Marion Cotillard proves nudity = Oscar Gold

February 25th, 2008 // 121 Comments

These are screen shots of Marion Cotillard in the movie La Vie en Rose that earned her an Oscar for Best Actress. And, hey, what do you know? She’s completely nude. Like downtown nude. I think these shots not only celebrate the human spirit and fine art of cinema, they also prove that foreign films are wicked awesome. And not just because of the nudity. But because of their compelling story and characters – who eventually get nude and do it with all kinds of crazy angles. Viva la cinema!

NOTE: Pics are totally NSFW. Granted they’re from an Oscar-winning movie, they’ll probably get you Oscar-winning fired.

EDIT: Turns out these shots are from Marion’s earlier film Les jolies choses. I’m not very good with foreign flicks. The last one I saw was Ernest Goes to Canada. Hey, Vern, it sucked.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Sexy lady! She has posted many hot pictures at the millionaire site Very hot, top 10.

  2. Annoyed

    It’s just a naked chick. Stop looking for things to bitch about! I mean, sure the nudity was probably gratuitous but c’mon!, when did a picture of naked girl become such a topic for cultural discussion? Get over yourselves, assholes!

  3. Roy

    Why is it worthy of an Oscar? It’s just low grade porn. I see better on nudetube

  4. Thirsty Milkman

    You’re right 103.

    America must have created the internet so we could avoid smelling these foreigners, so now we should avoid them here too. Lets look at some big fake titties, and bald pussies, and assholes that look like they’ve never seen any shit, and beat off when the mood hits us.

    Thanks for putting this in perspective.

  5. kate

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  6. BillMorgan

    I agree with 39 that she has beautiful body and a natural looking hairy vagina. I am an American and I prefer woman to have a full bush or hair pie. I don’t understand the new trend of women shaving all their pubic hair off. That look seems so fake and something a vacuous stripper that has silicon breasts would do. Also, why would you want a woman to look like a girl below the equater? It makes you wonder about folks that prefer that look if they are pedophiles. I say the hairier the better.

  7. ismorebeautiful

    I am very happy to see this post…her body (even the face, except I’m Italian) is basically identical to mine, and I am so glad to see there are still Americans out there who can appreciate something natural. It’s stupid, but sometimes I feel insecure when I look around and see the typical American bleached blonde, fake boobed bimbo, and how they are worshipped in our culture. As for the Europeans – I will be moving there ASAP, will fit in much better!

  8. BillMorgan

    Agreed 108 that she is a beautiful woman and she looks a lot more womanly having unshaved vagina and natural breasts. She has a natural beauty and for to shave and dye her hair would seem so fake and would take away from the alluring woman that she is. As I said before, I wish Americans would get off this fascination of seeing woman with no pubic hair and fake breasts. This is not natural does nothing to enhance a woman’s beauty. Don’t feel insecure around Americans that like these fake woman, just be yourself. There are still Americans that like a naturally beautiful woman. Maybe some day some of these Americans will grow up. As I said before, I am an American and I don’t understand this trend for woman to be hairless below the equator. Good luck in Europe.

  9. Yes, she is beautiful and great. She helped many users on a STD site === ====last year. And she said she will help top 50 users on this site in this year to release their load

  10. waseem

    send nude pic of marion cottilard on my email address

  11. jcmjr

    You can rent the movie that these scenes are from on Netflix under the title of “Pretty Things”. It has subtitles, but no dubbing. She plays twins where one sister assumes the identity of the other. Marion is a real hottie though…..and I hope she does some hot scenes in her new Johnny Depp film, “Public Enemies”.

  12. mikeock

    Incredible tits, but too much bush. Typical French broad.

  13. el ces

    I want her so bad it hurts in my chest.

    And her face is so intelligent.

  14. Ooooooya

    She is a beautiful sexy woman. And that nice natural bush makes her more beautiful and sexy. I’m tired of fucking bald cunts.

  15. mfapsj

    They’re from Les Jolies Choses (Pretty Things), Jeux d’enfants (Love Me If You Dare), and Furia. All of which have been released in the US

  16. Commented on this photo:

    None of those screen are from La Vie En Rose, you fucking idiot. Mostly from Les Jolies Choses (2001) and some other filme before 2006.

  17. Nata-Lee
    Commented on this photo:

    WTF??? These are not screen shots from La Vien Rose! You’re crazy !

  18. Chris
    Commented on this photo:

    You should watch the film before posting such a wrong information like that!
    These pics are not from “La vie en Rose”! they are from “Les Jolies Choses” and “Furia”!

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