Mario Lopez hearts lipstick

March 18th, 2009 // 61 Comments

A heavily make-up’d Mario Lopez escorted Eva Longoria Parker for her 34th birthday Monday night while Tony Parker was off playing for the Spurs. I guess the lipstick is to convince Tony that Mario’s “just one of the girls.” Then again, that’s sort of like putting camouflage on a tree: Redundant.

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  1. mb

    FIRST ! this guys a homo

  2. mb

    FIRST ! this guys a homo

  3. Zanna

    Dude should get with ARod.

  4. there is no lipstick

  5. Yeah right calling this guy a homo is not going to stop him from banging your girl…TP should keep his eye open…

  6. Dave

    What woman doesn’t want to sleep with AC Slater? If I was a chick, I’d do him.

  7. g_girl

    WTF, what lipstick?
    He can escort me every possible way.

  8. GuyHolly


  9. Women are Retarded

    No lipstick?!? Then why the hell are his lips bright goddamn red?! Gamma radiation? Fuck, you people are stupid.


  10. Max Planck

    Eva should use his color.

  11. cc

    there is no lipstick on that man’s face. he is simply a swarthy latino man who just finished making out with eva longoria and is most likely gay

  12. Jrz

    Now that’s a sly one to pull. Pretend the dude you’re having an affair with is a homo so your husband thinks he’s SAFE for you to spend oodles of time with. Niiiice, Eva Longoria Parker……niiiiice.

  13. Magic Johnson

    I hope to god Tony Parker is banging 3 YOUNG hot NBA groupies every night. Christ, I used to do 6 of ‘em some nights. If you’re an NBA player, here’s what you have to do to get them back to your hotel: say “hi.” It’s like shopping in the hot-nasty-slut section of the grocery store and everywhere you turn there are free samples. I have no idea why Tony chained himself to this old screechy chihuahua. You do something like that after you’re retired and you need somebody to take care of your kids and cook and clean the house. Like a maid you have to give presents to a couple of times a year.

  14. Tom Cruise

    I prefer “Dried Splooge Lip Stain” from Travolta.

  15. Jrz

    I love that stuff, Zan. It’s truly a make-up breakthrough.

  16. timmy


  17. Zanna

    JRZ! I know. it really is. Except Mario put too much on in the middle of his lips. He must have been trying to create a natural “pout”…..

  18. Amy

    #15–You are a douche. And you’d never get anyone 1/16 as attractive as Eva Longoria. Fuck you.

  19. Mario

    Yes, correct – I was going for that “I’m pouting because I don’t have a peepee in my hiney” look.

  20. Jesse

    #20 – hi Eva! Reading your own online stuff again, huh? But, sweetie, come on. We’ve seen pictures of you without makeup and…hoooooo boy, talk about a natural born penis shriveler.

  21. Lowlands


  22. Jizzle

    Obviously they were making out before they got there.
    Clown face! Clown face!
    Clearly, one can deduce Mario has been crushing her guts for years.

  23. missywissy

    Mario Lopez is a man-ho.

  24. Hey, I’d wear that color on my lips, if the same lips that put it on my lips also put it on my cock. But those lips better be attached to someone with a second set of lips. Fuck you, don’t give me any lip…

  25. Darth

    Red lipstick and a moustache! *Shudder*

  26. Jrz

    Tara Lipinski

  27. fact

    Her pussy is hairier than his forearm.

  28. GuyHolly

    Soooooooooo.. all you homos out there. Richport is game. As long as you wear lipstick. hehehehehehehe…………..

  29. Don’t get your hollies out of a jar on that one Guy…

  30. mamamiasweetpeaches

    As much as I hate that shitty SAVED BY TH BELL I would watch it sometimes cuz Mario Lopez was HOT! He still IS! HE has a dumb animal talent show and when I come across it nowadays I watch THAT too!

    This is one of those guys – either people say he’s a pussyhound or they say he’s a homo. Well, which IS it????

    And I think this was a “Been Caught Kissing” lipstick incident. He was making out with his married “female friend”. Shamey shamey, Pussyhound Lopez!

  31. Zack Morris

    If he’s not gay, then he’s definitely brain dead! Wasn’t this dickwad married to the Doritos ad girl a couple years ago and then trashed it for some skank stripper at his bachelor party?

  32. Elton John

    I’m wearing lipstick. I can’t sit down because I don’t want to smear it.

  33. Dave

    Hey #32. Why ARE you capitalizing completely random WORDS? It MAKES your post MAKE even less SENSE now.

  34. Eva is an ugly skank. Better looking beaners than her walking down any street in America. Ever seen her without all of her Hollywood makeup?

    Mario is gay. His lips are red from blowing Tony Parker!

  35. jt

    she is soooooo busted.

  36. Hmmm....

    Is she wearing the same color lipstick…?? I think something fishy is going on here……

  37. lola

    Not only is Eva Longoria a beautiful woman, but she brought TP fame. She isn’t just another groupie. He doesn’t seem like the type to cheat and Eva doesn’t seem interested in Mario more than a fag hag.

  38. Gando

    Waxed eyebrows,hm allright.Eyeliner,hm ok.Lipstick,Ewww!

  39. Nero

    I’m missing the earhangers and the pearl necklet!

  40. Katherine

    Okay, he’s probably wearing chapstick and his lips are naturally very pink. I have very rosie lips and when I wear clear chapstick everybody thinks I’m wearing lipgloss. It’s called good genetics people. He is too gorgeous for words. Eva and Mario are two Hexicans (Hot Mexicans).

  41. wet newspaper



  42. Charles Lobsterman


  43. sara

    her lips are pinkish coral, his is koolaid red. doubt they were kissing, but that doesnt mean they haven’t/weren’t and it doesn’t rule out the gayness.

  44. titsonsnack

    Yeah that’s not lipstick.

  45. Sport

    total fag.

  46. me

    Anyone posting after me sucks on Mario Lopez’s leafblower

  47. R

    As an actual woman who wears actual lipstick…. he’s not wearing lipstick. There’s an outside chance that he’s wearing a gloss or some sort of chapstick-ey product, but definitely not lipstick.

  48. Paul

    pretty, pretty, not… big ol queen

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