Marion Cotillard proves nudity = Oscar Gold

February 25th, 2008 // 121 Comments

These are screen shots of Marion Cotillard in the movie La Vie en Rose that earned her an Oscar for Best Actress. And, hey, what do you know? She’s completely nude. Like downtown nude. I think these shots not only celebrate the human spirit and fine art of cinema, they also prove that foreign films are wicked awesome. And not just because of the nudity. But because of their compelling story and characters – who eventually get nude and do it with all kinds of crazy angles. Viva la cinema!

NOTE: Pics are totally NSFW. Granted they’re from an Oscar-winning movie, they’ll probably get you Oscar-winning fired.

EDIT: Turns out these shots are from Marion’s earlier film Les jolies choses. I’m not very good with foreign flicks. The last one I saw was Ernest Goes to Canada. Hey, Vern, it sucked.

Photos: Splash News

  1. unicornzrawk


  2. Joe C

    Surely I’m not the first to comment on how nice those titties are.

  3. Quinn

    her nipples are big pink stars… oh there they are heehheee click twice

  4. top ten

    They are just breasts. Grow the fark up, Fish.

  5. Kris

    1st, please go eat shit in the corner and play with it. Thank you.

  6. Joe C

    That bush is a bit much. I am all for some hair on the pussy, but she could at least trim the hedges a bit.

  7. L

    These are not from La Vie en Rose.

  8. screening

    these are not from la vie en rose

  9. c

    those are not from La Vie en Rose

  10. Hobo

    Superficial are idiots, this is not from Le Vie en Rose…she has curly hair (because she is Edith Piaf, numnuts) throughout the movie.

  11. This works for me. this is the best post today.

  12. Joe C

    Boy those sure do stand up nicely even though she’s on her back.

  13. Charlie

    These are definitely NOT from La vie en rose – anyone who’s seen the movie will tell you that. These are from “Les jolies choses”, a really good movie with Marion playing twin sisters (both of them)…

  14. ILoveWomen

    Only fags would complain about the source when you have a gorgeous body like that staring at ya.

  15. @8, 9 , 10, 11 Who gives a shit? They are topless photo of an acadamy award winner. Stop whining and enjoy the boobs!!

  16. Where did her penis go??

  17. unicornzrawk

    #7 Her bush is trimmed. She’s European. If it wasn’t trimmed it would be much more hairy. Check out Madonna’s nudes sometime for an example.

  18. Charlie

    Sure, but it’s just that it’s a bit nasty to imply that her nudity got her the Oscar ! La vie en rose is a brilliant movie…

  19. Auntie Kryst

    Great tits, but I think it would have been more funny if Fish pasted little stickers of Oscars over her nipples. Que sera sera.

  20. xagonyxscenex

    i swear these sites consistently get shit wrong. this is not from the movie

  21. @21 Who give a shit where the pictures came from? What a dumb shit, just enjoy the boobs.

  22. John


  23. green card lover

    i’m really enjoying the boobs. i’ll be sure to watch her movie now. no i won’t read the subtitles or even listen to that wee wee language. but i will try not to burn a hole in my tv set staring at her lovelies.

  24. kitty cupcakes


    STFU. you’d hit it anyway.

  25. @25 Yeah, trim that bad boy up and go to town.

  26. Complaining about which movie these great tits are from is as retarded as being excited about posting 1st. Enjoy the titties and fur burger instead losers!

    And yes, it needs a trim. But, so do most of you.

  27. Awww the fish edited so you can all stop your whining..

  28. Anan

    Bush is beautiful except the one in the white house. :)

  29. I’ve been fired before, but never “Oscar winning” fired.

    More like motherfucking fired..

  30. :(

    Wow, really nice boobs, body and skin.

    I was all happy about myself yesterday after seeing Heidi Klum in a bikini and Lindsay Lohan nude. But now I’m sad again.

    And to top it off, she just won an Oscar too.

  31. Skeps

    *No Homo*

    I’m not gonna comment on the photos, I just wanted to say after reading the note I started to laugh while drinking soda and tried desperately to keep it in my mouth and off my keyboard and monitor; and after the edit I had to clean soda off said keyboard and monitor

  32. Check your facts! These are not from that film.

  33. Joe C

    #18 “Check out Madonna’s nudes sometime for an example.”

    You just had to bring up that nasty mental image didn’t you? Where do I send the bill for all the therapy I’m going to need to erase “Madge’s” skank pussy from my mind?

  34. Anonymous

    She also has a nude scene in Luc Besson’s Taxi (or maybe it’s Taxi 2).

  35. Sirus

    @ 34, gratz on reading the first sentence and then tuning out everything else you moron

  36. Lola

    #31 I’m feeling pretty blue, too. Her body is gorgeous. So much for shaving my arms and legs this morning, what does it matter when I’ll never look like that…

    *dives into Chubby Hubby*

  37. fuckjedupamericans

    Americans are weird, like there is something wrong with pubic hair? I suppose it means you are all paedophiles wanting a woman with no hair. Sick nation the lot of you.

  38. ila

    WOW can I have her body???

  39. costamar

    That’s the good thing about European actresses. They never balk when it comes to showing off their boobs or hairy beavers.

  40. She’s beautiful.
    And those who complain about her pubic hair: you look at too many fake-orgasmed, fake bodied American porn. Get out more.

  41. TT

    That’s true 39, seems like everyone is like that in here. I have no problem with pubic hair… but then again, I’m not an American. I just live here. :(

  42. It’s funny, I did not watch the Oscars last night but I flipped it to it once and THIS chick was making her speech. I was like “Who the crap IS that???’

    Then I remembered that I don’t give a shit and went back to teaching blind alcoholics how to order margaritas in sign language..

  43. Bobby

    Great new rule. You want an Oscar? Show us some gash.

  44. Auntie Kryst

    @39 Americans prefer Brazilians, we’re not weird.

  45. Sloane

    BIG FUCKING DEAL…Yeah, she’s nude. She’s French. Only Americans get worked up over a little nudity. Who cares?

  46. Doc

    Jessica Simpson… are you reading??? If you want to be taken seriously, get your ass in a movie where you are required to bare all, pronto!!!

  47. Banana

    French people are disgusting with their hairy shit.

    Shave it off.

  48. Oi oi, I’m French and I take that as an insult.

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