loudly to an assistant over the phone.” The domestic diva yelled, “How could you do this to me? Don’t you do background checks on people? He was Egyptian! What do I pay you people for?”

Hmm, right, so apparently Martha Stewart pays her people to make sure she doesn’t hire any Egyptians. I’m pretty sure that’s illegal. As is cutting off somebody’s head and wearing it like a mask. I think.


  1. She thought the feds was on her again for more insider trading.

  2. anna


  3. honeycomb's_big_yeahyeahyeah!

    Egyptians are good for only one thing. Supple cotton!

  4. Pokemon_Johnson

    her driver should stop making crack deals in the company car

  5. She and Paris should go to the pokey together.

  6. Sheva

    What’s the big deal? Martha had a contract with a company to hire terrorists who would plot their next attack from her garden.

    Someone decided this was one too many illegal aliens terrorists from Egypt. I hate when that happens.

    Someone call bloviator Ted Kennedy. We have to help these people.

  7. mia

    Fucking racist.

  8. jakebarnes

    Haha classic line:

    “What do I pay you people for?!”

  9. wedge1

    How stupid do you feel now anna?
    And how stupid is Martha Stewart’s assistant anyway? Didn’t she know that the driver was supposed to hail from Pakistan and not Egypt?

    Throw your cell at her Marty!

    And for more relevant and exciting news, Paris Hilton, a rep from the sheriff’s office, and the prosecuting attorney are meeting with Judge Sauer at 9 AM PDT to put Paris back in jail and to cite the sheriff with contempt of court!
    Check it out here:

    Go get ‘em Judge!!

  10. honeycomb's_big_yeahyeahyeah!

    A moratorium has been declared on announcing that you are “first”.

    Especially retarded-looking when one is not.

  11. wedge1

    Fuck. The link got cut off. Here it is again:

  12. George

    If people did background checks…they wouldn’t hire you…Martha, the convicted.
    Thank god you have money or this could be you.

  13. Al-Abib

    All Egyptians are terrorists so the police did the right thing. FUCK EM ALL!!! Goddamn dot head motherfucker should all die.

  14. Al-Abib

    All Egyptians are terrorists so the police did the right thing. FUCK EM ALL!!! Goddamn dot head motherfuckers should all die.

  15. YouRang

    #11 Please let the judge be angry, and please let him set a standard. Please Please Please Please Please Please PLEASE!

  16. Why is it illegal to not want an Egyptian to drive you somewhere?

    celeb drama:

  17. YouRang

    #11 Please let the judge be angry, and please let him set a standard. Please Please Please Please Please Please PLEASE!

  18. The Superfish guy is on coke

    What? This story doesn’t make sense. This is definitely one of those “Three’s Company” jumping to conclusions situation.

  19. Fuck you Martha Stewart. How smart could you possibly be? You spent more than 3 days in jail, you dumb bitch!

  20. RichPort

    Knock knock…
    Who’s there?
    Egypt who?
    Egypt me, I want my money back!



  21. DahliaRose

    She should have known he was an Egyptian by the way he walked.

    I hate her she is just a white collar criminal and not a very nice person.

  22. woodhorse

    So what? One of those middle Eastern guys sells me gasoline each week. Sometimes he says some interesting stuff and we talk a few. On the other hand, she should be in East Texas and have to run in to Fucking Gypsies – curse them all (and then just try to find your wallet)and their last name of “Blue” and their septic cleaning jobs (“we are a people without a country – we don’t pay taxes”)and God help you if one of your kids is in the hospital at the same time as one of theirs…..that’s a whole other story.

  23. cosmetologist

    Man, she looks terrible.

    Can’t she afford a face lift.

    We call the hairdo she has the poor woman’s face lift because she is trying to cover her face with all that stringy, damaged hair.

  24. jokadrma

    This, like Paris Hilton calling Sarah Silverman a bitch … is not news, and not funny. TheSuperficial is usually brilliant, but these little flashes of mediocrity give me worries of Mad Cow.

