Marilyn Manson’s feelings are hurt

July 29th, 2009 // 94 Comments

Marilyn Manson has his panties in a bunch after an item in LA Weekly claimed he’s a “paranoid cocaine addict who is nothing like his onstage goth persona.” Here’s what he wrote on his MySpace blog (Wow. MySpace?) via Page Six:

“If one more ‘journalist’ makes a cavalier statement about me and my band, I will personally or with my fans’ help, greet them at their home and discover just how much they believe in their freedom of speech,” Manson warns. “I dare you all to write one more thing that you won’t say to my face. Because I will make you say it. In that manner. That is a threat.

Marilyn Manson is a 40-year-old woman on the verge of menopause.

NOTE: I live at Spencer Pratt’s house and look exactly like him. So much so that people often confuse us with their fists and/or firearms. (Preferably the latter.)

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  1. Mott The Poople

    After all these years why does he now give a shit what the media says about him.

    BTW, what he said about retaliating against any journalist is considered a criminal threat.

    Hey Marilyn, your gay, your band is gay, and I bet you pull butt nuggets out of Twiggy Ramirez’s ass.

  2. el ces

    Um…weren’t there some unsolved murders or missing people associated with this guy a few years back?

    Not Charles Manson, but Marilyn here.

  3. titsonsnack

    Nice “I’m balding” hood.
    I used to really dig Manson, like over ten years ago. I look at him now and I feel like I’ve grown up and he’s still some 15 year old mallrat who’s angry at their parents and covering their bedroom in ministry posters. Seriously who can be 40-whatever his age is and still paint their goth crap on their face and piss around on myspace.

  4. yuki

    i dont want to get beat up by his double chin.

  5. Jim Ellson

    Hi Marilyn,

    You’re a paranoid cocaine addict who is nothing like your onstage goth persona.

    Take Care,

    Ron Maddy
    1545 Upper Hall St. Unit #3
    Portland, OR

  6. That chick is ugly…But I’d still like to have carnal knowledge of her.

  7. That chick is ugly…But I’d still like to have carnal knowledge of her.

  8. If there is one type of person I respect it has to be middle aged, makeup wearing, angry Nancy boys. Sorry about the double post…I’m a fat-ass.

  9. nemesis

    #49 Stevie, there’s no such word – it’s “converse,” you moron. Manson does seem to be fairly literate (what you’d call “edumacated”) in spite of being such a whiny, pussy, hormonal, petty douchebag, so I sincerely doubt he’d make an “inception” for you and let you “conversate” with him..

  10. Danklin24

    Conversate. That was fucking hilarious. You go do that Steve, you conversate with Manson and he’ll laugh at you then drain your blood for dinner.

  11. Danklin24

    #32 Jeff – you’re a turd. You do realize calling me a homo isnt good for your karma either correct? Also what the hell does rap have to do with anything? Seriously the next time you see a comment of mine, just stfu.

  12. Kleenex

    Fucking wwwaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh
    STFU cry baby

  13. nelle

    Hey if you cover his eyes, he looks like Megan Fox!

  14. Willie Dixon

    “Aaaaaabsolute pooooooooweeeerrrrr!”

  15. LPB

    Okay, I’m a bit out of the loop here; I need to catch up, so bear with me.

    Question 1) Did “that” ever figure out what sex it was? Seems to me that at one point that was part of it’s mystique.

  16. Darth Sidius

    “Power, unlimited powwwwwwweeeeeeerrrrrrr”

  17. iheartblank

    I heart you, you make me laugh. Marilyn Manson – wasn’t he like Paul from the Wonder Years?

  18. Kelly

    The comments here are always priceless gems.

    “Go eat a bannana homo”

    What is this, 3rd grade?

  19. sam hain

    69 bitches…. besides first sucks… who remembers their first anyway – no, daddy does NOT count so settle down.


  20. Emy

    You should have your US citizenship revoked. This piece of SH@T wiped his ass w/ the American flag. Your stupid A$$ should be deported back to where u came from Loser. Your music is SH^T a$$Hole

  21. squeehunter

    Didn’t he call himself the antichrist at one time? I thought everyone was supposed to like the antichrist at first…

  22. Pepe

    What an idiot, he must be in that time of the month.

