Marisa Miller still wearing a bikini (Now with more nipple!)

January 21st, 2009 // 87 Comments

Here’s Marisa Miller on the second day of her Victoria’s Secret photo shoot in St. Barts. As his first act as president, I’m pretty sure Barack Obama made this happen – with his mind. Trust me, I took a course in college once. I know how politics work: MAGIC!

EDIT: Added Marisa’s bikini malfunction while swimming in the ocean. It’s almost like her nipple is pointing to God and saying “Thanks for not making me a lame-ass ear!”

Pic links to NSFW version which almost might be worth getting fired for.


  1. JT

    Sweet Jesus

  2. Clem

    Boing!!!! I wouldn’t mind hanging out the back of that!!!!

  3. Dave ain't here, man

    Not sure if anyone will notice, but she’s rather nice-looking.

  4. havoc



  5. Delgo

    what a bod, dude.

  6. Deacon Jones

    Perfect. Take some notes ladies.

    I thought those cans were natural until I saw Pic 11. My ex had a boob job and that divet on her right tit looks awfully familiar.

  7. Kelly Leak

    Marissa Miller looks like a work of art, like a sculpture. I don’t think it would be unreasonable or hyperbolic to say that she might have the world’s most perfect body. I think you could make that argument. And her face is supercute. I like natural looking women with a band of freckles across the bridge of their nose.

  8. lauren

    could she have a better body?! i’m jealous. i might look like that if i wasn’t too lazy to work out :\

  9. Camel

    Finally there’s an attractive girl in this world of fat ugly bitches. All you fatties and uglies start working out until you look like this. Oh Ellen’s on? Okay start right after that. You fat fucks.

  10. Uncle Jesse

    Nothing hotter than a skinny chick with big boobs.

  11. Nippleless in Illinois

    Why is it still starred on my computer?!?!

  12. Johnny Come Early

    Fish, it’s still starred. You didn’t NSFW it…

  13. Jonny D

    Don’t tease us with nipples if you won’t remove the star. How dare you.

  14. Pancho

    Actually, I’m not sure that god made those boobs.

  15. perfect 10

    good thing there’s still all those pics of her from her early nude days floating around. get rid of the star, fool.

  16. tv infomercial

    Damn. I need another shamWow! to clean up the mess I just made.

  17. Hefe

    The fat, jealous cows that lurk on here need to take serious note of this chick’s rockin’ bod and strive for nothing less than this.

    Get in the gym, fatties!

  18. Clem

    Upon review I think that you are never going to better this story. Either keep this story on top or just shut the site down.

  19. i m just sayin'

    i always thought those were real, but pic 11 seals the fate… their fake :(

  20. ktb

    It’s like what you ask a stripper…are those real, or just real nice?
    It is possible to get a kick ass boob job, if you have the cash.

    I’d eat her pussy and let my husband watch.
    I bet it tastes like cotton candy, yum!

  21. Bryan

    On third click of that picture, it should be star-free, and it isn’t.
    Get that star off, dammit!

  22. Pat

    If a woman’s curves make you anxious and afraid, this girl is definitely perfect for you.

  23. wahhhhh!

    Thanks alot. Now I’m fired. My boss was fine with the pics until I clicked on the larger version of the “bikini malfunction” (which I call a “bikini functioning perfectly”, btw). As soon as he saw the big red star, he fired my ass.

    P.S. Ya might wanta fix that. Or is it just my computer?

  24. Half

    Honestly? Not a big fan of her face. Her figure is flawless – absolutely flawless. her face? Well… I’d just hope that she had a great personality.

  25. friendlyfires

    he nipple is still censored by the red star, genius, lay off the mountain dew and pay attention

  26. Guy


  27. Dr McNasty

    How could you people say that what’s-her-face Miranda is wayyy toooo skinny when Marisa Miller is actually thinner, she just has more boobs.

    I don’t have a problem with either of them, personally. But if people are going to make comments about how Miranda looks malnourished and hasn’t eaten in months and all that bullshit, why don’t I see these comments here?

    I’d fuck them both til they break, like I said, I don’t give a shit. But what’s with the double standard here?

  28. shawn

    wow, what a tight bod

  29. morga

    Wayyyyyyyy too skinny.

  30. Cock 'n balls


  31. Justin

    What’s with the STAR still showing up on the blown-up version??

