Marisa Miller nude in British GQ

July 13th, 2009 // 88 Comments

Here’s Marisa Miller taking a bath in the August issue of British GQ, and all I have to say is, thank God she’s not pregnant. Seriously, if I look at one more occupied uterus, I’m going to give myself a vasectomy with the first thing I see. *looks at lawnmower* Make that the second thing. Second thing.

Click Here For NSFW Version

Photo: GQ UK

  1. devilsrain


  2. jakester

    Why the censor star? So lame. So weak…to add when clearly not needed. Not to mention in Europe that would be nothing to censor in the first place, even if something was showing. F**k that whole NSFW unless it is porn.

  3. mj

    Me and my mate Marissa now have something in common…..

    We both love blowing bubbles

    Peace out hommies…. MJ..!!

  4. Disgruntlordd


  5. chellllly

    what does NSFW stand for?

  6. Harry

    Her body is still to die for, but the face is starting to look its age. That just means she’s gone from being a 12 to an 11.

  7. Automated Response

    Fucking Schwing.

  8. #9

    No Slut Fears Wieners

  9. JD

    It’s not topless if there are no nipples.


  10. lizzy

    her face is fucking gross, why don’t people see this.

    but yes, her body is incredible.

  11. lori

    Why would anyone wear that much makeup in a bathtub? Why do guys think fake breasts are sexy? This photo looks cheap and not sexy at all.

  12. Hotbox

    LOVE IT.

  13. confused

    I come to your site, and i click on the pics… ok, fine. I’m hooked… why the need to put stars on a picture when there is clearly no nipple. it makes no sense. you already have the audience. they are already going to click on the picture, why lie to us?
    i have noticed this has been happening more and more often.
    it is dirty.
    shame on you.

  14. Jefe

    Are you SURE there was a reason to ‘star’ her private parts?


  15. guy rossi


    Women who are insecure like you always bitch about hot chicks. You are hating on a babe. Thats the difference between men and women. Girls see a hot girl they find something to hate the hot girl for. Guys see a guy get alot of girls the guy thinks “That guy is cool, I need to be like that”

  16. Good thing I banged this chick when I had a chance. Oh wait, that was a RealDoll. My bad. FUCK!

  17. Ariana


    Okay. Next time I see Holly Madison, I’ll think “That chick is cool/hot, I need to be like that.” ^_^

    You know what the difference is? Society has made women go to great lengths to look “hot”. Most celebrity men don’t have that problem.

    Go fap to bolted breasts and plastic surgery tard. GG

  18. Ariana

    Oh but yea, she has a killer bod $

  19. Richard McBeef

    fat. barf.

  20. Richard McBeef

    @7 – nipples should face west

  21. Alyssa


    Thats why she was in perfect ten

    God, Id bury myself in her tatas all day and Im a chick.. she’s so hot.

    There was an article in NYT saying Angelina was every straight woman’s lay of choice, but she is way hotter.

    id just be worried that she may feel a little.. hard bodied.. especially her abs…

  22. become lesbian

    i would become lesbian to suck on her titties :/ shes that hot

  23. cavy

    13. lori

    Um…..maybe…just maybe…because it’s a friggin’ photo shoot – aka: a fantasy photo shoot….Christ on a cracker!!! LOL

    I think she’s gorgeous – she’ll be my thinspo this week!

  24. cavy

    18. guy rossi

    I agree! I’m a straight female, but I can appreciate how utterly stunning Marisa Miller is…hot damn!

    Whenever I feel like quitting exercise or eating junk, I’ll think of her! She looks so healthy and vibrant….I admit, I’m jealous, but, unlike “Lori”, I would never tear this gorgeous woman apart. I agree….women like Lori are just insecure!

  25. Hotbox


    Those that believe society and the media need help. MOST men do not think like that, and prefer natural beauties, not frankensteins.

    Marisa just happens to be one of God’s near-perfect creations.

    Celebrity men? Hahahahah! Walk down the street and you’ll find plenty of men equal to/better than those dweebs.

  26. Katie

    hawt.. haha!

  27. phildo


  28. qwestiump

    Okay, seriously, who is she?
    I’m being totally straight up- how is she known?
    (I mean, aside from the obvious…)

  29. brit

    @30 she’s a Victoria’s Secret Model.

  30. whoisshe

    She the girl that makes your cock go BOING….!!

    Ridgidity at it’s finest.

    Fancy a pearl necklace love?

  31. hey!!

    I’m a girl and I got all excited to see Marrissa – cause she’s obviously so hot and you bastard you got my hopes up! Don’t put stars if there’s nothing there!!

  32. Valkyrja

    Hot photo.

    I want to lick her entire midsection really slowly until she lights on fire.

    Yep and I’m female. And yep I’ve done so before. and then some.

  33. Wow…great photo… I am still in aww.

    How to Get Taller

  34. Yeah

    I see either a shadow or about one fifth of a giant brown areola. Which is it? Regardless, I second any and all comments calling this bitch ugly or disparaging fake tits.

  35. Crappola

    “…chiggity-check yourself, before you wreck yourself…”

    Clearly the photo was not NSFW. Unless the writer obviously busted a nut at the mere sight of a woman’s cleavage showing more than 3/4.

    In which case, I suggest he stop masturbating to Maxim.

  36. Plastic much?

    her face is so photoshopped it doesnt resemble human skin in any way. it’s a good thing you men are stupid enough to fall for these fake images of humans since that’s all you’re ever going to get i suppose..

  37. her face is so photoshopped it doesnt resemble human skin in any way. it’s a good thing you men are stupid enough to fall for these fake images of humans since that’s all you’re ever going to get i suppose..

  38. pure evil

    I wonder, when, and if the superficial writer actually becomes a father, is he going to be hiding and sobbing outside the hospital, clutching this picture of Marissa Miller. “I still want you Marissa! please, I cant handle reality!!!!” pulls out gun BLAM!. Hope springs eternal.

  39. rbv

    so do you star these just to get extra ad clicks?

  40. chas

    I have nudes of marisa when she just started out posing topless. It appears her breasts are larger now.

  41. Those things look breastacular for a small skinny chic…

  42. shitontheworld

    NAKED? What a queer. Whoever posts the pics & stories(don’t know if it’s just 1 retard a group of them) should shoot themselves ASAP. This site used to be cool, it used to rag on these celebrity shitbags, now it just promotes them like everyone else. Sure, the site’s creators still feign disgust at the douchebag celebrities, but really all this website serves to do is cram this pseudo-pop culture down America’s collective throat. Superficial sucks now, the name only serves to describe the personalities of those who post this trash.

  43. bevo

    Was this labeled NSFW because you work at a monastery? You were taught by the brothers to fear all forms of femininity.

    You should fear naked side boob because that much plastic surgery is an abomination of god’s will. Thank you for looking out for us and preventing us from incurring god’s wrath.

  44. Darth

    Blowing bubbles in a hot tub,that’s cute.What’s her age?

  45. lbu

    her arm looks WEIRD

  46. Gando

    Doesn’t she like to play with rubber ducks?

  47. Rhialto

    The standard hotel bathroom.First door on the left.

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