Marion Cotillard proves nudity = Oscar Gold

These are screen shots of Marion Cotillard in the movie La Vie en Rose that earned her an Oscar for Best Actress. And, hey, what do you know? She’s completely nude. Like downtown nude. I think these shots not only celebrate the human spirit and fine art of cinema, they also prove that foreign films are wicked awesome. And not just because of the nudity. But because of their compelling story and characters – who eventually get nude and do it with all kinds of crazy angles. Viva la cinema!

NOTE: Pics are totally NSFW. Granted they’re from an Oscar-winning movie, they’ll probably get you Oscar-winning fired.

EDIT: Turns out these shots are from Marion’s earlier film Les jolies choses. I’m not very good with foreign flicks. The last one I saw was Ernest Goes to Canada. Hey, Vern, it sucked.

Photos: Splash News