Martha Stewart’s Roasting Justin Bieber

“Welcome to the jungle, baby, you’re gonna dieeeeeeeee…”

Last fall, Martha Stewart wiped the goddamn floor with Gwyneth Paltrow without breaking a sweat, and now she’s taking it even easier by doing a cake-walk through Justin Bieber’s Comedy Central Roast:

Keep in mind, Martha Stewart bakes quiches for a living, yet is still harder than Justin Bieber will ever be and that’s without factoring in the nickle she spent upstate. You can leave that entirely off the table, and people would still pick her over him for a drive-by. “Let’s see, Miley Cyrus or some bitch baking muffins. Miley Cyrus or some bitch baking muffins … I’mma have to go muffin bitch. Gimme muffin bitch. Damn, are these boysenberry? This was the right call.”

Photo: Getty