Marisa Miller Nude in ‘Room 23′

September 24th, 2009 // 87 Comments

Marisa Miller recently posed nude for British GQ, and here are the previously unpublished shots that appear in photographer Deborah Anderson’s new coffee table book Room 23. I encourage everyone to purchase a copy because this writer believes in supporting the fine arts. Particularly when it involves a naked butt in a shower that gives me an erection so hard tanks piss themselves out of fear I might stab them. I mean, bravissimo!

NOTE: Some photos are NSFW/strong>, or Communist propaganda if you’re Glenn Beck.

Photos: Room 23

  1. Jake


  2. meh

    Haha Jake….. you’re not.

  3. bert

    just jizzed…..just jizzed

  4. It’s amazing how many people stupidly run their mouth about Glenn Beck that obviously never listen to him or read any of his books. It’s sad how uniformed so many of you are.

    By the way, dude, you’re usually pretty funny- but that joke didn’t even make sense.

  5. pimp

    i would eat the corn out of her shit just to see where it came from.

  6. ___

    HAHAHA Jake’s a fucking fag!!!

  7. Jupiter

    Poor, poor Jake :)

  8. Jake

    Yes, it’s true. I am a douchebag pillow biter.

  9. Ashley

    These are so ridiculously old.

  10. Stan

    ehh…no cock…not interested

  11. JPRichardson

    I’ll never get tired of saying it: Marisa’s body is so close to perfection you can’t tell the difference… I ADORE this woman.

  12. Lance

    #13 is more full of shit than that last photo

  13. dude_on

    In an effort to alleviate the bogging down of this comment with the esoteric nuances of art appreciation, and why I covet these images as an expression of true meaning, I’ll simply express my admiration in the form of a boner. Bravo.

  14. timmy the dying boy

    You know, pic #4 could be a body double, but who cares?

  15. The Gorgeous One

    I thought that pics were gross. She is way too tan and skinny. Yuck!

  16. The Gorgeous Two

    Cheap porn filmed at an expensive Las Vegas hotel suite, so what else in new.


    i like how the guy who says we are unINformed spells it wrong



    i like how the guy who says we are unINformed spells it wrong


  19. She’s pretty…but what’s wrong with her ribs in pic #2? Looks painful.

  20. Hugh Gentry

    I would eat her poo

  21. Spud McKenzie

    somebody needs to take your STAR TOOL away! Is just an ass your coverin up, geesh! They show more than that on TV!!

  22. Well, my room is #114 and I’d like her to be nude in there, too.

  23. amymichelle26

    I’d rather see Glenn Beck naked.

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  25. Al

    Glenn Beck hates the planet!!! It’s true he is trying to convince you all that global warming is not real. Who will you believe.. him or the scientific and academic community?

    PS the scientists you see on Fox News are as real as the doctors you see on the Hydroxycut commercials

  26. She’s so sizzling hot.

  27. WOW…very big , bold and sexy.

  28. assman likey.

  29. marissa

    (instead of fatty fat fuks like britney).

  30. Scott

    All I can say is WOW! The dude that is playing “mash potatoes” with that is one lucky SOB!

    About the Beck comment, though, Come on?

  31. I hate red stars..

  32. blame it on ROUGH DADDY

    Im blaming the photographer for her hottest…

    Say? didn’t Kim K had a similar ass ramming shot in her first Playboy pictorials…

    Base on pic 4 I think MM might be able to help me smuggle some precious bones out of JFK airport….

  33. Matt

    This site is sneaking more and more political leftist comments. We don’t care, skip it.

    It’s about as fraudulent as your fake article ads, and when you criticize people for saying Tila Tequila had it coming, as you mock and ridicule death and other tragedies with no noticeable moral qualms.

  34. Douchie, don’t you usually smuggle bones out of airports in your mouth?

  35. Paul

    I think it’s sad (scary?) that anyone that watches FOX “News” considers themselves fully educated and informed.

  36. havoc



  37. farles chew

    I’m looking at a hot woman’s fine ass, and some douche is going on about Glenn Fucking Beck. FAIL.

  38. blame it on ROUGH DADDY

    lol at “bones” stirring up some deep feeling in Backwood Bitch….

    Hey Backwood Bitch, you’ll never believe who I got a call from. Yep Mark Foley, but I didn’t listen to the message as of yet…

  39. ana

    She looks hot. That should be enough.

  40. AmericanWhiteTrash

    Hey #27 – Eat a bag a of shit. Take your gay politics elsewhere. Carry on..

  41. #6 – Uniformed? You mean like a cop? You are the perfect candidate to be a Beck fan.

  42. B

    “[random hottie] nude pictures” means something entirely different than “[random hottie] shows as much skin as if she were at the beach or in Maxim”.

    Please, for the love of baby Jeebus, stop saying “[random hottie] poses NUDE!” when she doesn’t expose anything that a bikini would keep covered.

    Especially when it’s Marisa “so goddamn hot it’s just not fair” Miller.

  43. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    I wish we could’ve had a shot of her mudflaps.

  44. scooby


  45. clpierced

    Wow these are sexy pics! i like how they arent slutty, more seductive. totally hott :)

  46. boogermeister

    just to clarify (in my mind) those snaps were at my condo (which I don’t own) and she actually wrote on the mirror “Marisa was here and wants to come back often” (but she really didn’t).

  47. zzzzz....

    you could carve granite with her jawbone in pic 1. sorry to say it, she looks leathery to me.

  48. Douchie, we all know about your proclivities for “bone” smuggling in airports, usually the one in minneapolis. Although with you the ‘deep feelings’ they stir up are more like a throbbing/choking sensation in your throat. Mark Foley called you? Must need someone to help write letters to little boys again.

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