Mark-Paul Gosselaar Responding To 2013 Situations As Zack Morris Is Why We Internet

Here’s Mark-Paul Gosselaar on Paul F. TompkinsSpeakeasy where he’s asked to react to 2013 situations as Zack Morris despite having two Manhattans and clearly sick of talking about Saved By The Bell which makes it all the more amazing when he pulls it off along with theories that make all the ones about Breaking Bad still look fucking awesome because I’m not even going to joke about that. You shut your face. In fact, if I had to pick a reason why Al Gore and I even invented the Internet (Besides the primary one of this Alice Eve GIF.), it was to foster an environment where a comedian forces Zack Morris to respond to Catfish and Crossfit. Because I distinctly remember saying to him, “Okay, Al Gore, soon to be vice president, once we’ve perfected these bouncing boobs what we need to do next is somehow make lovable scamp Zack Morris, a walking embodiment of the excess of the late 80s/early 90s, respond to future technology and social mores such as it’s acceptable to be gay, and we no longer shoot them when they try to crawl in the window- SHIT! DUCK! *fires shotgun* But, first, let’s look at those bouncing boobs again because I’m still not happy about the jiggle. Get me numbers on that jig.”

h/t AV Club

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