  23. Missystar

    Could this chinless wonder be any more irrelevant. Oh, and get some Clearasil, bitch.

  24. wreiad

    Most of you guys only serve to prove what he said. Way to go.

  25. alexis

    You bitches are all so full of shit it makes me laugh that you all waste your time on manson and if you hate him so much and think he’s old news why do you all waste your time on him seriously GET A LIFE!

  26. Galtacticus

    Is he doing audition for a Star wars Role? Could it be the evil empire role?

  27. Darth

    Is the evil emperor’s tooth aching?

  28. @ 2 – Yeah, if Manson goes to someones house for a fight, he’ll probably get “melvined”.

  29. uh

    He’s a smart guy and he does good tracks and great covers. You only hate him because…hey I don’t know why you do actually. Probably because you’re stupid and would prefer to listen to Jason Mraz.

  30. Alexis

    Star wars? are you guys fucken serious you dumb asses come up with some pretty lame ass shit you all cant face the fact that marilyn manson still has some awesome music and hes different not like what ever bullshit music all you posers listen to!

  31. bmose

    @23 just made coffee come out my nose.

  32. Day-z

    Damn, “or with the help of my fans” i would love to help manson w/ that shit! i’ll even $*** his d*** while im @ it!
    ][V][ A ][\][ S [] ][\][

  33. Bingerllama

    Really, what have any of you people accomplished that this man has?
    Nothing…Manson is a very intelligent guy…unlike the rest of you.
    I find it funny how you are all commenting on his looks and his music when not one of you could accomplish close to Marilyn Manson, also I am pretty sure that the people saying shit about his weight are insecure of them self, hence your an ugly one.

  34. #70 and 71 and whoever else…
    Well he was born here in the u.s… how can he get deported back anywhere?
    and Antichrist superstar? it was just a gimmick…
    He did and said what he wanted to show the world that it can shove its head up its ass and not be so judgmental, and that he will live by no ones rules but his own. He did what he did to make people think if they actually believed in their beliefs….or if they we’re told in what to believe in.
    Tho, I have to say, as do many I’m sure, that the whole “shock rock” thing is kinda going down hill. Not much you can do these days to shock anyone.
    The 80′s and 90′s are gone!
    So The Eat Me Drink Me album and the new High end of low album, are kinda about his personal experiences over the past few years.

  35. Raoul Duke

    u guys are all a bunch of arssholes or most likly christans fuckheads who carnt stay out of shit but then u help manson conplete his goal of mass shock or annoyence. so how bout grow a dick and stop conplaining about some1 u obvisly want to be because its better then ur shit kicking lives

  36. Raoul Duke

    u guys are all a bunch of arssholes or most likly christans fuckheads who carnt stay out of shit but then u help manson conplete his goal of mass shock or annoyence. so how bout grow a dick and stop conplaining about some1 u obvisly want to be because its better then ur shit kicking lives

  37. All these beauitful comments, i wonder if any of these people have actually met marilyn manson in person. i wonder if they grew up with im, knew exactly what he deals with in day to day life having to stumble acrossed ignorant people as everone on this planet. no one is higher than anybody on this planet, and as far as i am concerned marilyn manson is god.

    all the good people who work their way up to be what everyone wants to see them as will only find out later on that no matter what, there is a warm and delightful spot for all of us in hell. <3

  38. Day-z

    Oh wow all of these judgements and coments are so insulting lets cry for all these low life pices of shits and hope they get a life fucken dumbasses:-P manson is the shit:-) and you guys know it!!

  39. Really ugly looking . Marilyn Manson is looking like moron in that costumes with ugly face. I wish i could spit on his face.

  40. Day -Z

    Your saying mansons ugly? You worthless shit if you want to spit on someones face spit on yous moms for giving birth to you!!!


    Dear Hollywood Sheep,

    Fuck all of you! Go watch the Kardashians!

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