  25. I heard the guy was planning on usurping the pharaoh.

  26. Nick A.

    Well, I guess it’s safe to say that Martha won’t be teaching anyone how to sketch hieroglyphics on their own homemade papyrus anytime soon.

  27. veggi

    OH rich port. thank you.

  28. The_Squizz

    Don’t pick on Martha. Don’t we all hate Egyptians?

  29. The_Squizz

    Don’t pick on Martha. Don’t we all hate Egyptians?

  30. The_Squizz

    Don’t pick on Martha. Don’t we all hate Egyptians?

  31. RoboHobo

    26 Bern I want to usurp the huge tits on your blog.

  32. Dan

    THIS SITE IS RETARDED and these articles are written by spoiled brats. You dont have to be a fan of Martha Stewart to know that by drawing a sarcastic reference to arab/muslim terrorists cutting off real heads to Martha’s upset regarding her Egyptian driver, in this day and age, givng your reference to her cutting of his head metaphorically, is just pathetic. The writers makes their nasty comment with some false air of being above it all. Faking it aint being it. To the person who wrote that piece (of garbage) JOIN the Army and go and fight the terrorists and see the humans left on the roadside before you compare anyone to an arab terrorist. You own remark was racist to arabs too once you used that comment of Martha “cutting off his head.” How sick!!! How pathetic!!1

  33. RichPort

    So DAN… which madrasah did you attend you fucking terrorist apologist?

  34. Chauncey Gardner

    “Martha Stewart hates Egyptians.

    In a related story, Father Time hates Martha Stewart’s face.”

  35. orderly conduct

    ^^ I thank you for that.

  36. DrJava

    Did he walk like an Egyptian?!

  37. She didn’t give a shit that the guy was Egyptian, she was upset because they didn’t background check somebody from a country that has a lot of people on the terrorist watch list. Not a huge Martha Fan, but I’d be pissed too if I hired anybody, Driver, Nanny, etc… who wasn’t background checked.

  38. Proud Egyptian

    Stupid Bitch i hate her egyptian people are the the best
    what the fuck and for thoese assholez thing wer terriost fuck you

  39. lambman

    Is the Egyptian guy an illegal alien or something? Cause if so then she’s totally paying whoever hired him way to much, and by way to much I mean she shouldn’t pay them anything.

  40. Nando

    Bitch needs to get her ass back to jail and get stripped off of all of her money.

    Fucking cunt!

    I hate it when people are so racist like that.

  41. #41, Nando,

    Not withstanding that she wasn’t pissed because she is racist she was pissed because somebody who was on a watch list as a possible dangerous person was non background checked….

    It isn’t racist for her to single somebody out that is Egyptian. It would instead be singling somebody out because of their national origion. They don’t list the races as Black, White, Asian, Egyptian.

  42. Petite

    Anyone who imigrates here from Egypt should be watched very carefully.

    The FACTS don’t lie or “mislead” the public…There have been a lot of terrorist come out of Egypt to attack people in countries around the world.

  43. Joseph


    I’ll bet you a million dollars she said “He was a GYPSY!”, not “He was Egyptian!”

    It makes the rest of the story way more understandable, too.

  44. Dan

    So RichPort, go work on your reading comprehension. If you did not understand my post, you dont have to be nasty. If you are the high school kid who wrote the piece for the Martha pic…sorry to upset you. We still have to fight to regain freedom of responsible speech.

  45. shanipie

    I’m sorry but are we really surprised she would say atuff like this?

    She’s a bitch. We all know this. We all feel bad for people who work for her.

    wow you mean she’s also racist? Shocked, I’m just shocked.

  46. Sam

    No. 13… Egyptians, dot-heads? Wrong country. Actually, wrong continent.

  47. RichPort

    @45 –

    Dear Dan,

    Please feel free to visit and look up both SARCASM and SENSITIVITY. Many thanks.

    Best wishes,


  48. Skip Smith

    Don’t mind Dan. He’s just upset because the imam botched the female circumcision on his daughter.

  49. Yourfairytale

    I’m Egyptian and I can say, because of it, I’m 1,000 times hotter than this blonde white bitch. She’s just jealous she’s not exotic and beautiful.

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