  32. testing

    she is freakin hot, but a bit too tan in that way that makes her skin look dirty and smudged, if she started using less bronzer and more spf she would be perfect

  33. boobs equal healthy

    The body is amazing, the face not so much, it’s decent, but it’s not like anyone will ever look at her face anyway so i gues it doesn’t matter.

    #27 People equate boobs with health since they are all fat and feed babies and shit. This girl may well starve herself and smoke her ass off and Miranda may actually be naturally thin and may eat well and live a clean life, but this chick has giant boobs so she’s autmoatcially “healthy”. Lots of girls have boddies as thin and toned as Marissa, but they have small boobs. Marissa and Kate Hudson have equally lean boddies except that one has a D cup and the other has an A cup.
    When guys and girls say they want/like a girl with “curves” they really mean they want a thin girl with big boobs. I love how people tell thin girls to eat a sandwhich like that sandwhich will somehow help her grow a rack. I developped really really late and I was always thin and lean and peopel always went on about “you’re so thin , eat something, are you annorexic? blah blah blah” and then when I developped my C cup everyone was oh you look so healthy now” it’s fucking irritating as crap my body weight didn’t not change a damn I still had an 18BMI bit all that happened was I grew some boobs, I was always healthy, always worked, I just got a rack. It’s just pathetic how dumb people are, just admit you want girls to be super lean with big boobs and stop pretending you give a sht about how healthy people are. I was extremely sick for a while and got down to 100 pounds, but I still had big boobs so eveyone still thought I looked really healthy and couldn’t believe I was sick, but if you removed my boobs everyone would be going on and on about how sickly I looked.

  34. Erica

    I don’t think I’ll ever look like that..

  35. JoeSchmoe

    Her boobs are fake. When she started with Victoria Secret she was a B cup, now she is a D. She looks good, though, so I don’t care.

  36. Major butterface. Her nose is nasty and she has an old lady version of Jessica Simpson’s, Why do girls with faces like that always have big boobs? She also tans way too much and it’s wrecking her skin, but obviously her body is the perfect hourglass. I find when she is dressed she’s not that impressive, she is the kind of girl who looks best in a bikini but in a dress other women outshine her easily.

    In the words of wise Al Bundy “Ladies it’s not your dress that makes you look fat, it’s your FAT that makes you look fat.”

    Here she is in a dress, she looks OLD and those big tatas look damn saggy when they are held up by a strong bikini top:

  37. nipple lover

    Hey where’s the NSFW version??? It’s still starred!

  38. kingofbeer

    thanks for the shot of the star, real great!

  39. simplicity

    click it again…


  40. simplicity

    click it again…


  41. me

    #27??#33? boobs are not just fat..still you made ur point, crazy anorexics

    if marrissa is a D then why does victoria secret cather to B’s and C’s…hardly nothing much in D and when they do they are way more ecpensive than the A, B &C

    descrimination! and false adversitinG! those bras are designed for A cups with all that padding! VS sells bras to flat/small chested ladies who want to look like Ds

  42. me

    #27??? boobs are not just fat..still you made ur point, crazy anorexics

    if marrissa is a D then why does victoria secret cather to B’s and C’s…hardly nothing much in D and when they do they are way more ecpensive than the A, B &C

    descrimination! and false adversitinG! those bras are designed for A cups with all that padding! VS sells bras to flat/small chested ladies who want to look like Ds

  43. Lou Mascis

    Her tits are real. She’s hot. None of you have ever even gotten within sniffing distance of a piece of ass this hot. You don’t agree with me you’re a faggot or a fat ugly girl and that’s a fact. She has naturally pretty face. You want to see an ugly face go look in the mirror. If you can’t appreciate something this beautiful then you need to go back to looking at your German scat sites and pretending like you’re grossed out. Dumb ass motherfuckers. This site sucks.

  44. Sherlock Holmes

    Sorry, I do not see a nipple. Only a red star. Does anyone else see a nipple? Help me out Fish! Am I missing something?

  45. Aja

    She is too tan, bad for the skin. She looks wrinkled facewise, but great body. Miranda Kerr is better though.

  46. my comment

    She’s rather boring.

  47. Richard McBeef

    If you see a star it’s because you are gay.



  49. Delgo

    Dude, relax.
    Hit up tiava or somethin’, christ.

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