Mark Ruffalo’s brother shot himself playing Russian Roulette

Mark Ruffalo’s brother Scott reportedly died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The two suspects in the case, Brian Scofield and Shaha Mishaal Adham, were cleared by police after presenting evidence that Scott Ruffalo was playing Russian Roulette on Dec. 1, according to Adham’s attorney Ronald Richards. The AP reports:

“This was an accidental shooting by someone that plays with guns,” Richards said. He credited police with being “more than impartial with the facts.”
Richards said Adham, a friend of Scott Ruffalo’s, had gone to the hairdresser’s condo to retrieve keys to her sport utility vehicle, then fled the scene.
“A series of wrong decisions starting with her not staying at the scene of the shooting caused an incredible chain reaction of stupidity and bad luck,” Richards said. He said she received poor legal advice from other attorneys before her surrender.
Richards said no charges would be pursued against Adham. A police sergeant said more information would be released Wednesday.

Scott died yesterday at a Los Angeles Hospital. Mark issued the following statement: “Mark Ruffalo and his family deeply appreciate the outpouring of prayers and support during this most difficult time of the passing of Scott Ruffalo, beloved son, brother and husband.”

Photo: WENN