Marisa Miller in a bikini

January 20th, 2009 // 53 Comments

After Miranda Kerr had her chance, it was Marisa Miller’s turn to pose for a Victoria’s Secret photo shoot in St. Barts yesterday. As someone who’s got his finger on America’s pulse, I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is probably the most awesome and important thing that will happen all day, folks. All day.

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  1. Obama

    I agree. All day.

  2. Soyeah

    She has a perfect body. This is a good way to start the day.
    I think that Obama will get assasinated today and it will be blamed on either a terrorist or some backwoods psycho when it was really an inside job. President Biden?

  3. Derek

    It would be a shame if obama does get assasinated before he can screw up and go back on even more of his campaign promises

  4. War Horse


  5. JPRichardson

    Marisa has the best body among current VS models. By far.

  6. NipTuck


    If only I could look like that.
    Too bad.

    Not everyone can look good.

  7. havoc

    DAYUM ……….


  8. sicasso

    it would be a sad day if marissa miller were assassinated.

    worse yet, it would be a sad day if obama were assassinated when no one could ever manage to lodge a bullet in bush’s empty skull.

    eat shit, #2 and #3. or would that be a better contribution to your pathetic daily diet?

  9. I’m with #8, well said!!

  10. gotmilk?

    vomit. i’m sure she does plenty of that!

    question, why is she pulling down her bottoms? i’m pretty sure women who buy these swim suits aren’t really turned on by that. it’s not going to sell more product.

    i really hope they airbrush out all those moles.

  11. yuki

    OMG her body is amazing does anyone know her weight ? height?

  12. Katy


    I know she’s 5″9″ which is very short for a model, but with her long legs she appears to be much taller than she is.

  13. #8

    #8 let me guess you have never paid attention or known anything about politics until this election and like 95% of Obama supporters everything you have learned has been from “The View” or other biased / ridiculas media outsources.
    P.S. its funny how over the past year the general freedoms in America of speech and choice of political party have becore reserved exclusively for Democrats, is that the change we are supposedly searching for

  14. Sport

    Fuck you #8. And #9.
    You disgust me.

  15. yuki

    @13 tnx
    5″9 is like 175 like me lol
    her tummy is so muscular love it

    @10 why do u think she vomit?
    she ‘s healthy eater not like you ok she does exercise a lot

  16. #15 then my work here is done.

    #10, I agree, these photos are geared toward men. I can’t remember the last time a man bought me a bathing suit. Oh right…NEVER. There’s no way they could figure out what I’d like/look good in. Shit if my man had a bomb strapped to his neck and the only way to disarm it was to find me the perfect bikini, well, goddammit, he’d lose his head..

  17. Buddy Love

    People who diss and hate Obama. Just shut the fuck up, seriously. You’re going to be proven wrong anyway when he makes this country the best it’s been since Clinton ran it, possibly even better. I don’t know how anyone can consider themself a Republican when the past 8 years have seen us going down the shitter as a nation because of REPUBLICAN BULLSHIT. Bush’s father was also a goddamned moron, AND Reagan as well. The only Democrat in the past 3 presidencies has had the only successful term. Not a fucking coincidence you stupid fucks.

    Btw, Marissa Miller is a butterface. Her body is undeniably hot, but that mug! God!

  18. Sport

    Reagan was a moron?
    Now that is just ridiculous – he was one of the greatest presidents we have had in the last 100 years. I feel sorry for people like you that form opinions based on the liberal media. Sad.

  19. tv infomercial

    Damn. Mighty fine. Might need 3 shamWow!’s to clean up the mess after I’d finish with her.

  20. b

    Why isn’t this one dedicated to your brother for serving his country?

  21. First Time

    the economy doesn’t change overnight. The Republican paved the ground work and the Clinton took advantage. Clinton started to screw it up and passed it on to the Bush…and why am I talking about this in this site? Yeah, Marisa is hot and I will do her all day.

  22. First Time

    hey fish, the other site has the nip slip photo of Marisa from the same photo shot.

  23. She makes me want to wear lace… I mean, ’cause, you know, I hear she’s into that…

  24. Deacon Jones

    @23 – Post it!

    @10 – Hahaha, you slob.

    This women is perfect, absolutely perfect.

  25. Alex Baldwin

    Marisa to love those Made In the USA boobies.

