Marisa Miller in an assload of bikinis

October 14th, 2009 // 64 Comments

These are the latest shots of Marisa Miller in the Victoria’s Secret Swimsuit Catalog that have been making the Internet rounds. If you’re wondering why I’m posting these, obviously this is your visit to The Superficial, and I hope you come back and visit us again soon. Preferably whenever the next post goes up. Lap dances don’t grow on trees. — Yet.

Photos: Victoria’s Secret

  1. e-rock

    @ kramer- Well she had a damn good platic surgeon, because its not SUPPOSED to look like implants. She has a decent pair, no doubt, and they may have been real ten years ago, but they are NOT anymore. I maintain they are fake, and this is coming from someone who has them. So believe me, I know. I highly doubt you are an expert on the subject. She still looks good though, but if you want to believe they are real, continue your illusion. She appreciates, Im sure.

  2. Xania

    How old is this women? 43? goz she looks that age.

  3. Xania

    ow..? she just 31 years old? sorry i don’t belive this, shes older i an sure.

  4. kramer

    e-rock, shut up

  5. Shila

    she is sexy …..,.

  6. e-rock

    @kramer- what a response, wow, Im floored. not sure why I even bothered.

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  8. I wouldn’t mind releasing my load on her.

  9. FakevsReal

    Those of you who think Marissa has fake breasts haven’t followed her career. (“I can spot them a million miles away” — gimme a break). One of her first big breaks was with Perfect 10 magazine which doesn’t allow models to have any plastic surgery to be done. She won second place with the magazine’s Perfect 10 model search in which all the contestants had to get checks including mammograms. Do a search on Perfect 10 and Marisa Miller. She is blessed with very good genes. Don’t hate. Appreciate.

  10. Olyve kutto from kenya
    Commented on this photo:

    Kimi u re ma idol i realy wana see u but am from kenya ma no is 0718732037.YOUR FOTOS ROCK

  11. Moriano
    Commented on this photo:

    Yea true but I check online for it : ) I love kim kay I support yu follow me on twitter preemo’

  12. Chulicious
    Commented on this photo:

    Hey Kim pls cum to Africa again n open a clothing line we Africans love the kadasianz outfits! :)

  13. Agnes
    Commented on this photo:

    U guys are my role model,kim,kurtney and kloe I love u guys wish I can u see u guys one day.I watch keeping up always,and u guys ROCK!

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