Marlon Brando exposed

*marlon_brando_thumb1.jpgA new biography of Marlon Brando reportedly features a photograph of the star engaging in oral sex with another man. The book, Brando Unzipped, says “From Rock Hudson to Vivien Leigh, from Bette Davis to Cary Grant, Brando slept around, even managing to seduce two of America’s First Ladies.” Publishing group Blood Moon insist the image of Brando and a male lover is treated “tastefully”. A spokesperson said, “We ran it at a tasteful two inches by one and three-quarter inches on page 404.”

Well, the only thing that could make this story any sexier is if it somehow involved Danny DeVito and a Slip n’ Slide. I’ll remain skeptical till I actually see the photo, simply because you’d think a story like this would’ve come out a lot sooner, before Brando was conveniently dead. Also because I have a hard time picturing him as the Knobfather. But maybe Brando made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

UPDATE: This may or may not be the picture in question. The only thing I know for sure is that it’s incredibly NSFW and makes me feel all confused inside. Thanks to everybody that sent this in.


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