  26. DJ

    Oh come on, you guys hate on Lindsey about her freckles and playing connect the dots but look at Marisa’s moles (especially in the first shot…ew!). Now, her body is a 1,000x better than Lindsey, but not better than some of the other Victoria’s Secret girls!

  27. Nena

    So what if she has moles, no one is perfect, her body shape and weight and porportion are fantastic. I am a woman and I admit it cuz Im not jealous :)

    Also have u ever looked at a Victorias Secret catalogue they are all posing sexy and suggestive, that’s the point, to inspire a woman to be sexy. And btw u dont have to buy them, or the lingerie/bathing suits, or look at pictures of models if it inspires such anger and hate in you. Marissa is a beautiful woman.

  28. Marisas the original bikini girl, but see the bikini girl on American Idol:

  29. Dr McNasty

    She’s hot, yes. But I’m going to go back and masturbate to the Miranda Kerr pics again. All day.

  30. Me 2

    I’m not even going to read the rest of the comments on here, I’m sure it’s full of idiots saying everything from “she looked better last year” to “she’s not hot at all”. But for the record: Marisa Miller is insanely gorgeous and she’s currently the only American supermodel who can be considered successful by any standard. What does that say about how tubby and ugly Americans are getting? Thanks for holding down the fort for the good old US of A, Marisa.

  31. Okay

    I’m not going to deny that she has a nice figure but the only reason that people say that she has a big chest is because she’s very, very slender and has boobs in comparison to other models. Her size is probably a small C at best.

    So don’t disrespect girls who actually have a rack by saying that she is stacked. :-P

  32. sicasso

    hey, #14. . . I have been a political organizer, campaign volunteer, journalist, and poli-sci teacher. I have lived and worked in D.C. Formed my own bipartisan non-profit to influence political action over 25 years ago.

    so again, i say to you and your ilk, eat shit.

  33. I'll Pass

    Um, no thanks #30. That girl Katrina was average at best and looked like she was having a seizure when she sang.
    Nowhere near the likes of Marisa Miller.

  34. dee

    What are all those black dots all over her abdomen? If they’re moles, in a few years they will be huge!

  35. dee

    What are all those black dots all over her abdomen? If they’re moles, in a few years they will be protrusions!

  36. Fat Chicks Suck

    33: It’s easy to have a big rack if you’re overweight. Those are a dime a dozen and disgust me. What is impressive (and in my opinion the only large racks worth mentioning) is when a girl with a great body like this has large natural breasts. Who cares if some girl has DDs and a flabby stomach? That’s not a big rack…it’s just a big girl.

  37. Danielle

    she has a hideous face but her body’s the typical of these days…to many freckles though.

  38. bunny

    um i don’t get why people are bringing up politics when your supposed to be commenting on Miller

  39. Balack Obama

    That’s some nice ass shit there!

  40. I can’t believe she started so late, she is really really hot. California chicks are gorgeous.

  41. To Sicasso

    Dear Sicasso, you are a Poli Sci teacher and formed something over 25 years ago? Your a 50 somthing year old professor whos on a celebrity gossip site in the middle of the day. Your real cerible, your the same age a my dad but you know why he wouldnt ever be wasting time on a site like this?(apart from being an adult) because he has shit to do! You are just too easy to make fun of so I’ll stop, you already made your self look stupid enough
    P.S. you are a big loser

  42. kate

    hahahahahaha, a sexy woman want to find a young man to date. She put her profile and blogs on ****seekingsugarmomma. c om****. I really want to ask whether she found her soulmate there. She puts so many hot pics there.

  43. TheGreatBamboozler

    why are you assclowns discussing politics when there is a gorgeous near naked woman nearby? any reasonably intelligent person capable of independent thought and research would know where the problems this country face started and when they started deregulation of energy concerns and banks were not done in the last year….but then again

    siena makes me wanna donkey punch an elephant. now that is bipartisan!

  44. dippy

    #45 They started it!

  45. Deacon Jones

    Hideous face? You’re out of your fucking mind.

  46. Yup

    Bush is a moron. Anybody wants to dispute that? And those who talk about assasinations, you could very wellkill yourselves instead and help America be a much better country.

  47. JBME

    Bush sucks. So will Obama. This girl has a killer body, but supermodel?? NO way, her face is average at best.

  48. ginger nicole

    Marissa is a butterface. Her face looks horrible to decent at times, but she’s not even pretty so how can she be gorgeous? her body..whatever

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