Marky Mark Met Cool Pope

“So then I said to fahkin Chahlene, I fahkin said, ‘As Pope fahkin’ Francis as my gahddamn fahkin’ witness, I will fahkin’ prove that fahkin’ Tahm Brady didn’t deflate no gahddamn fahkin’ footballs because Tahm Brady is a fahkin’ champ!’ So she says, ‘Ain’t no fahkin’ Pope gonna give no fahk about fahkin’ football.’ Well, who’s laughin’ now, Chahlene? Who’s laughin’ now?”
“This-a not a little boy with-a the cancer, is it? Fuck-a me-a.”

Mark Walhberg doesn’t masturbate which gives him superhuman strength to stop 9/11, so more than anyone, he deserves an audience with the Pope. And so he got one and used it to make a joke about Ted which, I’m not gonna lie, is exactly how I would’ve played it. Assuming this video ends with Marky Mark asking the Pope how many kids he can fight his Tupperware car because I honestly didn’t watch it. Are you kidding me? I’m not the one stuck in an office. There’s a Playstation right over there.

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Photo: Getty